So, what’s up with the Remote Integrator Academy? All I know is this is a skillset training program by Ravi Abuvala. I know Ravi Abuvala because I have reviewed some of his programs before, so check them out…anyways…

Many of you are reading this to determine if the Remote Integrator Academy is legit or a scam. It makes sense because if this training promises to do what it says, it would be a side hustle. This way, you can add a little extra into your bank account to keep up with what’s happening in the economy (inflation). Do a quick search in Google for “remote integrators masterclass,” and Ravi’s website will pop up with the headline: A UNIQUE, SIMPLE, PASSIVE & RECURRING INCOME MODEL!

So, today I will review this training program and if Ravi Abuvala is the real deal. Should you invest your time, energy, and money into the Remote Integrators Masterclass?

Before I continue…

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Great, now it’s time to explore…The Remote Integrator Academy!

Table of Contents

Who Is Ravi Abuvala?
What is The Remote Integrator Masterclass
Who Should Use This Training?
What’s Included In The Training Academy?
How Much Does The Remote Integrator Academy Cost?
Is The Remote Integrator Academy a Scam or Legit?
Remote Integrator Academy FAQs

Who Is Ravi Abuvala?

I have covered all this before in my other post but in a nutshell…

Ravi Abuvala has been a part of several online businesses and is considered a true entrepreneur. Throughout his life, he’s done Amazon FBA, dropshipping, started his digital marketing agency and worked with others to grow and scale businesses. He is also the man behind Scaling With System! “I love making money online because it gives me the freedom you can’t find anywhere else.” (Makes sense…right?)

Before starting his online career, Ravi was enrolled in law school but had to drop out because his dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Ravi wanted to be around full-time to help his family, especially caring for his dad. Anyways,

After dropping out of law school, Ravi started working at an Italian restaurant waiting on tables, making a few thousand a month. While working at this restaurant, Ravi discovered an amazing skill set that would change his life. Now to be clear…

This skill set has nothing to do with starting your digital marketing agency, doing anything on social media, affiliate marketing or even some sort of hack. This skill will NOT even help you become an inbound closer. So, what is It?…

Ravi calls what he learned “remote integration”…(what!). Let’s read on…

What is The Remote Integrator Masterclass

Simply put…

Ravi Abuvala, who, as mentioned, is the Scaling With Systems guy, says he will teach you one simple skill that will change your life forever. The skill he will teach you will make your dream come true of making money online so you can have the financial freedom to live the life you have always dreamed of.

He says that 400+ people are using what he will teach you to make 6-figures online, and they don’t have to start a business, sell products, or even do any affiliate marketing. Ravi Abuvala says what’s unique is you’ll have 0 overhead, and this skill will work in any market or niche and requires no previous experience. (Really?…sounds too good to be true). Now I’m even more interested in LEARNING; what is a Remote Integrator? Let’s continue,

Now, Ravi doesn’t really explain much about the actual skill you will learn on his website, but here’s what I’ve gathered:

1) You will learn the SECRET skill Ravi has said will change your life. He says, “This is the same skill I’ve used to generate over $9 million in the last three (3) years. And I’ve done this without any previous business experience. Oh, and clients are willing to pay thousands for it.”  Ravi says he’s also been able to apply this skill to various business models, and so far, the results have been very impressive.

2) This is a huge one! Ravi says you will land your first big client within 90 days of enrolling in the Academy. They do offer a placement program, so they promise to try and connect you with someone on their list. However, here’s the problem with this…

I don’t like the word “try” because if they CANNOT help you land any clients, they are NOT responsible. I mean, they can easily say they tried but had no luck…right? What will happen to your online business without them…do you even know what to do after you’ve completed the training.

3) Ravi promises this program is part of an unsaturated market with little competition. He says, “It’s a unique program unlike some of the other garbage online courses on eCommerce, social media, and sales.” Ravi promises this online business is untapped.

Ok, this all sounds amazing, but where is all the proof, I mean, until now, he is saying a lot of things, but he hasn’t shown a single piece of proof that his training program actually works. I tried finding some, but I only found more on the program! So, all I know is this skill will help you find bottlenecks for local businesses and provide them with a copy-and-paste system that can make them hundreds of thousands of extra dollars. And, when they make this kind of money, these businesses will be more than happy to cut you a commission check. (Ravi makes this sound so easy…right?)

Who Should Use This Training?

So, this is an excellent question because NOT every training course will be the RIGHT fit for you. You see, there are so many different business models, each with an audience they would like to target. Once these businesses decide on their audience, they create training modules to ensure the pace suits the audience. For example, beginners, advanced, and even experts will usually select a program they feel will give them the knowledge and skills to continue to build on their current foundation. With that said,

Who is the RIGHT audience? From my research, this training is for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur and wants to work towards that financial freedom. “We have created a training program that guides everyone from start to finish so they can start a scalable business and continue to learn along the way,” says Ravi. However, it does mention the Remote Integration Academy is for online use. It will be hard to apply to a physical location. Why? Because you will be working with local businesses with an online business to produce leads so they can continue to scale their current operations. “The methods we apply when helping businesses are online traffic generation through paid marketing, sending leads to a landing page, etc. Over time, we continue to optimize our campaigns and branch off to other paid marketing platforms like social media.“  I guess this makes sense because I have been in marketing for 10+ years and understand how the lead generation model works. Let’s continue,

Another cool thing is Ravi’s business model can be applied to any business. So, if you are passionate about a specific industry, you can become a remote integrator for that industry. Some industries include fitness, home renovation, HVAC, lawyers, real estate agents, nursing, etc.  The Integrator Masterclass did make it clear that the KEY to succeed with their training is to dominate an industry which they will help you do.

What’s Included In The Training Academy?

Complete access to the modules (30+ hrs). All the assets and group coaching call recordings. Every coaching call which continues to be recorded will automatically be added to the collection. The bottom line is that the training has been created to lay the foundation. Hence, you build the skills and knowledge you need to start your marketing agency and attract clients. As you continue to read my review, you will notice how Ravi does provide you with 1:1 coaching calls. You can access a private Facebook group to connect with other students and ask them questions about the training.

You will have access to the Group Onboarding Call w/ Onboarding Coach. Choose between two group Onboarding time options every week.

By the end of your onboarding call, you will clearly understand how to approach the modules, order to proceed, where to find everything, how to reach out to support, leverage coaching calls and have created their first post promoting being an integrator.

5 Group Coaching Calls every week.

Unlimited 1:1 Support and Calls with your Client Success Manager.

Monthly Check-In Calls with your Client Success Manager. (Day 30, 60, and 90). This is someone who will be assigned to you from day one and will track your progress. This member of your team is an additional source for answers on top of the private Facebook group access. 

Access to a private, exclusive Facebook Community where you can interact with other students, ask questions, get inspired, share your wins, learnings, progress, and more.

Plus more, much more.

Ok, so…

How Much Does The Remote Integrator Academy Cost?

So, the Remote Integrator training regular price is $997.00. But check this out; you can get everything for a “limited time” for $39.97 (single payment). Now that’s a considerable drop…lol. But,

As always, I’m sure you will be hit with upsells once enrolled so that you may pay more. Another weird thing is the entire sales page or funnel is copied from a program called The Officeless Agency Masterclass by Chance and Abdul. But, if you find something doing well, why not just copy it, right?

Now, I’ve also heard that Ravi does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is The Remote Integrator Academy a Scam or Legit?

Ravi Abuvala and his academy have a lot of positive reviews on TrustPilot and on some of the other websites I’ve skimmed through. So, I don’t think Ravi Abuvala is a scam. I think they are legit! However, here’s the thing… I said I would be completely transparent in my Remote Integrator review.

When I reviewed his other program – Scaling With Systems– I was impressed with what I saw. For example, his sales pitch seems legit, original, and ethical. (he probably still is). But, when promoting this training, I feel he went into complete sales mode and didn’t offer any value. Like, I’m unsure what you or anyone will be doing in the training program. I have no clue what you will be selling, buying, offering, nothing. How will you be earning these massive paychecks? No clue! I mean, I understand different business models can earn you passive income. Still, I have no clue what remote integration is, even after watching the entire sales pitch.

Ravi says, “This isn’t some get-rich-quick formula,” but it sure came across as one, as that’s what the whole sales page implied. Anyways, I would skip this one or dig deeper before investing! I know it’s $39.97, but remember what I told you about the upsells and how you can end up paying more…

Remote Integrator Academy FAQs

Here are some of the MOST common questions asked about Ravi Abuvala and his training academy.

1) What is Remote Integration, and How Can It Help Scale Businesses?

A remote systems integrator helps businesses streamline their operations by implementing strategies that attract clients. For example, a business’s biggest problem is finding customers, especially in a highly competitive niche. The solution is to bring on a marketer with experience who knows how to use paid marketing solutions to find relevant customers with the help of sales funnels, cold calling, text messaging, and more. In other words, this person will help scale the business through lead generation.

2) How Does Ravi Abuvala Help Small Businesses Find Customers?

It’s through his Remote Integrator Masterclass. Ravi has been an online marketer for several years and made money online through eCommerce, lead generation, and others. He will teach you everything he knows so you can find customers in your city who require your services. Is he good at it? Maybe, but I haven’t been able to locate many reviews online, but he does claim he can help teach you everything you need to know step-by-step.

3) Is Remote Integration an Old or New Marketing Strategy?

Remote integration has been around for several years. Still, it has become more popular since businesses started to shift their operations online. When businesses decided to focus on online marketing to attract new customers, online marketers saw an opening to make money. However, different business models of lead generation do exist, like FREE organic search traffic and social media. Still, the primary method is paid marketing.

4) Where Can I Find More Remote Integrator Reviews?

I recommend just doing a quick search in Google for “remote integrator review” or “remote integrators scam“ and visiting the top 5 websites to learn more about Ravi and his training. They seem to have positive reviews on, but I recommend you do your due diligence before joining this training.

5) What is Scaling With Systems? And How is Ravi Abuvala Related To That Training? 

This is another good question, and I have heard it’s a program that’s kind of the same as this academy. You see, Ravi has his hands in a few businesses; over time, some have been rebranded, etc. Is it any good? And what’s better? You can read my complete review of that system here.

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I rather you check out my recommendation and let me know your thoughts…