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I’m about to review a course that has been creating a lot of buzz lately with over 3000+ searches on Google…WOW! Ok, so, what’s the name of this training? It’s called the Million Dollar Year, also known as Dow Janes. Let’s continue,

In this review, I aim to answer all your common questions: How much does the Million Dollar Year cost? What’s included in the training? Who is Laurie-Anne and Britt Williams Baker (the founders), and can you make money through their training? I’m going to also the MOST asked question: Is Dow Janes legit? Now,

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Great, now it’s time to explore…The Million Dollar Year!

Table of Contents

What Is Dow Janes (Million Dollar Year)?
Who Are Laurie Anne King and Britt Williams Baker?
What’s Included in The Million Dollar Year Course?
How Much Does Dow Janes Cost?
Million Dollar Year FAQs
Is Dow Janes Legit?

What Is Dow Janes (Million Dollar Year)?

Dow Janes, or the Million Dollar Year, is a coaching program designed to give women the skills and tools to spend thoughtfully and invest confidently. You see, the bottom line is that the two (2) founders, Laurie Anne King and Britt Williams Baker, want to empower women to achieve financial freedom. So, after years of experience building their financial future, Laurie and Britt created a training called Dow Janes, also known as the Million Dollar Year, to help women with their journey. How? Simple…

By giving you (women) all the tools and resources, you need to establish new habits and systems to spend wisely and invest in growing your money long-term. The Dow Janes training utilizes a step-by-step approach to learning, with each module covering something special, like building a financial foundation, creating clear financial plans, understanding how credit scores are calculated, helping you develop a mindset for success, and more. I will explore each of these modules in more detail later in this review. With that said,

After visiting Laurie and Britt’s training, I have to say they offer a lot of VALUE. You’ll get access to group coaching sessions and monthly expert-led workshops covering topics like managing business finances, real estate investing, etc. Oh, you also have a monthly mindset & community call with Britt & Laurie-Anne! But,

Is all this coaching effective? I mean, do they have proof that their methods work? I’ll cover all in this Dow Janes review!

Who Are Laurie Anne King and Britt Williams Baker?

Before joining any training program, it’s important to understand the people behind it. A skilled team behind any training program adds credibility to the content and VALUE. So, who are the founders of Dow Janes? It’s Laurie Anne King and Britt Williams Baker.

Laurie Anne King is a financial empowerment coach who claims to have helped thousands of women transform their lives. She considers herself an energy healer because she emphasizes improving your mindset and focus to achieve success. Before Laurie started the Million Dollar Year with her partner Britt, she was a true entrepreneur growing two (2) companies to seven (7) figures. This financial success helped her pay off 60K in personal debt and make smarter decisions in the future. Laurie says, “I felt that money was a bad thing because my family didn’t have a lot when I was growing up. I felt as though the concept of “wealth” didn’t exist when it came to us.”

Now, Laurie is teaching the same methods inside the Million Dollar Year she used to grow her businesses and achieve financial freedom. With these EXACT same methods, you will learn Laurie was able to heal her relationship with money, gain control of her life, and finally be happy with her financial decisions. These are the same methods she used to buy her dream home (and other properties) and earn monthly recurring passive income. “I want to use my personal experience to empower women worldwide. I want to help women build a better relationship with money and find their path to financial freedom.”

Great, now…

Britt Williams Baker attended Harvard Business School and is an expert investor, money and investment coach. Britt has one mission which is to make the concept of saving money fun. She wants you to enjoy saving and investing money so you continue to do it in the future. Britt says, “As you enjoy saving money, you will slowly pull yourself out of debt without knowing.” (how cool is that!) Anyways,

Britt says her dad taught her about compound interest at an early age, and her grandpa was the one who encouraged her to start investing when she was a freshman in college. I guess what Britt learned throughout all those years investing she wants to pass on to you in the Dow Janes Million Dollar Year training.

What’s Included in The Million Dollar Year Course?

The Million Dollar Year (Dow Janes) is divided into three (3) phases, each one laying a foundation for the next. Let’s explore:

Phase 1: Build a New Financial Foundation

It’s all about building a new foundation, and that’s what this phase is all about! The Dow Janes system will coach you through an effective system to help you build an improved financial foundation (even if you are a total beginner). Laurie and Britt promise it will be a simple and fun process! Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

How to completely transform your financial habits, understand and build confidence when it comes to money, and work/improve your financial literacy skills.

Understand and become clear on your financial reality

In this phase, you will heal your relationship with money

You will take your first SOLID step toward great money habits by creating a weekly money ritual.


Phase 1 in the Million Dollar Year training aims to help you start looking at money and numbers with confidence/clarity. By completing this phase, you will have healthy money habits, know precisely where your money is going, and have a financial snapshot ready to be utilized on your journey toward a new financial future.

Phase 2: Money Management Systems

Laurie and Britt say, “Now that you have a healthy relationship with money, it’s time to set up new money systems to replace the old ones.” In this phase, you will set up systems to help you reach your goals on autopilot. Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

How to accurately define your long- and short-term financial goals while focusing on how to achieve them.

You will learn how to pay yourself using a new automated savings system. Dow Janes claims this system is fail-proof because you will continue growing your monthly savings.

In this phase, you will LEARN how to implement a goal-based monthly budget that keeps you on track to save and helps you reach financial goals.

The KEY is that once your financial systems are in place, you’ll make more intelligent decisions when spending your money. With that said,

By completing Phase 2, you’ll clearly understand your financial goals and what small changes you need to make to your spending habits to enjoy life how you want to and align with your core values.

Phase 3: Your Future & Building Wealth

In phase 3, you will be learning how to create clear and actional financial plans for your emergency fund. You’ll also learn how to plan and save for retirement. Laurie and Britt also introduce you to the concept of investing, and they help you get started. Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

How to improve your credit score by understanding how they are calculated.

Laurie and Britt will help you develop an investor mindset. You will learn how to invest your money wisely so it can grow passively.

For those of you involved in Philanthropy, in Phase 3, you will create a philanthropic plan to give back to your community and support the causes close to your heart.

Let’s continue,

The Million Dollar Year (Dow Janes) includes some bonuses which I think are worth mentioning. Laurie and Britt want you to get the MOST from their training, so they have included the following bonuses if you sign up today:


The $1000 Month:

When you enroll in the Million Dollar Year training, you’ll have complete access to the video course called the $1,000 Month. Laurie and Britt will take you on a step-by-step journey to quickly increase your monthly income by $1,000.

The Dow Janes Training Vault:

Enroll today to access the Dow Jane Vault, where you will find 25+ other training videos covering real estate investing, managing finances, paying off student loans, managing your mortgage, and so much more!


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How Much Does Dow Janes Cost?

The Dow Jones, aka Million Dollar Year training program, has two (2) payment options. If you pay in FULL, the training costs $1999. Paying upfront for the Million Dollar Year training will give you complete access to the “Heal Your Money Blocks” meditation series (as a bonus). Next,

Laurie and Britt offer a 12-month installment plan, each payment being $199. However, paying in monthly installments will NOT give you access to the Heal Your Money Blocks” meditation series (bonus).

PLEASE NOTE: The installment plan does NOT mean you can cancel anytime. This plan is meant to help make your payments more convenient for you. So, once you join the training, you will continue to be billed for the 12 months. (disappointing)

Million Dollar Year FAQs

Here are some of the MOST common questions asked about Dow Janes.

1)  I feel like it will be challenging to get a hold of my finances…will I be able to do it?

Laurie and Britt say of course you can! They have helped women worldwide with different backgrounds and financial situations. “You are not alone in feeling this way, but we are here to help you every step of the way through our fine-tuned curriculum, in-house support, and community,” says Laurie.

2) I’ve never been a numbers person. Can I still take control of my finances?

The answer is Yes! Gaining control of your finances has nothing to do with if you are good with numbers but everything to do with personal development. Laurie and Britt help you create a new mindset, plan your future, and establish good habits. Numbers shouldn’t make you afraid because the team has checklists, docs, budgeting templates, and more to help you.

3) I’m a total beginner…is the training to advance for me?

Laurie and Britt say, “No Way!” Every step is presented clearly, and the team will help you every step of the way. The curriculum is designed keeping beginners in mind so they can learn quickly how to use the resources we have for them. Plus, if you have any questions throughout your journey, the team is here to help!

4) I want to learn how to invest my money, but isn’t investing risky?

Investing can be risky if you jump in without a plan and don’t have the discipline to stop and think about your next move. But, inside the Million Dollar Year, you’ll learn how to invest safely, reducing the overall risk involved. Laurie and Britt offer comprehensive training on how and why to invest in specific markets, etc.

5) How long do I have access to the program?

Once you have enrolled in the training, you will have access for 12 months. After your 12 months are completed, you can continue accessing the Dow Janes training for a reduced monthly price.

Is Dow Janes Legit?

I covered a lot in my Dow Janes review, but I have YET to answer the question: Is Dow Janes Legit? Or is it a overhype scam training program? I decided to do some research a quickly learned that the Million Dollar Year is a legitimate course, but the pace of the training may be too much for people to handle. After reading through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints, I concluded that people signed up for a monthly installment plan, were overwhelmed by the material, and requested a refund. But Dow Janes does NOT provide a refund even if you are on an installment plan. A team member had this to say

“We provide a payment plan to make our course accessible, and therefore these are instalment payments to pay for the entirety of the course – which you agreed to in the terms upon checkout.”

So, once you join the training program and are on an installment plan, the Dow Janes team will continue to take your money for the duration of the contract. So, this is something for you to be aware of before you join.

Is the Million Dollar Year worth it? I’m sure it is as long as you stay committed throughout the 12 months. However, from what I gathered, the material may be too much for someone working full-time or doesn’t have the finances to follow the action plan outlined in the course. Anyways,

The Dow Jane training is legitimate…it’s that simple! Oh, and it does provide VALUE, but you have to think long and hard if this training is the right option for you, considering where you are financially. You see, the training requires you to follow a strict savings plan, and some people don’t have that extra money to put away, invest, or whatever. The Million Dollar Year training team has put together some new packages, but none offer FREE training, just a discount if you join today! Either way, whatever you decide, it’s important to do your due diligence before completing your purchase with them.

Before you leave

I love what I was able to do with this…my favourite program, which helped me make $200k in the last 12 months alone!