What Sebastian Ghiorghiu managed to do has been impressive. It is said that he turned 100K to 6.5 million within the last three years. It’s important to mention that he doesn’t have millions just sitting in his account, like some of the other people’s net worth I have discussed, but does have millions in assets. How did Sebastian build his wealth? I’ve discovered some jaw-dropping things that I must share. Just keep reading because I’ll explain everything to you from start to finish. But,

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So, people ask… how did Sebastian Ghiorghiu make his money? Well, a few years ago, he was involved with dropshipping and made a lot of money. It’s estimated that his final store was doing something like 10K per month in sales (he was killing it). Sebastian was also involved with YouTube; when I last checked, he had 900K+ subscribers. “I ended up leaving YouTube for a bit because I hated the pressure of having to constantly release videos. Plus, I felt like it invaded my privacy.” Sebastian says. So yeah, instead, he just pushed forward with his dropshipping store.

However, a few months later, the whole dropshipping thing stopped working, so from the money he made from eCommerce, Sebastian bought a house. He invested $390,000 into a property in Scottsdale, Arizona. It needed some work, so he renovated it with the help of his brother. After a few months, they were ready to put it for sale in the market, selling it for something like $415,000, which was a good 20K in profit. (Not bad for first timers…right?). “I learned something about myself that day: I loved real estate and fixing things. I was always good with numbers and using my hands,” says Sebastian. What happened next? Before I continue…

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Sebastian used his profit from the sale of his first property and started to buy plots of land. He says his first land purchase was nothing more than rock, cactus, and dirt, but it was in an ideal neighbourhood in Arizona. “I knew investing in just the right area would turn a profit because people wanted to live there, but limited homes were available for sale.”  After the land deal closed, Sebastian connected with someone who was building a home nearby and picked his brain on some ideas. These guys spent a fortune building their home, which Sebastian says meant people were willing to spend big bucks in this neighbourhood. “I started applying for all the permits because I decided to build myself a home.” While the permits/documents were being viewed for approval, Sebastian started his side project, launching a digital ads agency called Digital Wealth MB.

After pouring so much energy into his side hustle, Sebastian Ghiorghiu net worth started to increase. He specialized in paid marketing, specifically running Google ads for clients. He now handles almost everything marketing online, like email, text, Facebook, acquisition consulting, and others. Sebastian claims people are drawn to his agency because of what he offers. “You don’t have to pay me or my team if we don’t get you the results you are looking for…it’s that simple!”  says Sebastian. He claims this small change in how we do business attracts 90% more customers than any of their competitors. (Really?). But here’s the thing, this all sounds amazing, but how does this make Sebastian’s net worth $6.5 million? Okay, so here’s what I discovered…

Sebastian has been doing a few things, trading crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. When he first got involved, he could purchase these coins with an investment of something like 60K. At this point, the entire value of this investment is something like $400,000. He kept trading and winning until he lost considerable money and put the brakes on crypto. “In the end, I was still way up in my trading portfolio, so I decided to get out and make smarter investments,” says Sebastian. While trading, it’s important to mention that he was building his home and scaling his agency.


The real estate market is doing exceptionally well where he is building his home, and estimates are that Sebastian Ghiorghiu’s house will be worth around $2.5 million once completed. His agency is probably worth around $2 million, and when you add what he has in his crypto account, Sebastian Ghiorghiu’s net worth has just hit around $5 million. With that said, he does say there are other small investments he’s made, bringing in some money and pushing his net worth around that $6.5 million mark. However, here’s the thing,

Sebastian wants you to understand a few things. First, it didn’t take much time for him to start his wealth journey because he has always been smart with his money. “I was fortunate enough to save enough money to buy my first home, renovate it with my brother, and flip it for a nice profit. This started it all for me. When you have some money to work with, you can make smarter and innovative investments to increase your wealth.“Sebastian says. So, what can you learn from all of this?

Becoming a millionaire isn’t about saving money and pinching your way to success. It’s about enjoying your life and putting away just enough money to make smart investments. For example, Sebastian was able to buy his first property, renovate it and sell it for a profit, ultimately leading him to make other investments, increasing his wealth over time. In other words, if you want to see your money grow, start buying assets and making your money work for you…right? The key, however, is to know what the trending thing is; for example, have you heard of digital real estate properties? No? Then, I encourage you to check it out because that’s what I’m doing RIGHT now. It requires less effort, and I collect a nice $500-$2,000+ checks every month afterward (AKA passive income). If you want to LEARN more, then…

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