With everything happening in the world today and the increasing living costs, everyone is researching ways to make money online. I came across the following training program Modern Millionaires, created by Adul Farooqi and Chance Anthony.

There has been a lot of buzz about this training…how do I know…because the keyword “modern millionaire review” gets approx. 700-800 searches in Google per month (and it’s increasing). Also, when I typed in this keyword, you had many people reviewing this training from all over the world. I guess it’s because people want to find out if the training Adul Farooqi and Chance Anthony Welton offer is legit. So,

Today, I’ll review the entire Modern Millionaire training course and briefly describe the program’s creators, Abdul and Chance. So…

Before I start…

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Great, now it’s time to explore…The Modern Millionaires!

Table of Contents

Who Are Chance and Abdul?
What Is Modern Millionaires?
How Much Does Modern Millionaires Cost?
Some Modern Millionaires Reviews
Is Modern Millionaires Legit?

Who Are Chance and Abdul?

So, Abdul Samad Farooq is from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He has quite a past because after graduating from the University of British Columbia, he was an investment banker. After working as a banker for a few years, I guess he realized the 9-5 grind was not his thing, so he quit and decided to go out on his own. This decision led him to go into marketing in 2013 and start his company Samad Consulting. Oh, he also worked under DBA of Lion Digital Solutions. Ok…


Chance did not want to work the 9-5 grind either, so he decided to forget working and live out of his van with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, his dad passed away early in his life, and Chance received 116K of insurance money when he passed away, which he blew drinking and partying. Chance had officially hit rock bottom!  But something extraordinary happened because of all this partying and drinking? What?  When he was down to his last 1K, Chance and Abdul joined a local lead generation program, and two (2) weeks after joining, Chance was able to land his first client, who paid him 2K monthly. Abdul followed not long after landing his first client six (6) days later. These guys worked hard as a team, generating 50K of passive income in a few months. (wow)

So, now that you have a bit of history on how Chance and Abdul got started…let’s explore…

What Is Modern Millionaires?

Abdul and Chance claim they created Modern Millionaires to help people go into business for themselves. But Abdul says, “To succeed, you must be a go-getter.” Let’s continue…

The Modern Millionaire training program will give you all the skills you need to help clients get more customers. You will learn the fundamentals of advertising to be the “marketing” guru for your customers and generate leads for their business. What do you get in return? A big fat commission check for each customer the business gets from a lead you generated.

Chance and his partner Abdul Samad Farooqi will teach you how to set up Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads and optimize them so you generate cheap leads. In this Modern Millionaire review, I will go through some of the course’s modules covered in the course…

This module is about the mindset and preparing you for what’s next. Abdul and Chance will give you a breakdown of their program and get you thinking about your niche.

This module covers finding customers you can sell your leads or bring on as a client. The team explores prospecting through Facebook, Email, and even cold calling. In addition, you get sample templates and contracts you can use when signing on clients.

This module will teach you about Google ads and setting up your campaigns. In addition, you learn about setting up conversion tracking, optimizing campaigns, copywriting, and bid strategies.

This module covers everything about Facebook advertising, for example, setting up campaigns, targeting, LLA’s, optimizing, and more.

Chance and Abdul review the entire  Modern Millionaires training course in this final module and some outsourcing strategies.  For example, how to use Fiverr and UpWork to hire a sales team to help you scale your business faster!

Ok, now I guess everyone wants to know …Is Modern Millionaire Scam?  Before I answer this answer…

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How Much Does Modern Millionaires Cost?

If you are wondering what the Modern Millionaires course cost, you better prepare for this…it’s approx—$7,000 to $8,000.

Also, I’m sure you will be hit with some serious upsells once you are in the training course. Not to mention, you may have to fork up some advertising dollars, too…yikes!

Some Modern Millionaires Reviews

Is Modern Millionaires Legit?

The answer is Yes! What Chance and Abdul are teaching in their Modern Millionaires course is legit. This business model works, and people have enormous profits through lead generation. Google and Facebook offer lead-generation marketing to help businesses grow their customers. However, some marketing gurus have learned creative ways to be a middleman and get paid a commission for sending business leads. This is totally legit, and I’ve done exceptionally well myself through lead gen, both sending leads to businesses and growing my own. Anyways, here’s the thing…the business model is legit, but Chance and Abdul have had some negative reviews left about the quality of the program delivered. You see,

One thing is a legit business that can work; however, it’s something completely different if the training sucks…right? Without the support and guidance of the Modern Millionaire team, how will you even know if you are moving in the right direction? Ok, so here are my final thoughts….

The training cost of 7K-8K is high for someone just getting started and doesn’t have funds readily available. Also, don’t expect to land a massive client in a few weeks; you have to work with clients to get them to take you on as their lead marketer. I mean, if you are expecting a 5K-10K payday within a month…don’t hold your breath. However, this does not mean you cannot get smaller clients and stack them until you have a decent monthly income.

I have heard and been part of similar training and done very well. Plus, it doesn’t cost 7K-8K to get started. I would say explore other options you have available because, trust me, there are other lead generation courses that are better (in terms of modules covered) and cost much less. I say check out my recommendation below because thousands of people are having great success with it….

Before you leave

I love what I was able to do with this…my favourite program, which helped me make $200k in the last 12 months alone!