So, what is Scaling with Systems and is it worth all the hype? Now, this training was started by a guy named Ravi Abuvala, who claims to be making $500,000 per month. Even more impressive is that he claims ½ of the 500K is all profit (WOW). I’m unsure if I believe him, so I wanted to learn more about his program.

In this post, I will provide you with my honest Scaling With System review so you can decide whether to try this out or not. You will also find out if Ravi Abuvala is legit or a scam.

Before I continue…

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Great, now it’s time to explore…Scaling With Systems!

Table of Contents

Who Is Ravi Abuvala?
Exploring Scaling with Systems
How Much Does Scaling with Systems Cost?
Is Scaling with Systems Legit?

Who Is Ravi Abuvala?

Ravi Abuvala is a true entrepreneur who has made money online through various programs and products. He has a lot of knowledge, starting digital marketing agencies, outsourcing, selling high-ticket products, and growing and scaling businesses. Oh, Ravi is also the brains behind another training program called the Remote Integrator. So,

Ravi was enrolled in law school before dropping out to take care of his dad, who had lung cancer. He went on to start an online business which landed him in debt trying to figure out things. He also became highly unhealthy, putting on massive weight since he was working 18-hour days. After Ravi Abuvala learned about Amazon FBA and loved the business model…why? With Amazon, he didn’t have to worry about too much competition; if you found the right product, you could make massive profits. You also didn’t need a website or anything…however,

Ravi and Amazon FBA were NOT a good fit, and soon he transitioned into the Software as a Service (SaaS) marketplace. At the same time, he worked for a company called Prospect Social, a lead-generation training program. He learned a lot about marketing while working this job, so in 2018, he started his digital marketing agency.

So, Ravi used virtual assistants to systemize his digital marketing businesses. Hiring VAs was massive because he could now travel worldwide while his virtual assistants were in the background scaling his business.

Ravi Abuvala has put everything he learned into a coaching program called  Scaling With Systems because he wants to teach others what he learned throughout his journey.

Exploring Scaling with Systems

The concept behind Ravi’s Scaling with Systems coaching is quite simple…

Start with one single case study which can show others that you are the real deal and can do the work. This is known as your proof! Once you have your case study, it’s time to set up a simple page to which you will drive traffic because this single page can act as your entire sales page. How? It shows people what you can do; on this page, people can opt-in to buy what you’re selling too. Now, here’s where virtual assistants come into play…

Whoever opts into your simple page will be on the list of people to receive outbound messages from your virtual assistants. Your VAs will do all the selling for you because they will constantly send messages to the people landing on your single page and opting in. What’s brilliant is what Ravi says next…

“Put your price in the outbound messages or even split test it on your landing page because you are trying to determine if people will buy your product or service. If they buy at a price you put down, you know you have a sure thing.” 😊

Once you get a flow of people buying, you can put your 100% EFFORT into building the entire system. Ravi Abuvala says the key is to make your offering easy on everyone, efficient, and close on the promise. Then, if it’s not performing well, you can refine it until you hit a home run. Anyways, keep collecting case studies “only then” can you move on to step 2…

Work hard to get people to check out your case studies…

“It’s all about sending email messages to the list you have collected,” says Ravi! He promises you will learn to do all this in the Scaling With Systems coaching program. (He better…lol). He further explains the message’s goal: “Do whatever possible to have these people opening your emails click on the link which takes them to the case study page.”

Then, it’s all about setting up retargeting by driving people to other products and services you are selling. This can be a sales page, YouTube video, or another case study. The main goal is always to have these people want to work with you badly. “You need to increase their desire to work with you like crazy.” Here’s the thing…

Ravi and his Scaling With Systems is about having a plan and ensuring it gets executed, which you will learn how to do. The plan is to have people fill out a FORM and book a call with you to learn more. Remember you have an inbound closer trained to do their thing…lol And when they do, you have landed a client! Now comes the next course of action…

It’s time to rinse and repeat harder by running what you have in place. You know it works, so keep doing what you’re doing to scale your business. And, whose here’s to help you? Your virtual assistants! Ravi says, “When you are part of the Scaling With Systems program, you get trained/skilled VAs who handle most of the lead generation. They even close the deal for you when they know they can.”

How Much Does Scaling with Systems Cost?

To be honest, I have tried to find out the exact cost, but Ravi doesn’t tell us unless you book a call with his team. However, I have heard a cost of 5-figures, with some people saying it’s around $12,000 for Scaling with Systems.

Is Scaling with Systems Legit?

I’ve read both positive and negative reviews about SWS. Either way, the deal breaker is the ludicrous price of 12K because this is not something the average person starting can afford. Plus, I have seen other comparable systems for much less and had some incredible results. I recommend the following program below –

Anyways, if the price doesn’t bother you and you want to work with Ravi, then book a call with him to find out more. Ravi says within 2-3 weeks of enrollment, you will have your offer and message in place, and your virtual assistants are busy taking 5-6 calls per day. Ravi then says after all this, the Scaling with Systems team will set you up with a working sales funnel, profitable ads running, and your VA’s getting around 10+ calls per day. Now check this out; Ravi says by month 3, you will not be part of the day-to-day operations and will only have to worry about growth and reinvesting your profits.

Ravi’s confident he’ll make you $100k, $250k, or even $500k or more monthly! You see, this is where I get turned off by the program because he makes it sound like a sure thing. Not to say he hasn’t hit those numbers or a select few in his course, but don’t imply it’s a sure thing for everything because this is totally misleading. Especially when your Scaling With Systems is around 12K to start with. Anyways,

The business model works because I have been part of a similar program, but the sales pitch needs to be brought down a notch. I encourage Ravi to start making claims more realistic!

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