So, there is some guy claiming to have done $10 million dollars in revenue last year, which is an insane amount…right? He’s the same person who brought you Fullstaq marketer (Keala Kanae). He’s making an enormous promise: you can do EXACTLY what he did if you follow him. Anyway, he says that he learned a few things from his experience. First, going far is always going to be better than going fast.“Getting rich quick is everyone’s plan, but it’s going to be difficult to sustain this growth.” says Keala. I actually agree with him! Next, he says to be relevant 5-10 years from now, he LEARNED to stop focusing on money in the short term and more on building a company that would survive long-term. His goal was to focus less on things that would ultimately destroy his company when they shut down. Keala wanted to focus on building the foundation so his company would survive no matter what. He believes his training can help you build this, so I’ve decided to write this Fullstaq marketer review. But,

Before I start…

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So, before getting into what Fullstaq marketer is all about, let’s explore some other lessons Keala Kanae learned about scaling a business. “I believe you must hire the right people also. You can’t just hire anyone because they may not be the right fit for your vision,” says Keala. He believes hiring people with the same vision as you will do whatever it takes to ensure the customers are happy. Keala also said tracking everything from conversion and acquisition cost would go a long way. In short, these guys were working to change everything so they would survive and be around. While writing this Fullstaq marketer review, I wanted to dig deeper to understand more about Keala and his team. I learned these guys now pride themselves on retention. What do I mean?

It’s not just about getting a customer but finding ways to keep them. You see, a business can only continue to remain profitable if you have customers returning daily. Keala says, “It’s cheaper to keep a customer than it would be to acquire one because marketing costs are increasing, and each paid click doesn’t mean you will get a customer out of it.”  I have some experience with marketing and totally agree with the Fullstaq marketing mentality…don’t you? To achieve pure customer satisfaction, they survey each customer, focus on communication, and even ask them to leave positive reviews to increase organic traffic. Let’s continue,

Third, the Fullstaq marketer community preaches value. No wonder while watching some of Keala’s recent ads, I’ve noticed longer videos with substance teaching viewers a lesson. He’s no longer just pitching his Fullstaq marketer training program. “We focus more on education and value, and not so much just asking for money. We even revamped the Fullstaq marketer affiliate program.” How? It’s by switching the way Keala views his team. He says they are not here to serve the business because it’s the other way around. We are here to serve them and ensure their duties match what they believe in (fulfill their needs). They even have an annual trip in place to Hawaii, where they hang out and reflect on their accomplishments for the year. They also think about ways to make things better, if any. Before I continue…

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What else has changed with Keala and his business? Well, the leadership model. “We believe in complete ownership, and everything is your fault. You must take responsibility for your actions, but we also believe in passing praise when it’s due. So, give a thumbs up when things are great, but if your team is not performing, you don’t blame them; you blame yourself…it’s that simple! He says at that point, you can get together with your team to determine what went wrong and how can this NOT happen again. And last, it always has to be company over product!

Keala realized he could not handle everything from the creative process, training, support, mentorship, and more. He has to bring experts in each area to ensure everything is always performing optimally. These people hire other people they believe will perform up to expectations and even fire those not doing what they are supposed to do. Oh, all these people then report to Keala. Ok, so

What is Fullstaq Marketer?

It fits precisely into what was described above but on a grander scale. “We focus on helping beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs build highly successful businesses by leveraging the fundamentals we have learned in our journey,”  says Keala. We want to help you build a long-term sustainable business so you have something to hold on to and pass down to your family. Is Fullstaq marketer legit?

The training has over 1000+ reviews with a 4.9 rating, so I’m happy to say these guys check out and are not a scam. But this system is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme because you will have to put in the work applying strategies to your business. You see, it’s designed for those who are starting a business or have one but want to scale to the next level. How much does Fullstaq marketer cost? There are multiple levels, with each one having its own price tag. I’ve heard Keala Kanae Fullstaq marketer costs anywhere from $997.00 (Foundation) to $1,997.00 (Traffic Labs Funnel Creation). Now,

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