Exploring people’s “net worth” is important because you get insight into how they accumulated their wealth. It’s a way for you to LEARN from their successes and failures. Today, we will explore what’s Ed Mylett net worth, his background, early career, and more.

Now quickly, Ed Mylett is a business coach, author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. Recently, he has become a social media star publishing content about his life and what lessons you can utilize from his past to set yourself up for success.

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Great, now it’s time to explore…Ed Mylett’s Net Worth!

Table of Contents

What is Ed Mylett Net Worth?
Who Is Ed Mylett? (Early Life)
What Does Ed Mylett Do Now?
Ed Mylett’s Social Influence
Ed Mylett FAQs

What is Ed Mylett Net Worth?

According to several sources, Ed Mylett Net Worth is estimated to be between $400 million to $500 million.

Most of his income and assets are from his WFG (Word Financial Company) salary. You see, Ed’s success in sales led him to become the CEO of marketing, earning him an eight (8) figure income. Currently, the Ed Mylett World Financial Group offers its customers a range of financial services and products, such as life insurance. Let’s move on…so,

Who Is Ed Mylett? (Early Life)

Ed Mylett was born on the 27th of April 1971 in California, United States. He grew up in Diamond Bar, CA and was completely obsessed with baseball, and his passion led him to play for a Division 1 College. Ed Mylett became a three (3)-time-academic All-American who was honoured as one of the MOST outstanding student-athletes. However, unfortunately, a severe injury ended his dream of playing in the major leagues.

Ed Mylett, at this point, had no direction until, one day, his father pushed him to become a counsellor helping disadvantaged children. Ed had no clue then, but counselling disadvantaged kids was a pivotal turning point. Ed says, “I started to appreciate the importance of serving others, helping them lay the foundation for their success. I worked hard to teach them the principles of success and how to apply them to their lives.” With that said,

After Ed Mylett completed college with a degree in Communications, he joined the World Financial Group (WFG). It was tough for the first few years because he had to find his way and understand the business. He asked himself: What does this company do? How does this company make money? What do the customers expect out of WFG?  So, at World Financial Group, Ed Mylett worked his way up through the ranks earning even more through the years. He took on whatever job he was given, increasing his knowledge and experience. This also helped him network with the right people, so whenever a new opportunity became available, he was offered it. Ultimately this helped Ed Mylett net worth increase even more.

The company soon realized how much VALUE Ed could bring to WFG, so they transitioned him from a “business builder” role to the CEO of Marketing (WOW). Finally, in 2006, Ed Mylett was promoted to the role of Chairman’s Council. Let’s move on…

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What Does Ed Mylett Do Now?

Now, if you are wondering: How did Ed Mylett make his money? Well,

Ed is considered something that people call a “serial” entrepreneur. He has been able to pivot into several businesses through his incredible work ethic. He can motivate people and change lives, which is a fantastic asset because not many people have this gift. Throughout the years, Ed has been involved in real estate, food ventures, tech startups, and more. He has also been named one of the 125 Most Influential Leaders in 2022 in Success Magazine!

Mr. Mylett has always focused on helping as many people as possible. So, Ed started to share his insight and performance strategies live and online through social media. Did you know in four (4) years, he was able to become widely popular on social media with more than two (2) million Instagram followers (2.6 currently) and become a best-selling author with a book? Just type in “The Power of One More Ed Mylett,” and you will find it available on many popular platforms. Also, in 2016 he launched a popular weekly podcast called the Ed Mylett Show.

YouTube and Podcast

The Ed Mylett YouTube channel was launched in 2013. He currently has 797K subscribers. Ed uses the platform to post videos on personal development and self-improvement. His most popular videos are those centred around his life lessons and how to succeed as an entrepreneur.

As mentioned, the Ed Mylett podcast was launched around 2016, and he invites successful people in different industries to share their MOST valuable lessons and experiences. He has people who have a business, involved in sports, politics, entrepreneurship, science, and entertainment.

Ed Mylett Books

Ed Mylett has published two (2) popular books throughout his life. First, The Power of One More Ed Mylett’s most popular book is recommended by people worldwide. Ed shares 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and coach in this book. “It’s a book where I  reveal  powerful strategies to help you live an extraordinary “one more” life.” Says, Ed. Next,

#MAXOUT Your Life is another powerful book focusing on achieving optimal business success. Ed says this book is for those people who are looking to bring out their highest potential and want to bring out the best versions of themselves.

Ed Mylett’s Social Influence

Here are some of Ed Mylett’s social media accounts:

Instagram: 2.6M followers
YouTube: 797K subscribers
Facebook: 342K followers
Twitter: 289K Followers

Great, now that we understand how powerful Ed Mylett is and his influence on social media, here are my final thoughts.

Ed Mylett FAQs

Here are some of the MOST common questions asked about Ed Mylett.

1) How did Ed Mylett make his money?

Ed Mylett made a majority of his wealth working at Word Financial Group (WFG), where he worked his way up from a sales position to CEO of marketing. He is also considered a “serial” entrepreneur putting his hands into different businesses like tech, food, real estate, and more. These businesses provide him with recurring income, adding to his wealth. Ed Mylett net worth Forbes has estimated between $400 million to $500 million.

2) What is Ed Mylett Height? How Much Does He Weigh?

Ed Mylett weighs approximately 90kg/183 lbs, and his height is estimated at around 1.80 m/5’8”

3) What are some of Ed Myletts Books?

As mentioned above, he has two (2) popular books: The Power of One More and #MAXOUT Your Life.

4) Does Ed Mylett Have a Wife?

Yes!  Her name is Kristianna Mylett. She occasionally helps Ed with his business and provides other support whenever needed.

With that said,

Here are my final thoughts…

Ed Mylett is someone you should keep an eye on because you can LEARN a lot from his successes and failures. I mean, think about it, for him to start in baseball (his passion) and then to hear he would NOT be able to play in the Major League because of an injury can have a massive effect on your mindset. Some people would fall into depression and give up on life, but Ed Mylett chose a different path helping disadvantaged kids and transitioning into a more “sales” focused job. “I wanted a job where I could sell people a solution making their lives easier, and I was good at it.” Says, Ed. Anyways,

If you want an answer to the question: How did Ed Mylett make his money? I should say by following his heart and helping people…right? I mean, think about it, recently, Ed Mylett has built a social empire publishing self-improvement videos and hosting a podcast where he invites the MOST successful people on the show to share their money-making SECRETS and strategies. Let’s not forget his books, where Ed shares his peak performance strategies.

Now, would I purchase his course and hire him? Probably not, because he offers enormous FREE value you can take advantage of on social media. Plus, I’ve heard his course can cost anywhere from 10K+ and whatever upsells he shoots your way. No wonder Ed Mylett net worth has exploded in the last few years…he’s killing it with his products and services, charging people massive amounts (which people pay too…lol). But look, the bottom line is he does provide VALUE, and if you can afford it, go for it! If you can’t, start by checking out his YouTube channel.

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