So, recently I was on Facebook and started watching an ad by Matt Graham claiming his done-for-you system is the best way to make money online. Matt says, “Before you start any other side hustle like dropshipping, crypto, trading stocks, you must check out what I’m doing to earn monthly passive recurring income.” Oh, then he flashes a few stacks of cash, which is always a clever way to get someone’s attention…right? Anyways, while counting his money, Matt Graham claims to be making millions of dollars through online sales…is this guy serious? Anyways,

I’m here to answer this question: is legit? I’ve decided to do my research to find out if Matt Graham is the real deal or just full of HOT air. Here’s my detailed Online Blueprint review. But,

Before I start…

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What Is The Online Blueprint?
Who Created The Online Blueprint System?
How Much Does Online Blueprint Cost?
Is Online Blueprint Legit?

What Is The Online Blueprint?

So, if you are wondering how to make thousands of dollars while sitting at home on your sofa, Matt claims he has just the system for you. His Online Blueprint marketing system will give you everything you need to end the 9-5 grind and enjoy the freedom you deserve. Matt says, “I have developed a system with my partner Orlando which will give you a complete setup from start to finish so you can collect money WITHOUT having to lift a finger.”  These kinds of training programs scare me because if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is!! Let’s continue…

The KEY to Matt’s system is the “done for you” element, where he provides you with everything you need to start making money almost immediately.  For example, the online blueprint will give you a website, all the affiliate links, a domain, and hosting so you can be live within 24 hours. All that’s left (which I think is the most challenging part) is for you to drive traffic to your website through paid or unpaid methods so people can purchase whatever you offer through your affiliate links. I mean to Matt’s credit, he does provide you with training on how to set up paid campaigns on Google and Facebook so you can start to generate leads and profit. But here’s where things are somewhat weird,

The affiliate website and products Matt asks you to drive traffic to through the Online Blueprint system are his own…lol. You see, to earn income, you will promote Matt’s Marketing Blueprint….lol. That’s right! You will be an affiliate of Matt’s system advertising his training to others. When they sign up, you will earn a commission. You do all the work for Matt, and he’s collecting a considerable share of your hard work. (weird…right?). I also learned you will be selling other PLR (private label) products through your website, which I’m sure Matt Graham and his team own too. Ok,

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Who Created The Online Blueprint System?

This “done for you” system was created by Matt Graham and Orlando Diaz. Little is known about these two (2), but after reading what they offer, they provide nothing special. Affiliate marketing is an old business model, and people have been doing it for years. Before I continue, for those of you who don’t know, affiliate marketing is defined as the following by Coursera:

Affiliate marketing is a marketing model in which third-party publishers promote a merchant’s goods or services and receive a percentage of the sales or web traffic made as a result. “ 

Some have made massive profits through affiliate marketing. Still, they promote legitimate products they are passionate about, and they feel people will enjoy purchasing. I believe (through the reviews I’ve read) you will promote mediocre products that are nothing special to customers. It seems Matt and Orlando are getting people to advertise their products instead of them putting in the work themselves. Oh, and they keep a bulk of the sale, too…this is not a fair deal…right? I mean, fine, they provide all the elements, but setting up a website with hosting won’t take longer than 24 hours nowadays, anyway. The most challenging and expensive thing is the traffic you are responsible for, so why should Matt and his team keep most of the profits…right?

Other than that, I can’t find anything else about what experience Matt and Orlando bring to marketing. I guess they are just regular entrepreneurs.

How Much Does Online Blueprint Cost?

The Online Blueprint has different levels – Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Royal. Now, each level has its benefits, and the amount of money you invest into this program will directly impact how much money you will make. With that said, here are the prices for each level:

Gold: $3,247 
Platinum: $7,447
Diamond: $14,647
Royal: $21,847

PLEASE NOTE: No package will cover paid advertising costs. You will be responsible for these costs on top of the cost for the level you choose to enrol.

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Is Online Blueprint Legit?

As training…yes, the Online Blueprint is legit. However, I wouldn’t recommend you pay thousands to join Matt’s training hoping to make money online…absolutely NOT! What Matt Graham and his team have introduced is nothing special because the concept of affiliate marketing is quite old. The process he describes is simple to set up, and a quick search on YouTube will walk you through it from start to finish for FREE. Once you have your website up and running, you need affiliate offers which you can find WITHOUT the help of Matt and his team. So, if you can take advantage of the entire business model WITHOUT the help of Matt, then there is no reason to pay his team thousands to help you out….right? Oh, I forgot to mention that Matt’s affiliate offers have NO value. Think about it…you go through his training, and ultimately, you will be advertising The Online Blueprint…lol. You put in all the work helping Matt grow his brand while splitting the profits with him. (WHAT). With that said,

Save your money, and if you want to be an affiliate marketer, start by doing a quick search on YouTube to learn the basics. Then, visit any product or service you are passionate about and join their affiliate program…it’s that simple! Finally, you can use the money you saved from not joining Matt’s training towards your paid marketing…right? Now,

If affiliate marketing doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, then I suggest using your time building something I like to call Digital Rental Properties. I collect a nice $500-$2,000+ checks every month afterward (AKA passive income).

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