I remember when I started online several years ago and the MASSIVE buzz around Amazon. But, at that time, individuals could not sell on Amazon, and they didn’t even have FBA (fulfilment by Amazon)…how things have changed…

Now you have thousands of people killing it through Amazon FBA making thousands of dollars each month. You also have all these training and coaching programs everywhere promising to make you millions of dollars annually (what a joke). Listen…I’m not saying every Amazon FBA training is a SCAM, but you have to be careful who you believe in and follow as a mentor. So,

Today, we will be reviewing the FBA Masterclass by Tom Wang. Now, Tom boasts about how he will teach you the fastest way to set up an Amazon business In 2023. If you don’t believe me…. check out his website go.masterfba.com

Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty,

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Great, now it’s time to explore…The FBA Masterclass by Tom Wang!

Table of Contents

Who Is Tom Wang?
Tom Wang’s YouTube Ad
The FBA Masterclass Overview
Is Master FBA a Scam?

Who Is Tom Wang?

People call him Master Wang, and they want to know is master wang legit? I guess the best way to find out is by studying his background.

First, Tom Wang is an entrepreneur starting several businesses throughout his life. However, he is BEST known for the FBA Masterclass. Tom claims he learned about the Amazon FBA business model from a friend. It fascinated him so much that he wanted to learn as much as possible. So he tried it out, and it worked so well that he is the MOST successful seller on the platform. (WOW)

Master Wang also has a YouTube channel which promotes his training course and shows you a few tricks he knows about selling on Amazon. From what I’ve seen, Tom seems like he knows his stuff! Anyways, he is on a mission to educate as many people as possible so they can follow in his footsteps while avoiding the pitfalls he experienced.

Tom Wang’s YouTube Ad

When the video starts, Tom says it’s mid-morning on a Wednesday, and he has already made $3,000 in Amazon sales (WHAT!). To prove these numbers, Tom tells the cameraman to take a shot of his computer screen, and you see the actual numbers, but here’s the thing…

The numbers are a bit old from November 2020. But, I’ll give him credit for saying the following, “It’s not all profit because I take home around 35%,”…which is around 1 million if he kept the sales going at this pace. Tom also says this is not only his life but that many people involved with Amazon FBA have the same level of success.

Then, Tom says in his YouTube ad that the main thing he loves about this business model is that he gets a lot of his time back (something missing before). Tom says, “I have the time to do what I like. Just imagine how your life would change if you got paid every morning before leaving bed.” Oh…

Tom then makes his Amazon FBA Masterclass more enticing by saying you don’t have to worry about clocking into work in the morning, no bosses, no meetings, and no driving anywhere. You can work from anywhere in the world, and much of the work you have to do can be completed before lunchtime. (I’m still not convinced)

Now, towards the end of the video, Tom goes into sales pitch mode to sell his Amazon FBA Masterclass…for example…

He says to click the link and fill out the opt-in form to register for the 100% free training. But, when I finished watching the video…I was hit with the staggering cost of joining the Amazon FBA Masterclass. Are you ready for this…

The price is a whopping $9,997. On top of this, you will have to bankroll ordering the products, labelling, advertising, software, tools, and everything else.

Before I give you my final thoughts, I want to give you a breakdown of what’s in the actual FBA Masterclass.

The FBA Masterclass Overview

Ok so…

You start with an introduction to the FBA Masterclass. In this video, you will learn how to navigate the lessons and whatever else Tom feels is important.

Chapter 1Finding Your Winning Product

Here you will have 19 videos to watch, and this chapter basically covers finding a winning product and what niches (products) to avoid. You will also be introduced to the Helium 10 software suite. This suite helps you conduct product research/management and SEO. The funny thing is you have to purchase this suite separately (more costs, I guess)

Chapter 2Logistics and Sourcing

In this chapter, you will receive templates for communicating with suppliers to get the best price when purchasing products. If you don’t know what logistics means…don’t worry because this chapter has an explainer video.

Chapter 3Building the Foundation for a Successful Launch

This chapter teaches you all the fundamentals about listing your product to get views. In addition, you will learn how to take amazing pictures, write the perfect descriptions, and how to price your products.

Chapter 4The Power of Review

In this chapter, you will learn why reviews are crucial to your sales. You will learn how to get good reviews and utilize Feedback Whiz. Did you know good reviews can lower advertising costs and increase click-through rates?

Chapter 5Using the Right Keywords

This chapter will teach you how to rank your listing organically using the right keywords. The key is to use keywords to increase your conversion rates so you can spend less on advertising.

Chapter 6Communicating With Customers Using ManyChat

In this chapter, you will learn how to use ManyChat to communicate with customers. ManyChat is a chatbot that Facebook also uses to automate the communication between yourself and the customer. This tool will save you both time and money. The only thing is you will only get a free trial; if you want to use it long-term, you will need to purchase a subscription.

Chapter 7Using The Seller Tools

This chapter will teach you how to use the seller tools in the backend. Using these tools will give you valuable insight into what products sell, who your customers are, and the highest converting days/times. This is valuable information to help grow and scale your business.

Chapter 8Facebook Ads

In this chapter, you will learn how to use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your products. Facebook, when used correctly, can help increase sales, gain more reviews and provide valuable insight into your audience through their reports. In short, this chapter covers how to run ads more effectively so you get the most out of your advertising dollars.

Chapter 9Amazon PPC

This chapter will be taught by someone named Mina Elias, a successful Amazon seller. He will teach you the strategies behind Amazon PPC and how you can use this advertising platform to get your listing seen by customers. This chapter has 38 lessons; you can also access 3 Q&A recordings with Mina!

Chapter 10Maintaining Your Momentum

In this chapter, you learn advanced strategies like how to keep your sales growing using promotions and adding variations to your products to give customers more options.


You also have a few more chapters which cover accounting and some other miscellaneous things. Tom is constantly adding new things to his Amazon FBA Masterclass, which is good, but I still have doubts for a few reasons…

Is Master FBA a Scam?

No! Master FBA is not a scam because what Tom is promoting is a legitimate business model. Millions of people are using Amazon FBA every single day to make money. But would I recommend this training program…NO!

Here’s why…

I don’t think the results Tom is promoting are typical. You see, Tom has been doing this a long time, so probably got in at the right time. He must have made a killing in a non-saturated market. However, things have changed since, which means you may have a hard time getting the same results or even starting a store. I mean, think about how many people are promoting the same products as you. Right? Also,

The price of $9,997 blows my mind! Not many people starting can afford this. And, as mentioned, even if you can, I wouldn’t put my money into Amazon because of all the competition and saturation. Now, if you want to go against the competition and succeed, you would have to decrease your product price substantially, meaning you would have extremely low-profit margins. With the seller fees, advertising costs, and everything else, you would probably break even or lose money. (not good!) Finally,

Dropshipping is very risky in China, especially with everything happening worldwide. Fuel costs are high, and delays make this process a considerable headache. Oh, and what if the suppliers stop producing your products…then what?

Again, I recommend staying away and trying to learn as much as possible through some free online content on YouTube (if you want to go into Amazon FBA)…but,

Before you leave

I love what I was able to do with this…my favourite program, which helped me make $200k in the last 12 months alone!