I’ve written about Ryan Pineda and how he has been part of many businesses throughout his life. In other words, he’s someone who dabbles in almost everything—for example, real estate, car rentals, accounting, brokerage, and more. Ryan has always been about making money and working towards that financial freedom because that’s what the American dream is all about to him. So, what’s his latest project…well…it’s called LunarEcom. I think the concept behind this is cool because he sells done for you Amazon and Walmart stores.

But the thing is, I’m sure you have questions about his latest project because dropshipping has been around for some time now. What is Ryan doing differently compared to everyone else? So, today I will answer your most common questions about Ryan and his training. Here is my Lunar automation review. But,

Before I start…

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First, what is Lunar automation? It’s a business which does everything for you in terms of setting up your eCom store and scaling it. Actually, the business was started by someone named Boba Milic, and he became widely successful in offering a service to help people get into ecommerce. You see when the internet blew up, everyone wanted to follow the success of Amazon and start their own stores. But the problem was that NO one knew to put everything together. Boba Milic saw an opportunity and decided to cash in by offering an all-in-one solution from start to finish. Ryan Pineda decided to get involved and started offering the same service because if you have one successful eCom store, then why NOT help others get involved (if they pay you a FAT fee…of course!). Let’s move on…

The Lunar business model can be applied to any platform allowing you to sell through them, like Amazon or Walmart. However, recently Walmart dropshipping has become a huge craze, and some people are making a killing (or were). But lately, the Lunar automation reviews haven’t been so good, and here is the reason why…

Stores are getting suspended and terminated every single day. Platforms like Amazon and Walmart don’t even provide a valid reason why your store was shut down,” says Ryan. I know what he means because I have been reading countless complaints on YouTube and Reddit. I guess everyone wants to know why this is happening.

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First, Amazon started pulling stores for NO reason, and people moved towards Walmart dropshipping automation. Many people felt you could start scaling Walmart stores immediately because the platform was new with fewer regulations (unlike Amazon), and the higher profit margin meant more money in your pocket. Finally, people felt the likelihood of getting suspended while selling through Walmart was slim…but boy, were they wrong!

Ryan says, “When Walmart started allowing third-party sellers, everything was smooth for the first year. The suspension rate was low, and many of my Lunar Ecom clients were making good money. For example, some were earning 2K to 3K easily.” Then Ryan says Walmart started to suspend a lot of their stores. Ryan and his Lunar Ecom team fought hard to get most of their stores back up and running, and when they did get their stores back, it took one to two months to become profitable again. However, before you know it, Walmart launched a second wave of suspensions WITHOUT any explanation. “The weird thing is these were stores I set up last week and weren’t even generating sales. Nothing was done to violate Walmart’s terms and conditions,” says Ryan. The Walmart dropshipping program team did all this WITHOUT clearly explaining what happened or what Ryan and his team did wrong. With that said,

Ryan and his Lunar automation team worked hard at fighting this second round of suspensions. They didn’t hear anything back for two months. When they did, Walmart suspended all their stores (WTF). Even worse, every time these guys launched a new store, it would be terminated almost immediately.

Now, think about this for a second…

Ryan offered a service helping people set up Amazon and Walmart stores…right? And the disappointing thing is that almost every store terminated was a client. So, these people had paid for a store and now DON’T have one, which is horrible because they were genuinely excited about building a business and working toward financial freedom. Ultimately, Ryan had no choice but to call it quits with Lunar Ecom. But what happened to everyone who invested with Ryan and his team? What happened to all their money? Ryan says, “I switched all of them back to Amazon and helped build their stores.”  How successful are they…who knows, but everything seems like a huge mess. Anyways,

Is Lunar Automation legit? Yes! Because Ryan and his team do help you build a store and try to scale it. But forget it because didn’t you read what happened above? I’m not paying to have my store suspended. Oh, how much does Lunar automation cost? According to some of the stuff I’ve read on Reddit, you need to fork up roughly $40K (LOL). This is a lot of money for nothing but drama and headaches. I advise staying away because I would want nothing to do with investing in an automated dropshipping store. You know what…

I would instead spend my time creating something called digital real estate properties. Once they are set up, I collect a nice $500-$2,000+ checks every month afterward (AKA passive income).

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