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February 13, 2021 | Posted by: Admin

As a nurse, it is imperative that you are able to perform optimally when on the job. Therefore, not only is knowledge and skills of utmost importance, but feeling comfortable will also be KEY to your OVERALL performance. On the note of comfort, one of the KEY areas you need to invest in is your footwear. This is because, as a nurse, you will be spending long hours on your feet during those long hard shifts.

Dansko has invested heavily in creating a brand that not only provides exceptional products, but a line of footwear dedicated to all types of healthcare professionals. To help you make the right choice in finding a pair of Dansko nursing shoes that FIT your preference, we have shortlisted the MOST popular BEST Dansko nursing clogs trending in the market today. With that said,

Our list includes Dansko shoes that are lightweight, durable, and super comfortable. Most shoes/clogs have also utilized a memory foam insole, a rubber outsole for maximum grip, and use fabric that is known for its breathability quality. These Dansko shoes also consist of a padded instep collar, have exceptional arch support, and a rocker bottom that reduces stress on your joints and back muscles.


January 07, 2021 | Posted by: Admin

Crocs nursing shoes provide an exceptional product to healthcare professionals. However, with so many different styles and designs available in their COLLECTION, it can be hard narrowing down the right pair of Crocs that meet your requirements. For example, you have the Crocs Classic, Literide, Lined, Realtree, Bistro, Baya, Coast, and more. Although each style is constructed keeping the HIGHEST quality in mind, some features are different amongst all the different styles available. Therefore, we recommend choosing a style and FIT you feel represents your unique personality and requirements. Before choosing a pair of Crocs healthcare shoes to invest in, consider the type of work you perform and your job role.

We have researched what features nurses are looking for when choosing a pair of nursing shoes and have listed the BEST Crocs nursing shoes we feel will provide you with the MOST benefits. Our list includes those Crocs that are lightweight, durable, and super comfortable. Most clogs also utilize a memory foam insole, a rubber outsole for maximum grip, a mesh upper fabric for breathability, are easy to clean, and adjustable to give you that PREFERRED FIT every single time. With that said,

If you are shopping for a pair of Crocs, you will definitely find a pair on our list!


December 23, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

Nurses have a vital role in keeping healthcare facilities operational by performing many duties/responsibilities, for example, creating reports, briefing doctors, communicating with family members, caring for and administering medication to patients, to name a few. However, for nurses to work at their peak performance, they MUST feel comfortable on the floor!

Nurses often spend long hours on their feet, and nothing affects their focus/performance more than foot fatigue. Imagine working a long-shift on your feet with soreness, joint, and back pain? This is why we recommend investing in a quality pair of nursing shoes from the start.

One brand that is gaining momentum with healthcare professionals is HOKA ONE. This brand provides nurses with all the essential features we recommend a nursing shoe should have, like: a rubber outsole for maximum grip, a mesh upper for breathability, and superior cushioning to reduce joint/back pain. Nursing shoes MUST also be lightweight, abrasion-free wear, and durable. With that said,

We often get asked – which HOKA shoes are best for nurses? To help answer this question, we decided to ask nursing professionals for their recommendations and have complied a list of the BEST HOKA shoes for nurses below.


December 02, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

As a nurse, it’s ESSENTIAL that you remain focused on the job and are ready to perform at your BEST throughout the day. Even though you may only get a few small breaks throughout your shift, it’s IMPORTANT to refuel yourself, so you are energized to get back to work right away. Remember, patients and your colleagues depend on you, so you NEED to feel your BEST to perform your BEST.

For nurses always on the go, it’s IMPORTANT to pack a nutritious lunch, so you avoid burning out during your shift. However, you also need to ensure you choose a nursing lunch bag that can “FIT” all your food containers, keeping them fresh throughout the day. You also want to choose a lunch bag that’s durable, insulated, leakproof, and with enough pockets for utensils, etc. As you will learn, you have several lunch bags trending in the market today, and we have narrowed down the BEST lunch bags for nurses. With that said,

We have only listed those bags with features POPULAR amongst nurses. For example, the nursing lunch bags listed below are:

Durable, insulated, leakproof, water-resistant, easy to clean, have a padded shoulder strap or carry handle, and have a MAIN compartment large enough to carry all your food containers. Most of the lunch bags below are also tear-resistant and have additional pockets for smaller items like utensils, cards, phones, etc.


November 18, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

To perform your BEST as a nurse, you need to feel your BEST. So ensuring you have the right pair of nursing shoes on your feet is ESSENTIAL to your everyday success. However, when it comes time to finalize your choice, you will have SEVERAL different brands to choose from, with each one offering something unique to the wearer. That’s why our job is to make your decision easier by providing insight into what brands are trending in the market today. With that said,

In this guide, we will be exploring the BEST New Balance shoes for nurses in ranking order. However, before we get into our list, let’s explore the KEY features you should consider when purchasing your next pair of New Balance nursing shoes:


October 21, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

1000+ Nurses Have Voted – Here Are The Results!

As a nurse, you will be at the frontline caring for patients while ensuring healthcare facilities operate at their optimal level. In other words, there is very little margin for error since other healthcare professionals will be depending on your knowledge and skills to get things done. On this note, being a medical professional WILL mean that you will be working 12- to 15-hour shifts, which can be VERY demanding. Hence, this means you WILL require scrubs that are comfortable, breathable, and durable. In addition, it is also essential that your scrubs have enough pockets for your accessories, stretch for flexibility, and style to give you that EXTRA confidence.

However, there are so many brands to choose from, and it CAN be tough choosing a pair of nursing scrubs to meet your EXACT requirements. Subsequently, to help you make your choice, we have narrowed down the top ten (10) best rated nursing scrub brands as voted by 1000+ nurses. Our sample of nurses have provided valuable insight NOT ONLY into the most reputable brands, but also into the key features which are essential in helping them perform at their best. With that said,

Let’s explore the best nursing scrubs trending today as voted by you, the nurses!


September 12, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

If you are wondering – What are the most comfortable shoes for male nurses? – then this guide is right for you because we will be narrowing down the BEST nursing shoes for men trending in the market today. Our nursing shoes are listed in order depending on the rating from Amazon. We have also done our own research to include a whole variety, so no matter what, you will find your style here. For example, our list consists of clogs, sneakers, slippers, sandals, and more. With that said,

Here are the KEY features that you should consider when purchasing your next pair of mens nursing shoes:


August 11, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

A quality laptop is a complete necessity when starting nursing school. This is because, in school, you WILL be required to complete several assignments and carry out necessary research to help with your training. If you ask any nurse, they will tell you that a quality laptop is indispensable to successfully qualify as a nurse. With that said, it’s essential to look out for KEY features that will help make your choice easier when selecting the BEST laptop for nursing school 

On this note, here are the  KEY features that you should consider when purchasing your next laptop:

CPU Processor

The faster your CPU processor, the better the performance. The processing speed of your laptop determines how fast you can load applications, and in turn how quickly the applications get their instructions to perform the tasks they need to. When you are in nursing school, it is essential to have a laptop with at least 1.5GHz – 3.5GHz of processing speed. In essence, faster computers often translate to increased productivity and efficiency, which is VERY crucial when completing assignments and conducting research in school.


June 29, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

In this career guide, we’ll be discussing the complete path to becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in the United States. As a certified nursing assistant (CNA), you will be working in a variety of medical facilities, including home health care centers, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and more. You will also be presented with ample opportunities to grow and develop, as well as transition into other roles should you wish to later on in your medical career. With that said, our objective is to make your journey to becoming a certified nursing assistant easier.

By reading over this guide, you are officially taking the FIRST step towards becoming a CNA. To help you, we have provided you below with a step-by-step process that’s easy to follow and understand. Let’s get started!

You can click on any section in the table of contents to jump to that section in this guide.


June 23, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

Alegria has established itself as one of the leading footwear brands within the nursing industry. Their wide range of shoes are specifically designed to provide comfort for those working in demanding environments stretching long hard hours. With that said, quality, durability, comfort, and style are the main identifiable features associated with the Alegria brand of products.

In this guide, we have narrowed down the BEST Alegria nursing shoes available in the market today. With the help of our fellow nursing community, they have provided insight into what qualities they look for when choosing nursing footwear. We are happy to provide this essential information to all of you medical professionals in this easy to follow guide. Remember, comfort is ABSOLUTELY critical in order for one to perform their best.  And, if one can also have the luxury of looking stylish at the same time, then that’s an added welcome bonus.


June 03, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

Choosing a reliable stethoscope can be a confusing and challenging task. Overall there are several brands and models available in the market today. So, the question now is – how do you choose one that is reliable, durable, and gives you the optimum performance levels that are required on the job?  We are here to provide that answer for you today.

In this guide, we have provided the best stethoscopes for nurses. Our list is based on overall feedback from nurses while exploring the top sellers in the market today. With that said, in our guide, you will find the top-rated brands that have changed the way medical professionals do there job.How to Choose a Stethoscope

When it comes to choosing a stethoscope, you will have several options, and this can be confusing if you don’t have the right information available to you. Stethoscopes have been designed keeping medical professionals in mind and their specific role in the industry. For example, they come in different sizes, weights, materials, and for different types of patients. With that said,

In order to help you choose the RIGHT stethoscope, we have researched and analyzed the most popular ones and analyzed their KEY differences. Here are the following factors you need to take into consideration before buying:


May 18, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

Welcome to another one of our TOP lists posts where we’ll be exploring the most popular black scrub pants for women. After speaking to many nurses, we understand the importance of having a quality pair of scrubs. Nurses are working in a high-intensity environment, so they need scrubs that not only make them feel comfortable at work but more efficient too. We believe if you feel good, you will perform better. ???? With that said, we know you have different options when choosing a pair of scrubs. For example, you have several different brands, all offering their unique features, i.e., moisture-wicking fabric that’s wrinkle-resistant, pockets, neckline, pant style (jogger or straight leg), a waistband with drawstring, and more. Not only that, but some nurses also opt to mix and match by purchasing a scrub top and pants from different brands because of the fit and sizing. The entire process can become overwhelming if you don’t have the right information available in an organized way. So, we have made it our goal to provide the right information to you in a simplified manner in enabling you to make an informed decision.


May 04, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

Welcome to another one of our TOP lists posts where we’ll be exploring the most popular black scrub pants for women. After speaking to many nurses, we understand the importance of having a quality pair of scrubs. Nurses are working in a high-intensity environment, so they need scrubs that not only make them feel comfortable at work but more efficient too. We believe if you feel good, you will perform better. ???? With that said, we know you have different options when choosing a pair of scrubs. For example, you have several different brands, all offering their unique features, i.e., moisture-wicking fabric that’s wrinkle-resistant, pockets, neckline, pant style (jogger or straight leg), a waistband with drawstring, and more. Not only that, but some nurses also opt to mix and match by purchasing a scrub top and pants from different brands because of the fit and sizing. The entire process can become overwhelming if you don’t have the right information available in an organized way. So, we have made it our goal to provide the right information to you in a simplified manner in enabling you to make an informed decision.


April 27, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

If you are a current or future nurse and applying for work in the medical profession, then this guide will help you prepare. We have gathered the MOST common nursing interview questions and answers. The interviewer will typically ask two types of questions during your interview: General, for example, your work history, key strengths, relationships with co-workers, etc. You will also be asked Behavioral type questions, which are situational based to determine what actions or processes you would take in a given scenario. So, how did we gather these questions? We used what we believe are the two MOST effective strategies. First, we teamed up with the leading nursing recruiting agencies who have firsthand knowledge of the type of questions asked by interviewers. Secondly, we’ve spoken to nurses and receive valuable information on how to prepare for nursing interviews. Who better to ask since they have gone through the process and succeeded.


April 16, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

Choosing the right nursing scrub top is essential when working as a healthcare professional. Many times, you’ll get confused because you have several options to choose from, i.e., brand, color, fabric, quality, sizing, etc. However, with the right information available to you, the choice can be made easier. The information that you will find in this guide will NOT only make your decision easier, but will also save you time and effort so that you DON’T have to search somewhere else.

Today, we will be exploring the BEST white scrub tops to help narrow down your choice if you are required to wear “WHITE” as a medical professional. In this guide, you will find the MOST popular white scrub tops as per customer ratings.


April 10, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

If you are viewing this guide, then your likely a nurse or becoming one in the near future. A career in nursing can be gratifying because you’ll spend your days helping others. Not only that, but the right nursing specialty can be very rewarding in terms of annual salary. Over the years, the nursing industry has seen incredible growth, and there’s NO sight of it slowing down. We believe it’s the right time for you to pursue nursing if this is a career your passionate about, and you see yourself working as a nurse in the long-term.


March 20, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

We pride ourselves on providing the BEST content for our readers. Our job is to make your lives easier by helping you find the information you need to make a more informed decision. Working in the healthcare industry as a doctor, nurse, caregiver, etc means having a feeling of comfort at all times. One way to do this is by wearing something that gives you confidence, freshness, and comfort in the workplace. Why is this important? Well, we feel the more comfortable you feel at work, the more efficient you are at your job. We believe this is very important to you when caring for patients. With that said,

Today, we’ll be exploring the best jogger scrub pants for women. Our list includes well-known brands and others that are currently making a name for themselves.


March 05, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

Today, we’ll be exploring what it takes to become a CNA in Texas and looking at the BEST certified nursing programs available to you in Texas (the major cities). As a certified nursing assistant, you will be working closely with and reporting to an RN (registered nurse). You will be providing basic care to patients, taking vital signs, creating reports, communicating essential information to patients and their family members. Becoming a CNA is also a great way to learn more about the nursing profession to decide if this is something you want to pursue long-term. The knowledge and skills you gain as a certified nursing assistant can be used to further your education and training. The opportunities are endless since you can grow into another role becoming a registered nurse and then specializing in an area of nursing you feel you’ll excel better at. With that said,

There are many accredited CNA classes in Texas and many of them can be viewed on the official Texas licensing website – Texas Health and Human Services. To make your research easier, we have summarized all the important information below. You’ll learn about the Texas CNA requirements, the renewal process, how to transfer your CNA to Texas from another state, and we’ll be exploring some of the BEST CNA programs in Texas. Let’s get started!


February 27, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

Over the last few months, we have done our BEST to provide the most up-to-date information to you – our readers. As a nurse in different work settings, it is important you everything you need to perform your job as expected. This means being prepared at all times WITHOUT any room for error. Your work involves saving lives so having the right items at your disposal can help you become a more successful nurse. Today, our guide will explore the 43 BEST backpacks for nurses no matter if you’re going to be attending nursing school, currently in nursing school, or working as a nurse.

Nursing bags and/or backpacks come in different colors, styles, sizes, etc. We have researched and found various bags that will be a PERFECT choice for you (a nurse). Even though not every bag on our list has been designed specifically for nurses, the research we’ve done over the last several weeks makes these bags an ideal choice for any type of nurse. To help create this list, we talked to nurses, visited hospitals, read through other content and reviews before putting this guide together. In other words, our guide will give you all the information you need before purchasing your first or next nurse bag


February 06, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

Congratulations on pursuing a career in healthcare. We’re sure becoming a nurse has been a passion of yours for years and you’ve spent countless hours studying for this role. However, studying to become a nurse is one piece of the puzzle because experience does matter too. We believe knowledge and experience are what will determine your success. The more experience you have, the more opportunities will come your way…and that’s the bottom line!

Before you can start applying for different nursing positions, you’ll need to pass the NCLEX RN exam. Here’s a definition of the NCLEX (National Council Examination for Registered Nurses) and why it’s important. You need to pass this exam because it’s… –

“To ensure public protection, each jurisdiction requires candidates for licensure to meet set requirements that include passing an examination that measures the competencies needed to perform safely and effectively as a newly licensed, entry-level RN” –


January 15, 2020 | Posted by: Admin

Your ready to START your nursing career and are looking for the right training program. When getting into the medical profession, it’s important you have a clear understanding of where you want to start. For example, you can start by applying to University and the BSN (Bachelor of Nursing) program or even complete an Associates degree in nursing. You also have other options too. For example, if your unsure if nursing is something you want to do in the long run there are two programs that will give you a chance to experience life as a nurse – Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and the Certified Nursing Assistant. Both give you the opportunity to work in the hospital environment under the supervision of a registered nurse.


December 17, 2019 | Posted by: Admin

This is a complete guide covering all nursing specialties of all levels. Enjoy!

We believe this content is perfect for anyone who has just completed nursing school and is looking for a job or someone who has previous work experience. I also believe those nurses looking to switch careers will find this content very useful too.

It’s tough landing a gratifying job that allows you to make use of all your skills and pays well at the same time. There are several reasons why this can happen, and I believe the MOST important being the quality of your resume. We’ve found 50 percent has to do with your skills and experience level. The other 50 percent with how well your nursing resume resonates with the recruiting department.


June 17, 2019 | Posted by: Admin

As a nurse your going to be working long shifts. A nurse works an average of 12-hour shifts each day and this can cause a major strain on your legs, feet, and calf. This just makes your job even more difficult to perform so it’s always in your best interest to find a permanent solution to feet pain. There’s some good news because Plantar Fasciitis is a very common problem amongst professionals especially nurses, so we have learned a lot about the causes and treatments available.


May 28, 2019 | Posted by: Admin

Quality of education matters when pursuing your nursing career. The right type of education can lead to higher salaries, more opportunities, and overall fulfillment. Many students have a hard time understanding the various avenues available to them when entering the nursing profession. For example, CNA’s, RN’s, LVN’s, and completing your BSN all involve working in the healthcare industry as a nurse, but each level provides you with a unique set of skills, knowledge, responsibilities, and authority. Furthermore, once students determine how far they want to take their nursing career and education, they often have a hard time figuring out where they want to go. You do deserve the best education so you have the foundation and confidence you need to perform your job efficiently and effectively.


May 08, 2019 | Posted by: Admin

The healthcare profession is very demanding requiring you to be well prepared for the task at hand. However, as a nurse having the right skills is NOT enough if your NOT comfortable and ready for what’s ahead. This is why having a quality pair of nursing shoes is vital for your success. Every nurse is different, and no feet are the same.

To help you get started, we have created the following content outlining the best nursing shoes for current and future nurses. We want to help you choose the best shoes when it comes time to purchase your first or next pair of nursing shoes. A nurse can spend an average of 12 per day on their feet so comfort, durability and reliability should always be on the top of your list when choosing a pair of nursing shoes.


Top 26 Best Shoes For Nurses On Their Feet All Day


April 17th, 2018 | Posted by: Admin

When spending long hours on your feet as a nurse, you don’t always know when your next break might come. With so much time standing, you need to invest in quality, comfortable shoes that not only keep your feet feeling fresh, dry and comfortable, but also are work appropriate and keep you safe while on the job. Here are the top 25 nursing shoes currently available for purchase.


Moving From A CNA to LPN – Requirements, Salary, And More

healthcare professionals

March 07th, 2018 | Posted by: Admin

In the nursing profession, there are many different levels for which a person can aspire to. It ultimately depends on the level of education someone is willing to put in. The more education, certifications, and training, the higher their potential wages along with an increase in job opportunities. For some, becoming a CNA, or certified nursing assistant is one of the first in a line of potential nursing positions. Another position is the LPN or licensed practical nurse. Many will initially become a CNA, but obtaining additional education in order to become an LPN may prove beneficial. For anyone interested in moving from CNA to LPN, here is what he or she needs to know and understand.


The Top 17 Most Comfortable Cherokee Nursing Shoes


February 27th, 2018 | Posted by: Admin

When spending long hours on your feet as a nurse, you don’t always know when your next break might come. With so much time standing, you need to invest in quality, comfortable shoes that not only keep your feet feeling fresh, dry and comfortable, but also are work appropriate and keep you safe while on the job. Here are the top Cherokee nursing clogs currently available for purchase, so feel free to check out one (or all) to find the best pair for your personal, and professional needs.


The Top 20 Most Comfortable Alegria Nursing Shoes


January 24th, 2018 | Posted by: Admin

Nursing shifts often come with long hours and very little downtime. That means one of the few creature comforts nurses have are their shoes. Their body might be sore and their mind in need of a serious break, but with comfortable Alegria nursing shoes, it’s possible for their feet to remain spry and pain free. While there are plenty of different options out there, here are 20 of the top, most comfortable Alegria nursing shoes out there.


20 Common Nursing Interview Questions

Businesswoman conducting a job interview

January 12, 2018 | Posted by: Admin

When preparing for an available nursing position, a resume and experience only go so far. An applicant needs to fit the personality profile a hospital, doctor’s office or medical facility is looking for. For first time nursing job applications, it is important to not go into interviews blind and not prepared. That is why understanding possible nursing interview questions and practicing for these questions not only helps calm interview nerves, but it helps increase the chance of a successful interview.


Top 13 CNA Programs in San Diego


November 21, 2017 | Posted by: Admin

Welcome to another post where we’ll be listing the best CNA programs in San Diego. To us, it’s very important we provide you with value added content. We want to make sure when it comes time for you to choose a CNA program, you have all the information you need. Through our research, we have located a lot of certified nursing assistant classes in San Diego, but not all of them provide a comprehensive curriculum. The end goal should be for you to approach the California State CNA licensing examination with complete confidence. For us to help you achieve this, we have researched and found a list of schools in San Diego we feel will provide you with the knowledge you need.


Different Types of Nurses and Descriptions

different types of nurses and descriptions

November 16, 2017 | Posted by: Admin

Working in the medical field can prove especially rewarding. While spending both the time and money on becoming a doctor may not offer the right path for everyone, nursing offers a different avenue for work within the industry. There are different nursing careers, which in turn require different levels of college and training. For anyone interested in following their passion to work with others and enter the medical community as a nurse, understanding the difference between these kinds of nursing titles may dictate exactly the kind of education and time an individual must put in to reach their desired nursing level.


Top 15 CNA Programs In Los Angeles


November 02, 2017 | Posted by: Admin

It’s important you find the right CNA program to help accelerate your career. The knowledge you gain from a reputable CNA program is priceless. It gives you the training and knowledge to be the best at what you do. This especially matters when studying to become a Certified Nursing Assistant because you’ll be directly involved in helping a lot of people. However, finding the right school in Los Angeles to complete your training can be tough. There are many awesome CNA programs in Los Angeles, so you need some direction. We are here to provide you with this direction!


Top 20 Nursing Tips to Survive Nursing School


January 19, 2017 | Posted by: Admin

It doesn’t matter if you are writing your CNA exam, in school to become a registered nurse, or an LPN because this profession is very demanding. Current nurses have said that nursing school is one of the most difficult times in their lives because of the demand put on them during training. Think about it, you’ll be overseeing the treatment of ill people so you need to make sure you know what you’re doing. For example, some of the duties of a nurse include tracking data, answering questions, administering medications, and helping with daily living tasks like grooming, bathing, and eating. Not to mention, you oversee the recovery of patients after treatment, and comfort family members too. It’s important to mention that the intensity of your duties depends on the type of nursing program you’ve completed, but either way you’ll be overseeing patient recovery which is very stressful.


Top 25 Nursing Blogs for Future Nurses


January 03, 2017 | Posted by: Admin

When entering a new career, it’s important you have all the information available. You’ll be spending a lot of time in school learning about the profession, and will even spend time in a hospital during your practical examination. However, it’s still very important that you have online resources to give you insight into nursing. Many professional nurses have done their part contributing to the healthcare profession by setting up personal and professional blogs for future nurses. These blogs offer news, trends, educational resources, personal stories, and a community to share opinions. It’s truly amazing how these blogs provide you with so much information that helps streamline the transition into your new career.


Top 10 Nursing Trends in 2016


November 29, 2016 | Posted by: Admin

There have been many changes within the nursing industry over the years. Many of them can be attributed to the increasing cost of healthcare within the United States, and the declining population of nurse educators. At one point, there would have been a lot of schools offering the nursing program to prospective students, however this has changed significantly over the years. There are three main reasons why this has happened:

First, the cost of funding a school has increased by 3% over the last 4 years, making it harder to maintain a program. Secondly, this increase has led to an increase in tuition fees; lowering the number of students who enroll into a program. The fewer students there are, the less money being made by these schools. Third, the health industry has changed significantly because of stricter policies being that are being implemented by the government. In the news, we have heard stories of unfit nurses putting the patients’ lives at risk because they are NOT educated on the right protocol, etc. With that being said,

I would like to explore the top 10 nursing trends currently taking place in the industry.


Having to Deal with Difficult Patients? Here Are Some Helpful Tips


November 15, 2016 | Posted by: Admin

We all agree that nursing can be a very tough industry. You spend years studying for your CNA certification, and then you must write an exam and spend time conducting clinical research. After, you are on a hospital floor working with a mentor, trying to learn the ins and outs of the industry. Personally, I know that many people don’t last through the entire process, because they don’t have the patience for it. I’ve also heard, that many nurses must deal with so many different personalities both professionally, and with the patients whom you are taking care of. The good news is that with practice, you get better at handling different situations. There are also several resources available to you both during the clinical trial and online, from those who have been in the profession before you.


Helpful Clinical Tips for Future Certified Nursing Assistants


November 03, 2016 | Posted by: Admin

Becoming a nurse is challenging because you are put through rigorous training. However, the reward is gratifying because you are helping people, and this profession offers a great financial package. If you think about it, the health industry is one which hasn’t declined over the years. I believe that if people exist in this world, we’ll always need nurses and doctors to help. Over the last few months, I’ve been very lucky, having been able to work with health care professionals who are doing clinical research. These people took some time out to shed light on the struggles they face as certified nursing assistants.

I want to help, by giving an overview of what I have discovered over the last few days.