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As a nurse, you will be at the frontline caring for patients while ensuring healthcare facilities operate at their optimal level. In other words, there is very little margin for error since other healthcare professionals will be depending on your knowledge and skills to get things done. On this note, being a medical professional WILL mean that you will be working 12- to 15-hour shifts, which can be VERY demanding. Hence, this means you WILL require scrubs that are comfortable, breathable, and durable. In addition, it is also essential that your scrubs have enough pockets for your accessories, stretch for flexibility, and style to give you that EXTRA confidence.

However, there are so many brands to choose from, and it CAN be tough choosing a pair of nursing scrubs to meet your EXACT requirements. Subsequently, to help you make your choice, we have narrowed down the top ten (10) best rated nursing scrub brands as voted by 1000+ nurses. Our sample of nurses have provided valuable insight NOT ONLY into the most reputable brands, but also into the key features which are essential in helping them perform at their best. With that said,

Let’s explore the best nursing scrubs trending today as voted by you, the nurses!

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Our Research And DATA Collection
BEST Ranking Nursing Scrub Brands
MOST Common Nursing Scrub Requirements/Features
Overview of Brands
Final Thoughts
Additional Resources

Our Research And DATA Collection

We collected our data by posting a Littmann Classic III giveaway contest on our CareerCrawlers Facebook Page)

QUESTION:  The question we asked was:

As a nurse, what is your favorite scrub brand, color, and why?”


Our target audience consisted of Female nurses (Ages 21-60)  in the United States who are in the following interest groups and occupations –

Interests: Funny Nurses, allnurses.com or American Nurses Association

Job title: Nurse’s Assistant, Nurse practitioner, Family nurse practitioner, Licensed practical nurse, Registered nurse, LPN Nurse, Certified Nurses Aide, Nursing Aide, RN Staff Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), RN BSN (Registered Nurse Bachelor of Science in Nursing), Nursing Assistant, Registered Nurse (RN), Certified Nurses Aide (CNA), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Staff RN (Staff Registered Nurse), Licensed Practical Nurse, Clinic Nurse (LPN, Clinic Nurse), Student Nurse or Pediatric nurse practitioner


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BEST Ranking Nursing Scrub Brands

From our survey, we have enlisted our results in the table below which highlights the best nursing scrubs by brand name. This research from our WIDE pool of nurses will help you get a better idea of the BEST brands trending today and give you an insight into their OVERALL POPULARITY. Let’s analyze the table further:

Some Best Sellers

Check out some of the BEST selling lines from our top voted nursing scrub brands.

MOST Common Nursing Scrub Requirements/Features

The table below lists what our pool of nurses loved MOST about their BEST nursing scrubs and respective brands. By viewing our RESULTS, this will help you make an informed decision when it comes time for you to purchase your next pair of nursing scrubs. Since our VOTES come directly from nurses from all experience-levels working in different healthcare facilities, this means they know EXACTLY what features should be the ULTIMATE priority to perform your job optimally.



It’s no surprise that our POOL of nurses concluded that COMFORT was the main reason they chose their respective brands (38 PERCENT %). In addition to comfort, 18 percent (%) of the votes were also allocated to how well the scrubs “FIT” their bodies. Meaning how the fabric moved/stretched when these nurses performed their job i.e., bending, walking, reaching out, and assisting patients. With that said,

Naturally, durability (quality, the longevity of the scrubs) is also an essential feature to look out for when purchasing your nursing scrubs. The last thing you want to do is purchase a set of scrubs that, after washing, the color fades or the fabric tears in the machine. Or, it loses its shape by shrinking after just a few washes. Another IMPORTANT factor to consider is how many pockets your scrubs come with since storing your accessories on you will be an absolute MUST.




*Comfort = Overall comfort and softness of the fabric

*Fit =  Stretch, shape, cut

*Durabilitity = Longevity of product, no fade in color

*Style = Variety of different styles, colors, and prints

*Other factors = Includes a variety of different factors such as wrinkle-free material, affordability, breathability, easy-care, fabric dry’s quick, etc.

Overview of Brands

Here’s a quick summary of the TOP VOTED best nursing scrub brands tending in the market today, complete with their diverse product ranges and specifications. If you are ready to purchase your next set of nursing scrubs, click the “VIEW COLLECTION” button to see each brands’ line of products.

1) Cherokee

Rank Position #1 – (27.7% VOTES)

The Cherokee brand is our number #1 MOST VOTED best nursing scrubs. They provide the MOST comfort (See table #3) and have a wide range of selection of scrubs for you to choose from. The fabric also provides excellent stretch capabilities, which is essential when working in FAST paced environments like in healthcare facilities. With that said, the Cherokee brand has been around since 1972 creating a whole line of awesome products, which includes ranges such as Infinity, Luxe, iFlex, and more. You can also choose from scrubs tops, bottoms, lab coats, and scrub jackets. Not to mention, the Cherokee nursing scrubs are economically priced, durable, and come with several pockets for you MOST essential accessories.

2) Greys Anatomy

Rank Position #2 – (25.5% VOTES)

The Greys Anatomy line of nursing scrubs rivals Cherokee in a close second position with an excellent product line. Greys Anatomy is known for providing comfortable scrubs for nurses and excellent 4 way-stretch when needed in the workplace. If you require pocket space, then Grey’s Anatomy is a GREAT choice because their pants and tops are known for providing ample storage for all your accessories. The fabric is designed with moisture-wicking properties and breathability, keeping you cool during those long shifts. Some of their lines include – Signature, Active, Spandex, Edge, and more.

3) WonderWink

Rank Position #3 – (13.3% VOTES)

Nurses love WonderWink for their colorful scrub tops and pants. They have an excellent range of printed scrubs that are essential when working with elderly patients and children because of the positive IMPACT they have on their morale. Nurses have also praised WonderWink’s 360-degree stretch fabric, and some of their products are made from moisture-wicking fabric, keeping you cool during those long shifts. When you explore their line of products, they come in various ranges such as Wonderflex, Pro, Aero, Neo, and more.

4) KOI

Rank Position #4 – (7.3% VOTES)

Some of the BEST nursing uniforms and scrub styles offered by KOI, provide you with a modern look, athletic performance, comfort, and breathability. KOI also offers you various colors to choose from, some of which have quirky/funky prints on them to give you that extra edge and noticeability. Not to mention, the KOI nursing scrubs are durable and easy to care for because they require NO ironing at all. For example, they wash wrinkle-free.

5) Healing Hands

Rank Position #5 – (7.0% VOTES)

The Healing Hands brand comes in at number #5 on our list of BEST nursing scrubs for healthcare workers. The Purple Label range is one of the MOST popular lines providing you with complete comfort, style, and durability. They are relatively inexpensive compared to other BEST nursing scrub brands, therefore providing you with value for your money. Not to mention, many of Healing Hands’ uniforms have a personal, unique message printed to give you that added inspiration when getting ready for work.

6) Dickies

Rank Position #6 – (4.9% VOTES)

The Dickies brand of nursing scrubs is PERFECT for women looking for a bit of stretch, making tasks such as bending and assisting patients so much easier. Their scrub tops and pants come in various colors fitting all shapes and sizes, so you will definitely find something you like. Not to mention, their fabric is comfortable and durable while easy to care for as they wash more or less wrinkle-free, saving you time from ironing them after every wash and wear. Before you purchase Dickies scrubs, don’t forget to check out their EDS Signature and EDS Essential line, which are their most popular nursing scrubs and lines.

Some Best Sellers

Check out some of the BEST selling lines from our top voted nursing scrub brands.

7) Figs

Rank Position #7 – (4.3% VOTES)

Another BEST brand for nurse scrubs is FIG’s known for their contemporary styles and super FIT (stretch). However, FIG’s do come with a hefty price tag, so choose while considering your budget. FIG’s are made from a high-quality fabric offering durability, comfort, and moisture-wicking properties. Not to mention, the four-way stretch fabric is also anti-wrinkle, liquid repellent, lightweight, and ridiculously soft. They have a great range of styles, with one of the MOST popular being their jogger scrub pants.

8) Buttersoft (UA)

Rank Position #8 – (4.2% VOTES)

The Buttersoft line of nursing scrubs is manufactured by Uniform Advantage. Their wash and wear fabric is super soft and comfortable, allowing you to perform at your BEST throughout your shift. Not to mention, they have fantastic colors to choose from and come in various sizes allowing for the PERFECT fit.

9) Carhartt

Rank Position #9 – (3.9% VOTES)

The Carhartt line of nursing scrubs offers you all the main features you need in your scrubs. For example, when you purchase a set of Carhartt scrubs, you will be wearing a medical uniform that wicks moisture away, keeping you dry during those long shifts. Not to mention, some of their styles are stain-resistant with the addition of ample pocket space and a locker-loop label at the back for easy hanging when changing after work. Above all, they are very reasonably priced!

10) HeartSoul

Rank Position #10 – (2.0% VOTES)

The HeartSoul line of nursing scrubs are well-known for their quirky styles. They provide you with a range of colors, prints, cuts, and overall EDGE. In addition, they also provide you with accessories to help compliment your nursing scrubs i.e. compression socks. Some of their styles have a hidden functional pink grommet to thread headphone cords through. Finally, they are also very reasonably priced so you can’t go wrong with purchasing a pair.

Final Thoughts

When choosing your next set of POPULAR nursing scrubs, what better than to take advice from your fellow peers working in the healthcare industry. Your fellow colleagues have a better understanding of what type of attire you need to help you perform your job optimally with complete comfort and style. We trust that our wide pool of nurses have provided you with valuable insight into the trending brands in the market today. Remember, nursing scrubs are an investment and like an outer skin layer protecting you from the demanding nature of your rewarding job. So, choose wisely!

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