If you want to make recurring passive income online, the TheMMSaaS Income app may be the right choice. Oh, by the way, this app is also known as Leadific.

Look, I have reviewed several apps, and mmsaas provides you with some fantastic features that others don’t. Not to mention, this app was created by none other than Chance and Abdul from the Modern Millionaires!

So, today, I’ll answer some of the MOST common questions about TheMMSaaS app and if this is indeed the highest-paying partner program online. But, there’s something else you want to know, and that is if…TheMMSaas legit? Or is it a scam? And, can you make money like Adbul and Chance say you can? I mean, they are saying you can make thousands of dollars per week by using the Leadific app…really?

Before I start…

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Great, now it’s time to explore…TheMMSaaS Income App!

Table of Contents

What Does This App Exactly Do?
Modern Millionaires and Leadific
How Does TheMMSaaS (Leadific) Partnership Program Work?
TheMMSaaS Review (Features And Benefits)
TheMMSaaS Income App Review (FAQ)
TheMMSaaS.com Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

What Does This App Exactly Do?

When people hear the word app, they think of software that can be customized to make their life easier. But apps are NOT often associated with “making money,”…right? But TheMMSaaS Income app claims to put money into your pocket…how? Chance and Abdul have said, “We have automated the entire lead-generation process allowing businesses to simplify their marketing and sales processes.”  Ok, this all sounds amazing, but how do you “actually” make money if the app automates everything for businesses…

You will have to apply for the mmsaas, aka Leadific Partnership program, and after joining, you can earn income each time you sell the Leadific app to small businesses. How much commission do you get? You will receive $299 monthly if the small business continues to use the Leadific application. Let’s continue,

“TheMMSaaS app has enormous potential because it cuts the time business owners have to work to generate sales. This Leadific app automates the entire marketing process so businesses earn more every single month. Because they earn more, they will be more than happy to pay the monthly fee for the app, putting commission payments into your pocket.” Says Chance.

Later in this review, I will highlight the benefits and features of using themmsaas app, aka Leadific.

Modern Millionaires and Leadific

Some people are confused about the connection between Modern Millionaires and Leadific, so here it is…

Leadific (MMSaaS) is an app created by Chance and Abdul, who founded the Modern Millionaires training program.

Modern Millionaires is a complete course that walks you through how to set up your digital marketing agency. The course is designed to help people lay the foundation of their marketing agency and continue to scale it through creative marketing strategies which involve paid platforms like Google and Facebook. Ok, so…

The MMSaaS Income App, or Leadific, is software used in digital marketing to help scale your customers. Chance and Adbul give you access to this app once you join their Modern Millionaires training course. But, recently, they have started a Leadific Partnership program that allows you to sell the app to business owners so they can manage their marketing instead of hiring an agency. Business owners will pay a small monthly fee to access this application, and you will receive commission payments for referring these customers. So, to answer your question: Is Leadific a Modern Millionaires App?

Yes! Leadific is an app for students joining the Modern Millionaires training program. But students can also join the Leadific Partnership program to sell (license) the app to small businesses so they can automate their marketing!

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How Does TheMMSaaS (Leadific) Partnership Program Work?

Here’s the problem…the whole structure is a bit weird…

You see, to be able to sell the themmsaas app, aka Leadific, you have to first join Modern Millionaires and then apply to the Leadific partner program. Then, you have to wait to get accepted, and if you are, I heard you have to pay something like $18,995 to have the RIGHT to sell the new income app to other businesses. So, you have a cost in the thousands to join the Modern Millionaires training, and then you have to pay few thousand for approval to sell the application. I understand Chance and Abdul believe they created something special with this app, but people starting with digital marketing may NOT be able to afford the hefty price tag…right?

Anyways, the good thing is once you apply and are accepted into the Partnership Program, you can sell the mmsaas to unlimited people globally and are NOT restricted. I heard (this is a claim) that the Modern Millionaires team will help you get started by sending leads your way so you can set up appointments to sell the app!

TheMMSaaS Review (Features And Benefits)

So far, we’ve heard from Chance and Abdul how special Leadific is as an all-in-one solution for small businesses. So, it makes sense to check out the new income app’s features because how else would you sell this software to small businesses…right?

First, themmsaas income app claims it can automate the front end of your business! It claims to give you…

A complete email delivery system including a mail server, text/voice capabilities, and a domain warming service so your emails reach the customer’s inbox and NOT their spam/junk folder. Next,

Create a web presence immediately with clean and straightforward templates built into the software. The elements can also be fully customized to align with your business’s brand.

Manage in-town and while on the road with Leadific’s calendars, contacts, pipeline management, and reputation management CRM system.

Onboarding support when you sign-up! You will be in touch with a team member to receive 1-1 setup support for a complete done-for-you experience.

Ok, do you want to know my thoughts on this?

I was hoping to find more features of the app, but I wasn’t able to. If this is everything I can find online, selling the app will be tricky.

Let’s move on…

TheMMSaaS Income App Review (FAQ)

Before I give you my final thoughts on themmsaas, here are some common questions asked by students joining the Partnership Program.

1) How Much Does The Leadific App Cost?

Once you have applied for the Partnership Program, been approved, and paid the fee to have the RIGHT to sell their app, you will have to convince small businesses to pay either $399.00 monthly or $3,990 yearly.

2) How Much Does It Cost to Join The Leadific Partnership Program?

I’m glad you asked this question! Unfortunately, the answer is tricky, so I’ll do my best to explain how the entire program works.

Since theMMSaaS app is part of the Modern Millionaires training program, you will have to join their training, which costs approximately $7,000 to $8,000. After joining the program, you can use the Leadific app for your digital marketing efforts. What does this mean? You can get customers for your digital marketing agency and use the app to help them generate leads, etc. However, you can apply for the Partnership Program, and when you are approved, you can sell (license) the app to businesses which they can now use for themselves. They no longer have to rely on your marketing to generate leads because they can automate the process for themselves and control their marketing. So,

As mentioned, to join Modern Millionaires is around $7,000-$8,000. Next, I heard you have to pay something like $18,995 to join the Partnership Program so you can sell the new income app.

3) Do You Get Support As a Ledific Partner?

Yes! themmaas, aka Leadific, do provide you with support as a partner. However, it’s NOT clear to what extent they provide support. I am sure they will answer your questions, but they will NOT assist you in generating sales, as this would be your responsibility. The problem is that if they assist you in making sales, they will also request a percentage (%) of the commission payments.

4) Are They Any Restrictions In The Leadic Partnership Program?

So, here’s the thing, once you apply for the program and are approved, you are responsible for paying the hefty fee, which is somewhere in the thousands. Paying the fee will authorize you to sell the app to businesses. In other words, as a partner, you will be approved to promote themmsaas app and earn a commission from each sale. From what I have read, you can promote this app to business owners worldwide once you are a member. So, unlike other affiliate programs which limit what countries, cities or zip codes you can market to, the Leadific Partner Program has no limitations.

TheMMSaaS.com Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Everyone wants to know if themmsaas, aka, Leadific is a legitimate business or a scam. The answer is that it’s NOT a scam, but this doesn’t mean it’s the RIGHT choice for you. Before continuing, it’s important to mention a few things:

First, Chance and Abdul run a legitimate business called Modern Millionaires which has many positive reviews. For those unaware of this training program, it walks people through how to start a digital marketing agency from start to finish. But these guys charge thousands of dollars to join Modern Millionaires, and they DON’T guarantee that you will succeed as a digital marketer. You see, to succeed in digital marketing, you must be focused and work harder than the next guy. Plus, I always say to start small and invest as little as possible so you can find out if it’s right for you. More on this later on…

Here’s something else, Chance and Abdul also charge you for the Leadific app, which costs a few hundred a month. So now, you can access this app as long as you are part of the Modern Millionaire training. If you decide to shut down your agency, you will lose access to the application. But you have another option: market Leadific to business owners and earn a small commission if they purchase a subscription through you. But, to become a distribution partner, you must apply, get approved, and pay a few thousand dollars before you can start selling monthly and yearly subscriptions. Look, I’m not saying you can’t earn by selling this lead generation platform, but the actual amount you can generate through this income app Leadific depends on several factors like competition, business requirements, how much success they are having with the application, and others. Also, what doesn’t help is the Leadific app has a 2.7-star rating (many 1-star reviews). (LOL). With that said,

I recommend you do your due diligence before getting started. You will be investing in Modern Millionaires than into themmsaas (Leadific) Partnership Program, which costs a few thousand dollars. And, there is NO GUARANTEE that you will make your money back. So, what do I think you should do instead?

It will be wise to explore other “better” options to find out what they are offering and for how much. As mentioned, I have been part of fantastic lead generation webinars that “WOW’d” me almost immediately. And these other training programs don’t cost anywhere near what Modern Millionaires are charging. In addition, some offer a FREE trial so you can explore the modules to determine if digital marketing is the RIGHT business for you. You know what? I will throw you a bone right now; check out the one I recommend by clicking the link (or the orange button). You don’t have to make any commitments… watch the video to get blown away!

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