So, many people are wondering who Vince Sant is and how he made his money. But they also want to know what is Vince Sant Net Worth?

I will answer all these questions and dig deep into how he made his money. Is his business legit, or did he scam a bunch of people when making his wealth…

Before I start…

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Vince Sant currently has a networth in the range of 4 million to 6.5 million.

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How Did Vince Sant Make His Money?
Who is Vince Sant?
The Concept Behind V Shred
How Much Money Does V Shred Make?
What is Vince Sant Net Worth?

How Did Vince Sant Make His Money?

He made his wealth through his viral fitness and supplement company, V Shred. Accordingly to my research, he started this company in 2015 with Nick Daniel, Roger Crandall, and Kevin Pearn. These guys offer an all-in-one fitness approach, custom workouts, and diet plans. They have a mission –

To help regular people achieve maximum results with “minimum effective dose” workouts and eating plans, you won’t get sick in the long term.


Now that you know the basic idea behind V Shred? Let’s learn more about Vince!

Who is Vince Sant?

This guy was born on December 31, 1993, in Ohio. He loves his home state so much that “Ohio” is tattooed on his bicep. He has two (2) sisters, Zoe and Cassie. His parents are Roxanne and Eric Sant. Oh,

You know this guy comes from a close family because he shows them off on his social media channels (I think that’s pretty cool) Anyways,

Vince has always been active because he’s enjoyed playing sports like football (in high school), snowboarding, and going to the gym (he loves going to the gym). But Vince had difficulty bulking up, so he couldn’t pursue football for that long. Bottom of FormBut when one door closes, another one opens…right?

He learned in high school that he was passionate about exercising and training. This passion made him so fascinated with health and nutrition that he tried to understand the link between diet, fitness, and bulking up.

His face and muscular physique led to modelling gigs, and he even walked in a fashion show for Abercrombie & Fitch in Japan.

Because of his modelling jobs, Vince Sant’s net worth increased, and he looked to scale it even further.

The Concept Behind V Shred


Vince has talked about how his body shape fluctuates daily! Not only that, but he has to deal with what many of us go through every single day: skipping workouts and cheat days. Hey…some of us have even binge-eaten for several days, which Vince explains he has too. However, he does let this bother him because…

Vince says, “I wanna feel good, look good, and enjoy balance. It’s the balance we have built into V Shred.”

In addition, he says, V Shred and Sculpt Nation are about becoming happier with yourself and improving every day without giving up your life.

The concept behind V Shred is the following: Have people post their results on social media, which is how they got to where they are today. Since starting the company in 2015, these guys have flooded social media with videos, posts, and sponsored advertising through influencers. Also, Vince and his team want to keep costs down by creating products solely available digitally. Now, in terms of supplements, these are available through their website, but the core program is all digital.


How Much Money Does V Shred Make?

These guys have said by the end of 2018; they had around 900,000 clients. He claims all these people have changed their bodies and improved their lives. This is Vince’s claim, but I can’t verify it because it’s hard to gather testimonials from 900K people…right?

The V Shred YouTube channel has 2.36M subscribers, which is 500K per year. However, this is without adding their profits through the program and supplements.

What is Vince Sant Net Worth?

Only Vince, his team and his accountant know 100%, but estimates put his wealth at around $6.5 million.

So, the main thing now is what can you learn from all of his success…well, he has done three (3) things amazingly well…

First, he has been able to use social media to his advantage by building his brand and network to limit how many paid ads he would have to use. The health niche is challenging and competitive, so paid advertising on Google and Facebook would be extremely costly. By leveraging social media, he increased his followers and then posted creative content. Once he had a huge enough following who engaged with his social media posts, Vince leveraged that into long-term relationships to keep selling them in the future.

You see, Vince works with the right team building his website, writing his ad copy, and publishing targeting ads. This strategy has allowed him to get the RIGHT message out at the RIGHT time.

And finally,

He leverages the tools he has available to him. For example, his online shop connects everyone to his products. In addition, Vince and his team sell his custom programs through his website and the supplements. (WOW). I didn’t sign up for the email newsletter, but I’m sure these guys have a newsletter which goes out every few days…this is called the Power of email marketing!


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