Who is America’s most popular professional streetball player? Supposedly, it’s a guy named Grayson Boucher. He has gained a massive following because of his basketball skills, and people worldwide follow his journey through his YouTube channel, which has around 7.6+ million subscribers. Anyways, with so much skill, how come he never went on to play in the NBA? Also, why do they call him the “professor” (btw…I love this name)? Finally, with such a huge following, we all want to know the professor’s net worth…right? Stay tuned; I’m going to answer all these questions, but

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The professor net worth is estimated to be anywhere from $3 million to $6 million. Boucher is an actor, author, and coach. He also has a massive social media presence with 7.6+ million subscribers on YouTube.

Where is the Professor From?

First, where was Grayson Boucher born? The Professor was born in Keizer, Oregon. His father introduced him to the game of basketball when Grayson was two (2) years old. It’s claimed that by age four (4), Grayson was practicing insane hours per day. Practicing all these hours allowed him to “perfect” his skills, and he gained the attention of locals in the community, especially for his ridiculous ball-handling skills. “When my dad introduced me to basketball, I felt a sense of freedom on the court. When I would practice, I don’t have to think about anything else happening in my life. Basketball had my complete focus.” says Grayson. Before I continue…

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The Definition of Streetball

Streetball was developed in The Bronx and is widely famous for its rough and rugged nature. The setting of streetball is different because it’s played on street courts and urban locations rather than the traditional gymnasiums/arenas. The KEY to streetball is that it’s high-intensity, fast-paced, with NO referees present. In urban areas is where the professor’s streetball took shape because he kept practicing and playing against anyone who wanted to join. Here’s a bit more history…

The Theodores were the pioneers of Streetball. Who are the Theodores? They are a three (3) brother team comprising of their close friends. The Theodores would play other teams from different areas in The Bronx, including Courts Park, which was dominated by a team led by Barry Harris (he later became an NBA coach).

Grayson Boucher would play ball with his friends but later settled on a team of just three (3) people: himself, his brother Derick “Dizz” Boucher and another good friend, Tim “Headache” Gittens. These guys played against The Theodores and were so good they earned their respect later joining their team. Later, Grayson and his team would leave The Theodores to start their own team called Fly B. How old was the professor when he started his team? He was 18 and had already established a skillful reputation for his playing ability. Oh, once he started the Fly Bi World team, people started calling him “the professor” because of the glasses he wore when playing streetball. He always wore glasses while playing and was so talented at the same time! By 1991, he was named America’s top 10 ballers by Streetball magazine. Anyways, now let’s answer the MOST common question: What is the professor’s net worth? As mentioned, the professors net worth is $3 million to $6 million. Read: David Goggins Net Worth

The Professor YouTube Channel

Grayson Boucher, aka the Professor’s YouTube channel, has approx. 7.6+ million subscribers, and this number continues to grow every day. According to SocialBlade, Boucher makes around $3.6K – $57.4K monthly ($43K – $688.3K per year) from his YouTube channel. However, the professor’s net worth continues to grow because he gets paid for sponsorships through his channel, which quickly adds another 5K-10K to his earnings.

The Professor (Grayson Boucher) FAQs

Here are some of the MOST common questions asked about Grayson Boucher.

1) Did The Professor Play in the NBA?

Grayson never played in the NBA. According to a recent video, he said the following: “It’s a long story, and I would have loved to play professionally, but things just didn’t pan out. I blame three things: – lack of credentials, politics, and passion for streetball.”

2) What is The Professor’s Net Worth?

As mentioned, the professor’s net worth is estimated at anywhere from $3 million to $6 million.

3) How Tall is Professor Live?

This is another very common question, and after researching, I discovered the professor is 5′10″ with a weight of 155lbs.

4) Where is The Professor From?

Grayson Boucher was born on June 10, 1984 (age 39). Many people believe he was born in the Bronx, New York, but he was born and raised in Keizer, Oregon.

5) Who Is AND1? How is it related to Grayson Boucher?

AND1 is an American footwear and clothing company specializing in basketball shoes, clothing, and sporting goods. This company would host a travelling basketball competition in which the professor, aka Grayson Boucher, played. However, he stopped playing once the tour folded in 2008.

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