Listen, it’s NO secret you can make a ton of money in real estate, and some of the wealthiest people in the world accumulated most of their wealth, flipping commercial and residential properties. The only downside of this business is that making money in the real estate market often takes months or years…right? Well,

Let me introduce you to a guy named Cameron Dunlap, who claims through his One Day Flip real estate investing program; you can flip homes and make $40,000 in as little as 1-2 weeks. How? Cameron says he discovered a new loophole that no one is using, and the BEST thing is that it’s risk-free!

Ok, this all sounds fantastic on the cover, but can you REALLY make money flipping homes in as little as 1-2 weeks? Well, Cameron says, “You can even flip real estate and make money in a single day using what I teach you in my training.” (FOR REAL? SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!) Anyways,

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I researched to find out – is the One Day Flip legit? Or is it a scam?

Before I start…

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Great, now it’s time to explore… the One Day Flip Real Estate Program!

Table of Contents

Who Is Cameron Dunlap?
The One-Day Flip Review (What’s Included)
What Is Real Estate Wholesaling?
What Should Be Your Expectations?
The One Day Flip Real Estate Training Cost?
Is The One Day Flip Legit, or Is It A Scam?
The One-Day Flip Training Program FAQs

Before I jump into the One Day Flip review, it’s important to learn more about the man behind the entire training – Cameron Dunlap…so…

Who Is Cameron Dunlap?

Cameron James was born in Ridgefield, Connecticut, in 1965. He attended the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, where he obtained his real estate license and started learning as much as possible about the business. As a result, Cameron Dunlap has been highly successful in the business, working for over 29 years, buying and selling homes. When asked about his experience, Cameron said, “I’m a real estate investor and entrepreneur whose been buying, selling, funding, rehabbing, managing and developing residential and commercial properties full-time since 1993.”

Most recently, Cameron used his knowledge and experience to perfect some outdated tools and systems that have allowed him to streamline the real estate process. With that said,

Cameron has embarked on a new phase in his career, sharing what he has learned throughout the years with people worldwide. He wants to educate people about real estate’s do’s and don’ts so they can avoid the same mistakes he made that cost him millions of dollars.

Cameron established the Real Estate Wealth Network to provide his students with resources to have a running start in real estate. He also flies all over the United States, conducting seminars, and when you research the flipping formula seminar reviews,” people attending have nothing but positive things to say about the event.

Lately, Cameron has created a series of training courses where students can learn how to perfect the different aspects of real estate investing. But, of course, the MOST popular is the One-Day Flip!

The One-Day Flip Review (What’s Included)

First, the One-Day Flip is a real estate investing program that provides you with the resources, tools, software, and network to flip a home in one (1) single day. This training also comes with $600,000 in startup funding, so obtaining money for your first deals is NOT a problem. Cameron Dunlap believes once you have closed your first few deals, you will have NO problem funding future house flips, but they will provide you with 600K for now. (I am sure you must qualify and pay a hefty interest rate on the loan). Anyways,

The One-Day Flip training comes with a lot of value, starting with four (4) lecture videos, including an introduction. Next, Cameron will also teach you how to get the MOST out of your deals. How? He introduces you to the 70 percent rule in real estate: never pay more than 70% of a property’s after-repair value (ARV) minus the repairs necessary to renovate the home. You also get an experienced team to work with until you have mastered the one-day flip method. So, what else do you get? Here’s a quick overview of what’s included:

In training, you get pricing calculators, seller agreements, and even a copy of Cameron’s “goldmine ad” you can use to advertise.

Something called the “Mall Map” is a jump-start guide to this training

Training on why and how you should embrace the surplus opportunity

How to wholesale real estate opportunities for the fast WIN

How to prepare ahead (contracts and funding) for a quick and easy one day turnaround

The Mindset – how to stay focused and prepare your mentality for success

Getting access to MLS (multiple listing service)

How to help other realtors and earn a commission simultaneously from the deals they close.

Learn five (5) ways to fund your real estate deals

An accelerated module on how to quickly get started wholesaling foreclosures

LEARN how to 2 x closes with ease

Cameron Dunlaps three (3) simple steps for streamlining the whole program so you can apply the strategies quickly

You will get all the paperwork needed to close deals. Includes seller and buyer contracts, filling out loan applications, scripts for closing deals, and more.

Something called an ownership loophole (that people with poor credit can utilize)

The ZERO risk strategy allows you to put down no money, have no mortgage, no  financial or legal commitments, and no personal liability

A strategy to find buyers and sellers quickly

The ultimate guide to creating  win-win situations

Cameron Dunlap’s pro tips (included in each module)

And much more

IMPORTANT: After researching the web for an hour, I found no reliable student reviews about the One-Day Flip training. If you can locate any reliable reviews from people in the program who are having success…contact our team!

What Is Real Estate Wholesaling?

Real estate wholesaling is a way of making money with properties without buying them yourself. Let’s break down how it works step by step.

Step 1: Find a Good Deal

In wholesaling, you first find a property that is being sold for a low price. This might be a house that needs a lot of repairs or a homeowner who needs to sell quickly.

Step 2: Secure the Deal

Once you find a good deal, you make an agreement with the seller. This agreement says you have the right to buy the property, but it doesn’t mean you are obligated (committed) to buy it. This agreement often involves paying the seller a small amount of money, called an “earnest money deposit.”

Step 3: Find a Buyer

Next, you look for someone else who wants to buy the property. This person is often an investor who wants to fix up the property and sell it for a profit.

Step 4: Close the Deal

When you find a buyer, you help them to buy the property from the original seller. This is called “closing the deal”. You don’t actually buy the property yourself. Instead, the buyer pays the seller, and you get paid a fee for finding the deal. This fee is often called a “wholesale fee.”

Step 5: Make a Profit

After the deal is closed, the buyer has the property, and the seller has their money. You walk away with a profit, which is the difference between what the buyer paid and what you agreed to pay the seller.

What Should Be Your Expectations?

Before exploring what’s included in the one day house flipping training program, it’s essential to understand how the real estate market works so you can set better expectations. People often talk about the money that can be made from real estate, and investors often dupe people into joining their expensive training program, telling them they will make millions of dollars within a few weeks. However, real estate flipping (investing) isn’t so straightforward. How? Because the entire process does take time, and you must prepare for the long haul. To better illustrate what I mean, here are the things to consider:

First, real estate wholesaling and how well you do flipping houses comes down to how volatile the market is at that given time. If the market is trending upwards, it’s a fantastic time to get involved with flipping houses because the interest rates are low, and more people are looking to buy and sell. Cameron Dunlap details interest rates and the ideal time to buy/sell in the One-Day Flip training program. Nonetheless, if you are starting in real estate, constantly monitor the current market trend and interest rates. If both are attractive to the buyer, they are more than willing to put it on the market.

Secondly, competition within a specific real estate market will always slow down your progress when it comes to flipping houses. Again, conquering the real estate game does become a bit trickier. Cameron Dunlap does talk about competition in the One-Day Flip Training Program. Cameron says, “Flipping houses can make you enormous money if you are in the right place at the right time. What is the right place? It’s where you have little competition because you can tap into everyone looking to sell their home. Both sellers and buyers go through you, which can be extremely lucrative.”  So, how do you find how much competition you are up against? Easy! Search online for “real estate wholesaling” or “real estate agents,” and Google will do the rest. You can also head to your local STATE database to find how many people are licensed real estate agents in your area. If you know your competition, you can set your expectations accordingly.

Third, the concept of flipping houses is very much seasonal…lol. As the One-Day Flip mentions in their introductory video. “Real estate flipping is easier in the summer because it streamlines the entire process. People don’t want to move in the winter because it’s a huge headache and dangerous simultaneously.”  I can understand, but speaking from experience, the way society is, you don’t have to worry because sellers are aware that buyers are not interested in moving during the winter, so the sales automatically slow down. Oh, one day, I was reading a Cameron Dunlap reviews website and was happy to hear how he is straightforward about this point, too. I like how Cameron doesn’t try to feed you misinformation regarding real estate wholesaling. Let’s continue,

Fourth, real estate flipping is extremely time-consuming, so you must be ready to put in the work. If you think it will be easy, then there’s no point in joining the One-Day Flip Training Program because even Cameron encourages you to put in the work. “If you are not ready to push long hours and negotiate until late in the evening, you will not succeed with the One-Day Flip training program…it’s that simple!”  You have to remember it’s a business, and just like any business opportunity you will be involved in, you have to work harder than the next person involved to succeed. And finally,

When joining a real estate investing training program, you must consider your investment. Some are expensive, and some less expensive, but you always have to consider the quality of education you receive. Think about it: Real estate flipping requires “know-how,” and you need a mentor to show you the ropes. Don’t forget, you have to be licensed to be a real estate agent; otherwise, you won’t be allowed to bank the big bucks…lol. Yeah, I get it; the One-Day flip is an option, but again, before joining any real estate investing training program, do your due diligence.

The One-Day Flip Real Estate Training Cost?

Currently, the price of the training is $97!

You know what, $97 for so much VALUE makes you think Cameron is hiding something….right? If his training is the real deal, he can easily charge thousands, and people will pay whatever he asks. Anyways,

Cameron Dunlap states the program’s cost depends on several factors like your location, the promos available, and changes to the training. Visit their website for the MOST up-to-date pricing schedule. However,

Since I’m being as transparent as possible, I’ve been reviewing programs quite a bit, and one common theme is after you join, you will be hit with several upsells asking you to spend thousands more for access to additional tools and training videos. So I want you to keep this in mind before joining!

Is The One Day Flip Legit, or Is It A Scam?

This is a tricky question because you can make money in real estate wholesaling. As I mentioned, it’s how some of the world’s wealthiest have made their fortune. But the real question is: Does Cameron Dunlap provide you true VALUE through his One Day Flip real estate training?  Ok so,

If you think about what Cameron is teaching, it’s simple…

Buy a home in foreclosure, obtain a loan through private lending, renovate it, and flip it. (That’s the essence of his training) But my problem is that it’s NOT this easy (maybe for people who have been in the real estate business for years and have funding), but NOT for beginners…that’s for sure! Getting started in real estate wholesaling requires enormous focus, hard work, and physical investment. For example, you have to get a license and build up your knowledge about real estate. Then, you have to be a master negotiator because if you’re NOT, the competition will chew you up!

Another problem with this training is the advertising, which can be considered misleading. Real estate is a tricky business; not everyone can be successful because you need experience and knowledge to close deals. I don’t think what you need to know about the business can be learned in a video course. I mean, think about it: What about the STATE regulations? Do you need a license? If you get funding…what are the interest rates? What happens if you don’t make money from your flip…then what?  With that said,

Can you trust Cameron Dunlap and the one-day flip? Yes! But can you watch the training and start flipping homes making 10K-15K per deal…NO! I’m NOT happy with the way Cameron Dunlap makes it seem so easy, and because of this, you pay the $97 thinking next week you’ll have a few thousand in your pocket from a quick flip. That’s not going to happen! You’ll be lucky if you get one (1) successful flip done in a year. If you have no money to invest…things just got much more difficult for you!

Oh, let’s not forget about the upsells along the way, which you will probably be pushed into buying because of the promise of fast wealth within a week or two… it doesn’t work like that! Next, you have to invest your own money into paid marketing, setting up your website, and more. You see how your costs are already starting to go up! I want you to ask any successful real estate tycoon, and they’ll tell you how they worked their butt off for years before they started to make a profit in the real estate market (except those born into real estate…lol)

Now, what kind of real estate do I think can make you money in a few weeks? It’s called digital real estate. With the RIGHT training, you can be up and running quickly. You don’t need much money to get started because some strategies taught in my favourite program (watch the video) help you drive FREE organic traffic to your website to land those high-paying clients. Anyways,

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The One-Day Flip Training Program FAQs

Here are some of the MOST common questions about the One-Day Flip by Cameron Dunlap.

1) What is Real Estate Wholesaling, and Do I Need a License?

Real estate wholesaling is “selling” or wholesaling” multiple properties simultaneously. These are quick deals, and the agent won’t hold them long. For example, the agent will approach a seller wanting to sell, get a signed contract, and have investors ready to buy the property quickly. Sometimes, when real estate wholesaling, the property won’t even be listed on the market because agents have buyers ready when the seller signs the contract.

2) What Method Does the One-Day Flip Teach in Their Training?

The One-Day Flip claims to teach you how to flip properties within a single day. However, when real estate wholesaling, you can’t believe what everyone is saying when promoting training. I’m sure you may get lucky on some deals, but most people don’t succeed like others who have been doing it for several years.

3) What Should I Look for When Choosing a Real Estate Investing Training Program?

That is an excellent question, and I recommend you first research the training online. These days, with the explosion of the internet, you can gather so much information by browsing the internet to make an informed decision. For example, suppose we would find information on the One-Day Flip. In that case, we can do the following searches in Google: “one-day flip reviews,” “one day flip real estate reviews,” or even “real estate wholesaling reviews.” Then, skim through the top 5 search results to read what others say about the best real estate investing training program available. Next,

You can sign up for a free trial and review the modules to see how well you relate to the content and how close it’s to your expectations. For example, if the One-Day Flip offers a trial, sign up and ask yourself these questions: How is the pace of this course? Can I understand the presenter and teacher? How accurate are the modules compared to the sales pitch? Is this something I can see myself enjoying and doing long-term?  By answering these questions, you will better understand if the One-Day Flip is the proper training for you.

4) How Much Does The One-Day Flip Cost?

The One-Day Flip training is currently priced at $97. It makes me wonder about the quality of the real estate wholesaling modules, etc. If Cameron says I can make 6-7 figures, why not charge people more…right? Anyway, I’m sure the price of $97 dollars is just the beginning because you will be bombarded with several upsells once you join.

If you dream of striking it rich in real estate, I recommend you explore other training programs out there, and if you like what the One-Day Flip offers from the review you just read, promise me that you’ll do your due diligence before getting started. (Thanks). But, if you feel real estate wholesaling is NOT for you, I want to encourage you to check out what I’m doing. It involves setting up digital real estate properties. It’s less effort, and I collect a nice $500-$2,000+ checks every month afterward (AKA passive income). If you want to LEARN more, then…

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I love what I was able to do with this…my favourite program, which helped me make $200k in the last 12 months alone!