Let me tell you about Leila Hormozi, who now runs Acquisition.com. You see, I like to write about entrepreneurs who went from being completely broke to changing their lives and becoming millionaires. Why? It’s because if they can do it…anyone can do it! Anyways,

Before Leila Hormozi founded Acquisition.com to become a millionaire, she was a HOT mess. Between the ages of 16-21, Leila was out of shape, skipping school and considered a bit of a party animal. “I was causing a lot of problems, and my parents had enough of me, but I was young and immature, so I didn’t listen to them. During my freshman year, I started wearing contacts, lost about 15 pounds, and developed into a woman. Leila says this was a turning point in her life because she started getting invited to parties and made friends everywhere. “I got addicted to the feeling of self-importance which started to lead me down deeper on a dark path.”  She says before being popular; everyone ignored her so much that when she finally got the attention..she didn’t want to let go of it.

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Great, let’s learn more about how Leila Hormozi became a millionaire!

Leila Hormozi says after being invited to so many parties, she decided to host her own when her parents were out of town. She explains, “Things started to spiral out of control because of the increased drinking, partying, and drug use.”  At this point, Leila hit rock bottom because she was arrested 6-7 times, her grades completely tanked, and she fell into a deep depression. But then something interesting happened which changed her life for good. One time when she got arrested, the cops brought her back to her parent’s house instead of where she was staying (her dorm room). “My parents sat me on the sofa, and I was ready for a super screaming, but this never happened. What they said changed my life because it got me thinking. My dad said he was worried I would die if I kept doing what I do…I was like, what!…I never expected that at all.”  You see, Leila Hormozi before would have just smiled and kept doing what she loved to do (party, drink, etc.), but this time she felt different; she felt selfish for putting her parents through all of the headaches, especially when they stood by her throughout her life providing a home, food, and support. “I told myself it was time for a serious change, and it will be something special this time.”  What happened next…

Leila Hormozi stopped partying and worked hard at self-improvement and development. She started to improve her grades, became obsessed with working out, and cut everyone out of her life who was a bad influence on her. Instead of partying and socializing, Leila would listen to recordings of Tony Robbins and fell in love with this line; he says, “If you don’t wanna be like everyone else, you can’t do what they’re doing.“  So, if you want to be different and conquer things that others can’t, you need to work harder and smarter. (TRUE).

In 2015, Leila Hormozi moved to Orange County, California, where she entered the fitness industry. Did you know she was the highest-selling personal trainer within a year of moving to Orange County? During that same time, Leila met Alex, a gym freak with the same vision as her, making them inseparable. Once they were married, Leila Hormozi and her husband Alex started Gym Launch, helping gym owners SCALE up their businesses. The two were able to take Gym Launch from $0 to $50 million in revenue in just two (2) years. After starting other successful businesses together, Leila and Alex started Acquisition.com.

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What Is Acquisition.com?

This company started in 2020 when Alex Hormozi combined a portfolio of his companies together. Leila Hormozi joined him soon after and currently holds the title of Managing Partner. The Acquisition.com portfolio of companies generates over $85M annually. They have interests in education, software, service, eCommerce, and others. The company focuses on two KEY areas of business growth: getting more customers and making each customer worth more to the business (LTV – lifetime value). You see, Alex explains, “Being able to attract more customers comes down to offering them a lot of value, so they can’t say NO. Using this strategy allows the company to provide more value than anyone else in the industry. Once the customer is part of your brand, increasing your profits comes down to providing this customer with more value over time and exceptional customer service.”  Anyways,

In short, Acquisition.com has achieved this success by understanding what a business offers, providing unmatched value to a customer, and keeping the customer within the brand to earn more long-term. It’s a smart strategy, for sure!

With that said,

Alex and Leila Hormozi have built something exciting, and what makes this even more interesting is that no one believed she would achieve the type of success she has achieved. Think about it: she made a big sacrifice but believed in herself and knew that if she remained focused, it would pay off long-term. In the end, Leila has one thing to say to motivate you even more “No one is going to save you and take action for you. No one is responsible for your life and success, sometimes, NOT even your family. Understanding this and keeping it planted in your mind will propel you forward to get out of a hard time in your life.”

Look, I know what all of you are thinking; starting something like Acquisition.com will be impossible…right? Yes, I agree there is a time and place, but there are other businesses which will give you complete control of your life back. I know we all want some financial freedom and flexibility in our lives (It would be satisfying)…so

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