Everyone always tells you to buy courses or start an Amazon FBA store, but NOT Cody Sperber. He says, “I can show you how to follow your passion for investing in real estate and make money within the next 30 days. I’ve been doing real estate for 18+ years and have learned what works and what doesn’t. So, if you want to make money right now, do I have something special for you.”  Cody Sperber says he wants to work with you, helping you find the perfect cash-making deals. He will give you everything you need to get started, for example, free training, the software, resources, everything. Oh, then he reiterates, you don’t have to buy nothing…not even a course. Wow…this sounds way too good to be true, so I decided to check it out. Here is my complete DoDealsWithMe review. But,

Before I start…

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Table of Contents

What Exactly Is The Clever Investor?
What’s Included In The Clever Investor Program?
How Does The Do Deals With Me Process Work?
The Clever Investor Mentoring Cost
Is Clever Investor legit?

Cody says his training is unique because he gives everything you need to get started and doesn’t charge you anything. “Unlike other real estate courses, which charge you thousands of dollars for their training and tools, I’m not going to charge you a penny.”  Cody Sperber hooks you up with everything from start to finish so you can locate, work, and close these deals to START earning fast. Then, you just have to hand over the deal you find to the Clever Investor, who will flip the property for you. That is the only time you pay because you will split the profits from that deal with Cody Sperber or one of his team members. Before I continue…

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So What Exactly Is The Clever Investor?

Clever Investor is a company which Cody Sperber set up. The purpose of this company is to help people learn how to earn money by selling houses quickly in a process called real estate wholesaling. As mentioned, they offer classes, personal coaching, computer programs to help run your business, and other helpful stuff. Cody even got famous people from an HGTV show about fixing and selling houses to help with one of his products. Let’s continue,

The Better Business Bureau gave the company an excellent score, an A+. Many customers also say good things about the company. But it’s not all good news; there are also some complaints about the company, which I will discuss later. Great, let’s continue with my Clever Investor review.

What’s Included In The Clever Investor Program?

Cody Spencer and his Clever Investor training comes with the following:

1. Fast Track Profit System

Cody and his team have made a system with six (6) steps, which I’ve outlined below.

You can watch or listen to over twenty training sessions, get a business plan, important official papers, checklists, etc.

The learning course is split into six parts:

First steps
How to advertise and get leads
How to analyze deals and talk about them
How to get a property
How to get money for your deals
How to finalize your deals

The training teaches you many different ways to make money with houses. It even includes unique methods like selling houses without owning or fixing them, clever rent choices, how to make money from renting properties, and more.

There is a ton of stuff to learn from here. You get many plans to follow, the critical “official” papers you need, checklists to help you find a good deal, and information on different places to borrow money.

2) The Cody 30 Day Challenge

This 30-day challenge helps you earn money by selling houses without buying them first, all in one month.

You’ll have a guide to follow for four days to help you make your first sale. You will also receive all the official papers you need, plus some extra tips from Cody on negotiating good deals.

You might have seen ads for this challenge everywhere online. I’ll give you more details about it soon. Even though it says it’s “free,” that isn’t completely true.

3) The Clever Investor Mentoring

You can get this mentoring service by itself or with other things.

Depending on your choice, you’ll get a teacher from Clever Investor to help you. These teachers are experienced in real estate and can answer your questions.

You can get different levels of mentoring, and the prices are very different.

The Total Immersion program costs $28,000.
The Protege Program is $14,000.
The Apprenticeship Program is $7,000 a year.

Joining this needs a lot of money. According to what I’ve read, people say these teachers know a lot and want to help, but they might not know much about your project.

4) Your First Flip

Cody Sperber made this course with the help of Ken and Anita Corsini, known from the HGTV show “Flip or Flop Atlanta.”

The course is split into six parts:

Module one:

Get in The Game – This part gives you an overview of everything you need to know.

Module two:

Find a Flippable House – This part teaches you how to find houses that can be flipped.

Module three:

Analyze Your Deal – In this part, you learn how to check the deals before spending money.

Module four:

Acquire The Property – This part tells you how to buy the house.

Module five:

Rehab The Property – This part advises fixing the house.

Module six:

Cash In On Your Flip – The last part is about how to sell the fixed house for profit.

5) Deal Automation

Deal Automator is a tool that helps you with everything you need for real estate investment. It’s software that helps you find good deals at lower prices, get in touch with buyers and sellers, check out the features of different properties, and more.

This tool simplifies the process for people new to real estate investment, helping them find promising deals, keep a record of potential clients, stay neat and tidy in their work, and boost their sales.

6) Direct Mail Dealmaker

The Direct Mail Dealmaker is a tool that helps you find and close deals using traditional mail methods. It is sometimes called “Push button direct mail fulfillment.”

Basically, what you get with this tool are contacts Cody uses for sorting and sending out mail, which means you don’t have to send the mail yourself.

The tool also comes with a feature that assists you in finding properties with a lot of value, properties linked to eviction notices, in the early stages of foreclosure, facing challenging situations, inherited, and other properties that are likely to be on sale soon.

Cody says that 90% of people who are extremely rich from real estate find their deals through direct mail. So, it seems this old advertising style can still work very well, although it’s hard to be sure if that 90% number is accurate.

How Does The Do Deals With Me Process Work?

Do Deals With Me isn’t complicated because it’s just a simple three (3) system, Cody claims. First, you go out and find some deals to flip. It won’t be hard because Cody says, from his experience, 1 out of 10 homeowners are ready to sell. You never know their financial situation, so they may be looking for some cash immediately. Cody says this is why they are willing to sell to you at a discounted price. “I have the software you need to find these types of sellers.”  Secondly, it’s time to showcase your negotiation skills and get these sellers to sign a contract because this means they are letting you go and find the best deals for them. Third, shop around for the best deal possible. The KEY is to find a buyer willing to pay more than the negotiated price between you and the seller. You see, whatever the difference, you’ll keep that as your profit! But let’s not forget, your difference will be split in two because Cody Sperber gets half for letting you use his tools or whatever…lol. So,

The Clever Investor Mentoring Cost

When you first learn about Cody and his team’s sales strategies, it’s hard to see all the hidden fees. Usually, you will join long webinars (which are not live but recorded ahead of time) and “free” training, among other things, without knowing the product’s or program’s actual price.

But the good news is that I’ve researched a lot and sat through many long webinars to find out the actual prices of what Clever Investor offers. Here they are:

Fast Track Profit System: $297
30 Day Deal Challenge: $97
Clever Investor Mentoring: It can be $7,000, $14,000, or $28,000, depending on what you choose
Your First Flip: $497
Offer Automator: $99 every month
Direct Mail Dealmaker: $97

Some More Thoughts…

Cody claims NOT to be selling you any training course, but I’ve been following him for some time, and that’s all he’s been doing. How else do you think he finances his lifestyles of Lambos, mansions, luxury vacations, dinners, you name it? And what kind of do deals with me BS is this…right? Think about it: you’ll be doing all the hard work finding the deals and splitting the profits with Cody…why? Anyways, his sales pitch continues with him saying…

“What I’m about to teach you can be done from anywhere in the world. You don’t need any special skills or even a real estate license. My Clever Investor system or strategy has been tweaked and perfected over the last 18+ years. Check this out.”  Cody now holds up a contract for 7K on a quick flip, and here’s another for 25K, 10K, and others. He claims his students have been getting results like this for some time, and you can be part of it all, too. So, as this month ends, Cody claims to have some approx. $200,000 worth of real estate deals and the actual take home…well…he doesn’t tell anyone. But he claims his students are killing, with people like Jessica and Brian bringing home 15K, Cornelius making 9K, and some others named Chris closing approx. 80K in contracts. The funny thing is Cody keeps saying “quick” like that’s his true selling point. That’s a word he keeps using to entice people into joining his Clever Investor real estate, whatever. I’m just waiting for him to produce a link with a “disclaimer” stating that this isn’t a get-rich scheme and you have to work your butt off…lol. Shall we continue?…

“With the real estate marketing spiral because of the changes in our economy, it’s the best time to get in, flip a few properties, and quickly get out.“  You like the way he used the word “quick” again. Once you’ve done that, you can take some of your knowledge and skills to your friends and family so they can close deals. Oh, you can also ask them to throw you a few thousand in commissions just for your help…I’m sure they are more than happy to. So,

Is Clever Investor legit?

No way! Because towards the end of his presentation, Cody completely back peddles on everything he just said. He says you have to put in the work, and he only wants to work with self-motivated people who want to make money. Oh, and the free training…what FREE training. You’ve obviously seen the super-high prices above…right? I’m sorry, but this has been an enormous waste of my time, and I’m sorry you had to find out this way. I would instead spend my time creating something called digital real estate properties. Once they are set up, I collect a nice $500-$2,000+ checks every month afterward (AKA passive income).

Before you leave

I love what I was able to do with this…my favourite program, which helped me make $200k in the last 12 months alone!