Igor Kheifets founded List Building Lifestyle and has made a ton of money from it. But he has something else he wants to talk to you about…it’s called e-farming. Igor says, “That e-farming will be the number one (1) way to make money in this decade.” I’m not sure how legit his claim is, but it’s worth checking out …right? You see, people want to know: What is e-farming? Can Igor be trusted? And how much does e-Farming cost? So, I made it my mission to answer all these questions and provide a complete e-farming review. But,

Before I start…

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Igor claims that e-farming changed his life, and this opportunity fell into his lap. “Because of this opportunity, I was able to quit my job and start making $100 per day quickly WITHOUT any previous experience,”  Igor claims; once he got the hang of the process, he was able to scale it into making $200, $300, and even $1000 per day. He says, “This is something I could never dream of when working 9-5. Oh, and I hated my job too…I was doing something just for the paycheck.”  Igor says the best thing about the e-farming system is that you can do it from anywhere in the world. For example, you can start making money from the comfort of your own home, a coffee shop, or wherever. You can log in whenever you want, working on your own schedule. (Amazing…right?). Let’s continue,

Igor says how he used to stress about paying day-to-day expenses like groceries, cleaning, tv and internet bills, but the e-farming model has changed all of that. “I can work as much or as little as I want while still earning a minimum of $100 per day. However, with e-farming…the sky is the limit because there are days I have brought in $1200 all thanks to having multiple income streams through e-farming.” I mean, think about how much freedom you would have when pulling in this type of passive income daily. You don’t have some ***hole boss telling you what to do, and you don’t have to plan months ahead just to take some time off…what a great feeling having all this freedom.

You see, travelling is something that Igor wanted to do all his life, and now he does. He travels all around the world with his wife and daughter whenever he feels like it. I mean, he has the freedom to get up and leave…how unbelievable is that! However, Igor says there are some requirements for e-farming…what? Well,

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First, you need Wifi where you are in the world because, WITHOUT a steady internet connection and a laptop, you won’t be able to make money. Besides that, you are good to go because you don’t need any previous experience or anything. I’m sure Igor will train you (but we are yet to hear about what is efarming). Let’s try and find out what his business is all about…

Apparently, all the big gurus are doing it and have been able to make a killing from it—for example, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Joe Vitale and many more. However, Igor says, “I have tweaked the strategy just a bit to do it differently and targeting areas with NO competition whatsoever.”  Igor was fortunate because he found the RIGHT mentors to teach him everything about this process. These guys were making six to seven figures each, so Igor was a sponge next to them, learning as much as he could to go out on his own later. “A few months later, I started e-farming online and received my first check in the mail. It was such a fantastic feeling, so I kept rinsing and repeating the process with the payouts increasing each time.” Igor claims that when he started, he had no experience with e-farming or special skills. Anyways,

Many people claim that e-farming will get bigger and bigger because the TOP brands are paying guys like Igor to promote their products. I find this odd, especially since he claims to have NO social media experience and does something like ten minutes of work daily. I read something interesting on Forbes that for every dollar companies pay out to e-farmers, these big brands are making something like $40 back…that’s incredible…right? So,

What is E-Farming?

Finally, Igor explains…“E-farming is building a database of people who ask to be informed via email about products and services that could benefit them.”  This method of email marketing is NOT considered spam because the people on the list have given permission to be added. You would remove their name immediately when they want to be taken off. (Actually, email marketing tools can do it for you). It all makes sense to me why big-timers like Tony Robbins, Barack Obama, Tom Wang, and Oprah are all doing e-farming. These people have millions of subscribers on their lists, all followers, and want to know when new products are released. Then, a simple email message can generate millions in revenue within a few hours. But Igor says, “Don’t get mixed up because you don’t have to be famous to make money with e-farming. I have put together a simple three-step system anyone can use to learn this process from start to finish. It’s a complete system; it just takes thirty days to learn everything.”

In a nutshell, Igor says the first step is to use solo ads and build your email list quickly. Solo ads are when you pay someone with an extensive list to blast out a message for you (promote your brand). You send this email traffic to a landing page to collect email addresses. Step 2 is to find the right affiliate programs and offers to promote. You will be given an affiliate link once you join these offers and place your link into your email campaign. Finally, in Step 3, you tweak your messages (if required) and let your autoresponders do all the work for you. The e-farming system costs about $200 (one-time), but I’m sure Igor will offer you some upsells along the way. I hope you can make money back from this business model. But, you want my opinion…

If you are wondering, does e-farming work….yes…of course! But it’s not a brand-new concept or anything because it’s been around for years. You have to be better than the next guy doing it. This means a better offer, landing page, drip campaign, and more. Oh, I don’t think starting is cheap either because $200 is for the training, and you have to pay additional money to purchase solo ads and other traffic-generating methods like paid ads (Google and Facebook). Anyways,

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