Alex Hormozi has made a lot of money throughout the years following his passion. He started his entrepreneurial journey in his 20’s and accumulated a fortune estimated at around $15 million to $20 million (insane…right?) So,

Today we will explore Alex Hormozi net worth and how he made his money throughout the years. He has a lot of knowledge in the business world, so I’m sure you will pick up a few lessons that you can apply to your life. Great,

Before I start…

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Table of Contents

Alex Hormozi’s Net Worth
Who is Alex Hormozi?
How Did Alex Hormozi Make His Money?
Alex Hormozi Books
Alex Hormozi FAQs

Alex Hormozi’s Net Worth

Alex Hormozi Net worth is estimated to be around $15 million to $20 million. Most of Alex’s income comes from his vast company assets, generating approximately $100 million in annual sales (more on this later).

Now quickly, Alex Hormozi is mostly recognized for his passion for fitness. He started in this industry, transitioning into purchasing large stakes in other companies like eCommerce, real estate, insurance, education, and software.

Who is Alex Hormozi?

Alex Hormozi was born in 1982 and completed his high school education at Gilman, located in Maryland, United States. He is a first-generation American Iranian. Alex was known to be an athlete throughout high school, participating in various sporting activities. After Alex Hormozi graduated from high school, he attended Vanderbilt University, completing a three (3) year Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Human & Organizational Development. At Vanderbilt University, he started to work out and joined several weight training clubs. He was also the vice president (VP) of Vanderbilt Powerlifting.

Once Alex Hormozi college journey was over, he accepted a management consultant job at a well-known strategy firm. Alex says, “My first job was important because it taught me a lot of ‘management’ and ‘business strategy.’ These are lessons I would utilize throughout my life.”

After working at the management consulting company for two (2) years, Alex Hormozi decided to leave and pursue other interests. For example, he wanted to get involved in the fitness business, which was his true passion. What was the first business Alex Hormozi started? A gym!

Alex says, “When I started, things were difficult. My business was slow, and I couldn’t pay rent, so I slept on the gym floor. Eventually, word got out about my locations, and I was bringing in around 10K monthly from six locations. My strategy was simple when people would type in alex hormozi gyms” they would be able to find a location close to them for convenience.” What happened next?

Many other gym owners wanted to know how Alex could scale gyms, from making zero profit initially to now earning thousands a month. They contacted Alex to find out, so he started a new business with his wife Leila Hormozi, consulting gym owners on how to build successful gyms. He called this new business Gym Launch!

Even though this was the beginning of his business career and significantly increased Alex Hormozi’s net worth, his next move brought him into millionaire status.

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How Did Alex Hormozi Make His Money?

After consulting a few fitness clubs on how to scale their locations, he decided to sell his six (6) fitness locations to these gym owners. Why? Alex learned a lot while helping scale these gym locations and believed the same strategies could be applied to other businesses. So, Alex and Leila Hormozi spent two (2) years helping 32+ brick & mortar businesses scale their low-performing operations into profitable locations. Some of these businesses included eCommerce, education, restaurants, and more. Let’s continue,

Alex’s next move was to package what he had working into a licensing model, which was a massive success because it helped scale 4000+ locations within four (4) years. Let’s talk more numbers,

Over four (4) years, Alex Hormozi founded and scaled hundreds of companies, including three (3) to $120 million in combined sales within different industries. In some deals, he asked for equity within the company for his services instead of a commission which made Alex a ton of money when he exited. When he sold a sake in his licensing company, he netted $46.2 million in 2021.

Alex and Leila now stick to this business model, which is helping business owners scale their companies in return for equity in the company. They control all these companies under their new company called


Alex says, “It’s a way for me to invest my wealth into companies I believe can make a difference and have potential. I invest money and knowledge into these companies, and when they make money, I make money…it’s a WIN-WIN opportunity for both of us. “

Currently, Alex Hormozi is a managing partner of His job is to consult other businesses that have hit a barrier or plateaued and need help finding a new direction. Alex says, “I work hard to find just the right business to invest in. Nowadays, I’ve been working with companies who have a sales focus and those I believe in and know a lot about.”  Alex currently invests in one (1) business every month. is generating approx. $85 million annually in revenue. With that said,

Alex Hormozi net worth and success can be tied to his focus on himself. He believes in investing in yourself. For example, much of the money he has made throughout his career has been reinvested into his company so he can continue to expand and help others. Of course, make a ton of money along the way (lol)

Alex Hormozi Books

Alex has published a few books throughout his life. His MOST popular is $100M Offers. This book claims to teach you how to make offers so good that people cannot refuse them. Alex Hormozi has also published a biography on his life and a book called Gym Launch which walks you through the SECRETS he used step-by-step to build profitable gyms.

Other than his own published books, Alex Hormozi book recommendations include Expert Secrets (Russel Brunson), How To Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie), and Influence (Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D).

Alex Hormozi FAQs

Here are some of the MOST common questions asked about Alex Hormozi.

1) How Tall is Alex Hormozi?

Alex is just under just a hair under 6’0″.

2) How Old Is Alex Hormozi?

Alex was born on August 18, 1982, and is currently 40 years old.

3) How Much is Alex Hormozi Worth?

Alex has a net worth of approx—$15 million to $20 million, with his businesses generating $100 million in yearly sales. I suspect his net worth will only increase over time as he grows his business

4) Is Alex Hormozi a Billionaire?

No! Alex is NOT currently a billionaire!

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I guess the question is can people have the same success as Alex Hormozi? Of course! But you have to have that killer focus and a passion for the same type of success. For example, one thing we can learn from Alex’s journey is that he was focused entirely on his fitness passion for the first few years. Alex started by opening his first gym, then expanded to six more before helping others scale their fitness gyms….right? Only after did he shift his focus to his other passion, helping people and businesses SCALE to their fullest potential. With that said,

I guess if we were going to pull a few lessons from Alex Hormozi’s life, they would be:

Focus on your passion
Be patient
Build a strong network of people who work as hard as you and can depend on
Remain positive in the face of hard times
Never give up
Reinvest in yourself and your business
Always be organized so you don’t miss deadlines
Find someone who supports you throughout your journey

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