Karla Marie CLAIMS to know the easiest way to make money right now, and she guarantees you’ve never heard of what she’s about to tell you. (sounds interesting). I know what you’re thinking; it probably has to do with affiliate marketing, dropshipping, Amazon FBA, or even selling your own course. Still, from what I’ve read about the Karla Marie Fiction Profits Academy, it’s none of the upon! Sure, I believe everything I’ve mentioned does work to EARN you passive income, but with so much competition, it’s going to be hard to generate massive profits. Anyways,

What does Karle Marie know that others don’t? You’ll be using Amazon but not in the traditional way by selling products. It’s something unique and super powerful. If you want to know more, here’s my Fiction Profits Academy review.

Before I start…

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The Fiction Profits Academy uses what Amazon offers: 232 billion customers in the past year, and these numbers continue to grow. Amazon is a massive platform; we all know this (no need to reiterate). “There is no need to go out and find customers for your business or whatever because Amazon has already found them for you. I leverage what Amazon offers to earn a six-figure income. My students are doing the same thing.” says Karla. She then mentions that she and her students are earning this income by using a totally “digital three-step” system that is super easy to use. OK, so what is it? Here’s the big reveal…

Karla Marie has perfected the process of making millions of dollars by selling fiction eBooks that she doesn’t even write herself. She taught this strategy to her students to validate this process, and they have had the same results. I guess this is what she is teaching through the Fiction Profits Academy. Let’s hear more about it…right? Karla will teach you everything from start to finish, for example, outsourcing the entire writing process, and once it’s up and running, Karla will even teach you how to manage the business, only working 1 hour per day. (Really? Sounds too good to be true). Let’s continue, but before I do…

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Karla then mentions some of her students making serious passive income. For example, some guy named Roy has been using Karla Marie’s publishing secrets to make something like $2.3 million in the last two (2) years. Oh, Roy is a high school dropout with NO internet experience at all. All he did was follow what Karla Marie’s FPA workshop training told him to do. He applied the strategies, got support when needed, and worked his way to financial freedom. Karla says, “We also have another student by the name of Jane who has done exceptionally well herself. She is a 50-year-old mother of five (5), earning 60K every single month.  Oh, and Sachin, who finally quit a job he hated because he hit something like 14K per month and now focuses full-time on self-publishing eBooks.”  Karla says not many people know about what she’s doing, so people can still get in and have the same results. It’s a true blue passive income opportunity! Anyway, I want to know what is Fiction Profits Academy? What do they offer? Well,

When watching Karla’s YouTube ad, you have an opportunity to register for her FREE training. I guess once you opt into her training, she’ll explain more about the Fiction Profits training. I decided to opt in to learn more, and here’s what I discovered. First, there are ten (10) video modules covering things like the million-dollar mindset, niche selection, and even hiring the best ghostwriters. Karla also walks you through formatting your eBooks, launching and scaling your sales through paid ads. I also know there is a private Facebook group for support where you can post your questions and get help from Karla Marie’s team and other students. Finally, you have a live group coaching call with Karla once a week. So, now for the golden question:

How much does Fiction Profits Academy cost? If you are paying one-time, it will be $1,997; however, you have the option to pay in four (4) monthly installments of $649. Here’s the thing: the refund policy is complicated, so I recommend only purchasing this training if you are 100% committed. However, here are a few things to consider if you decide to do the training. First, the concept of self-publishing and outsourcing eBooks isn’t anything new. I first heard of this method when writing a review of the Audiobook Income Academy. The Mikkelsen Twins mastered the concept of outsourcing eBooks to be written, but they created audiobooks afterward. The Mikkelsen Twins then profit from selling the audiobook and the eBook (brilliant…right?)

Next, outsourcing an entire eBook is very expensive and finding the right freelancer to do the job can be tricky, too. So, you pay 2K for the Fiction Profits Academy and then some more to have your material written, designed, promoted, and more. Just thinking about it, you can understand how the costs keep increasing. Finally, are people going to buy the eBooks that you’ve created? You’ll have a few sales, but to gain traction, you have to have thousands of reviews left by customers for Amazon even to consider listing your material higher in the results. So, now the question everyone wants answered: Is Karla Marie legit? Yes! Of course! You can make money through her business model. Still, her training is outdated, and similar courses exist online, which ultimately means more competition for you. It will take thousands of dollars to get going and hours invested in training, and this doesn’t mean you’ll get an ROI (return on investment) once everything is put into place.

Just thinking about the money you’ll have to invest and the time you’ll have to devote gives me a severe headache. Oh, and there’s no guarantee you’ll even make enough money to recoup what you’ve invested…right? Instead, I’d use those months building something called Digital Rental Properties and collect a nice $500-$2,000 checks every month afterward (AKA passive income). So…

Before you leave

I love what I was able to do with this…my favourite program, which helped me make $200k in the last 12 months alone!