Wes Watson net worth is currently at $1.5 million to $2 million dollars, and it’s increasing every single year. He has a unique story because he spent around ten (10) years in prison but used his experience to better himself. So,

Today, we’ll explore Wes Watson’s background, how he makes money and other details about his life. But,

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Table of Contents

Who Is Wes Waston?
How Did Wes Watson Make His Money?
Wes Watson FAQs
What Can We Learn From Wes Watson?

Who Is Wes Waston?

This guy has an incredible story worth mentioning because we can LEARN many lessons from his success. Wes was born in 1983 in California, and at around 12 years old, he started experimenting with drugs like marijuana. Wes says, “I saw money in drugs, so I thought that selling marijuana was a way to make money. At this point, through my connections, I started to deal in big numbers.”  Throughout the years, Wes started to make more money as he dealt with larger quantities of drugs, which also came with many problems. For example, you make enemies as you grow, which can lead to altercations with other dealers. This is EXACTLY what happened when someone didn’t pay a debt to Wes, who was then forced to use violence to get his money back. However, Wes was caught, arrested, and charged because of this event. He never knew then that being arrested and charged with various crimes would lead to him changing his life around. In the end, this was a blessing in disguise! In total, Wes Watson was sentenced to ten (10) years in prison.

Throughout his time in prison, Wes focused on developing himself through reading and writing. “When you are in prison, you have a lot of time to think and have two options. Either you waste your time just sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, or you use this time to focus on your mindset, body, emotions, and mental state…it’s that simple!”

Wes Watson was released from prison in 2018 and started his entrepreneurship career. Read: Vince Sant Net Worth

How Did Wes Watson Make His Money?

So, Wes Watson is a YouTuber, Instagrammer, fitness trainer, and motivational speaker. His primary focus is to help people improve by regaining focus and putting them on the RIGHT path to achieve their dreams. How does he do this?

YouTube Income

Wes Watson has a YouTube channel with approx. 473K subscribers, and this number continues to grow every day. According to SocialBlade, Wes makes around 5K monthly (60K per year) from his YouTube channel. However, Wes Watson net worth continues to grow because, through his channel, he promotes his fitness products and gets paid for sponsorships which quickly adds another 5K to his earnings.

Wes Watson has said that sometimes he publishes premium content only available to those subscribers paying a monthly fee. It’s estimated these premium subscribers generate an additional 1K-2K per month.

Fitness Program

Wes Watson is a fitness freak, and his passion started when he was in prison. Instead of wasting his time waiting to be released, he started to train his mind and body for perfection. After his release, he started his own fitness program called WesFit. Wes offers three (3) programs: Elite Mindset, Fitness, and Elite Business.

I did some research to find out how much these programs cost and found the following numbers. So, it turns out the Elite Mindset costs $2000/month. The Fitness and Nutrition program costs around $300/month. So, with hundreds of students enrolled, you can imagine how this increases Wes’s net worth every month.

Social Media (Other)

Wes Watson also promotes some of his products through his Instagram account, where he has approx. 338K followers. He talks about everything from his YouTube channel, mindset, motivation, family, and more. Now,

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Wes Watson FAQs

Here are some of the MOST common questions asked about Wes Watson.

1) What is Wes Watson’s Daily Routine?

Wes Watson is an early bird waking up around 2am to 3am because it helps him get a jumpstart on everyone else. Once he is up, he will do his morning routine before heading to the gym for a quick workout. Then, it is nothing but meetings from 5pm to 6pm. Afterward, he is a big believer in spending time with his family for the rest of the evening.

2) How Much Does Wes Watson Make?

If you do the calculation adding up his YouTube revenue, sponsorships, premium subscriptions and more. Wes Watson makes around 30K+ per month (360K/yearly). The fact that he is bringing in this type of money each year significantly adds to Wes Watson net worth over time.

3) Why Did Wes Watson End Up in Jail?

At an early age, Wes started to use drugs, later transitioning into a drug dealer. Due to an unpaid debt, he resorted to violence to collect his money which landed him in prison. He was charged with aggravated assault, drug possession, and others. Wes spent ten (10) years behind bars until he was released in 2018.

4) How Much Is Wes Watson Coaching?

Wes offers three (3) programs: Elite Mindset, Fitness, and Elite Business. He charges $2000/per month for the Elite Mindset and $300/per month for the Fitness and Nutrition program. From my understanding, Wes plans to extend his programs by adding online training (self-serve), costing $47/month.

5) Is Wes Watson Married?

Yes! Wes Watson’s wife is “Baby Wolfie.” He is constantly posting pictures with his family on his social media accounts. It is believed he and his wife have a son together!

6) How Tall Is Wes Watson?

His exact height is unknown. Supposedly, Wes Watson is around 6′ 0″ (72 inches)

7) How Old Is Wes Watson?

Wes Watson was born on 11 November 1983. He is currently 39 years old.

8) What Does Wes Watson Do As a Profession?

Wes Watson is a fitness coach, motivational speaker, and social media influencer. His Instagram account has 300K+ followers, and he has 473+ subscribers on YouTube. These platforms are all responsible for generating thousands per month for him.

9) What is Wes Watson Net Worth?

Wes Watson has a net worth of $1.5 million to $2 million dollars.

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What Can We Learn From Wes Watson?

Many people in Wes Watson’s situation would think that they are doomed going forward because they were in prison. However, you have to admire what Wes has been able to accomplish after being released in 2018. For him to rebuild himself while in prison, then utilize what he LEARNED to start his own fitness company, product line, and YouTube channel earning hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, is something you must respect. And he continues to grow because he has chosen to help people by providing them with lessons he has learned to conquer their toughest challenges in life. Wes says, “I made a mistake early in my life, and I want to stop others from making the same mistake.” With that said,

What he is doing and teaching people MUST make an impact, as we can see through his net worth…right? So, if I was going to list a few things we should all learn from Wes Watson, they are:

Focus on your mind, emotions, and health.
Never give up because you can change your life at any time.
Help as many people as possible (it’s a gratifying feeling)
Surround yourself with the right people
Always spend time with your family and support them
Follow your passion and be patient

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