Today, I’ll be reviewing the Audio Income Academy (AIA)!

Now, I have to tell you the business model is quite impressive because it involves you publishing your own audiobooks to sell on Amazon. I know many people outside of Audiobook Income Academy who are making recurring income publishing audiobooks. (They are killing it, to be honest with you). But here’s the thing,

The two guys behind this program – Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen- have mastered a method to outsell the competition. Oh, and one more thing…

The reason why there is so much buzz behind Audio Income Academy is that these two guys have formed an entire educational company from it called Publishing Life! Anyways, my objective today is to explore the entire training and provide you with my honest Audiobook Income Academy review so you know if it’s a scam or legit and worth your time!

Before I start…

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Great, now it’s time to explore…The Audiobook Income Academy!

Table of Contents

Who Founded the Audiobook Income Academy?
What is The Audiobook Income Academy?
How Much Does the Audiobook Income Academy Cost?
Does The Audiobook Income Academy Model Still Work?
Some Publishing Life Reviews
The Audiobook Income Academy FAQ’s
Final Verdict…Is Audiobook Income Academy Legit?

Who Founded the Audiobook Income Academy?

The Audio Income Academy was founded by the Mikkelsen Twins – Christian and Rasmus. These two have claimed to travel the world because of this business and say you guys can do the same following their AIA step-by-step formula.

Over time, the Mikkelsen Twins continue to perfect their audio publishing formula and have released over 150 audiobooks together. Now, because of their knowledge and experience, they started an entire educational company called Publishing Life!

Ok, so Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen’s story starts in Aarhus, Denmark, where these guys spent two years. They worked hard to find jobs but could not land one in over six (6) weeks, so in 2015, they decided to forget Denmark and move back in with their parents in New Jersey. They both decided to start over by enrolling in a two-year college program and even worked side jobs to pay for the tuition. But, as they would put it later, “You never know when you will bump into a life-changing opportunity,” which happened while delivering Chinese food one day. They listened to Stephen James from Project Life Mastery. The Project Life Mastery training program teaches you how to create short pamphlet-length books and sell them on KDP. Anyways, to summarize what happened next…

They learned from Stephen James you could make money online, so they tried several things like dropshipping but finally figured out that publishing books are the way to go. So they dropped out of college and were on their way!

Their success was unreal because the Mikkelsen twins made $60,000 in 2018. Then Christian hit a roadblock because his account got suspended by Amazon for using artificial intelligence to translate some of the books. You see when people purchase AI-translated books, the quality sucks, and these people leave reviews about it on Amazon. Then Rasmus’ account got banned, but they could still make money through their ACX account because this was still open.

Right now, Christian and Rasmus still have accounts which are banned. But they are confident what they can teach you about making money from audiobooks is incredible. They have learned from their mistakes and want to share what to do and avoid through their Audiobook Income Academy.

What is The Audiobook Income Academy?

The Audiobook Income Academy is a training course that teaches people how to make passive income on Amazon as a publisher. The Mikkelsen Twins have stated, We have mastered the process of publishing audiobooks since 2018 and can teach you everything you need to know to earn some real cash.” Also, Christian and Rasmus say with their program, you can start with no upfront cost and without investing your own time. How? It’s because they have a completely automated process ready for you. (lol). Then they say you don’t need any previous experience or technical skills either…really?

The Audiobook Income Academy, part of their educational company  The Publishing Life, will walk you through step-by-step how to earn an income by creating audiobooks. Once the 7-week course is complete, you can find the right niche, create your book, launch it on the Amazon audible network, and even grow your audience. Before, I continue, you can watch the free workshop training on their official website –

Oh, by the way, in 2019-2020, the Mikkelsen Twins spent a few months revamping their program and launching the Audiobook Income Academy 2.0, a 7-week program instead of 6. The AIA 2.0 has more perks, like bonuses and a partnership program! With that said, let’s quickly cover some of the modules –

It’s all about the mindset, and the twins walk you through having focus and setting goals so you don’t get deterred along the way. “You may have some setbacks when doing your research, but we are by your side, so you continue to push forward,” said the twins. To help you throughout your journey, the twins offer support groups where you can ask questions to them and other training members.

When you enter this module, you will learn how to pick a niche and what categories to focus on. In addition, you will learn how competition is a good thing and what you can learn from some of the best-selling books on Amazon.

The Mikkelsen Twins will introduce you to a phrase known as Ghost Audio which is Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen’s way of creating audiobooks with minimal effort on your end. In this module, they will teach you how to find low-cost ghostwriters and narrators to create a book for you.

In this module, you will learn what to keep an eye on before launching your product. This is the Mikkelsen’s checklist, which must be followed before publishing your audiobook. Things covered here are the right time to publish, how to view the stats and others. One thing that stands out is the strategy the Mikkelsen twins used initially. They start by publishing eBooks and Audible content at various times to understand how your audience interacts with your material. For example, depending on your niche, your audience may be more receptive in the afternoon than later in the evening. However, sometimes publishing your projects on the weekend would be better than other times. The main point, the Mikkelsen twins have mastered this process and will teach it to you in this module.

In week 5, you will learn how to grow your audience using all the available platforms, for example, using social media to post links to your audiobooks and how to get the RIGHT type of reviews to get a bump in Amazon’s organic listings. In other words, this module in the Audio Income Academy will explore how to get the most eyes on your audiobooks. When I review Mikkelsen twins social media strategies, they are pretty basic, and I was NOT impressed by the content in this module. However, the good news is that YouTube offers a variety of free videos you can utilize once you start your publishing life journey. I encourage you to check out the videos because you will discover many unique marketing strategies not covered in this module.

The twins will show you how to use ads to get more exposure to your audiobooks. Obviously, this module is for those with more cash to spend on paid advertising. Either way, the twins want to provide you with a complete lesson on using paid ads on Google, Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon for more exposure. I took some time to review Mikkelsen twins paid marketing module. Once you get to this section, you will be required to invest money into paid marketing on platforms like Amazon, Facebook, and Google. Just keep in mind this is an additional cost to your investment on top of what you’ve already paid for the training and other upsells.

How Much Does the Audiobook Income Academy Cost?

Personally, this business is NOT my cup of tea. But if it’s yours, and you’d like Christian and Rasmus to hold your hand and walk you through the entire process, you can join their Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 coaching program for a webinar-only discounted price of $1,497 or three monthly installments of $797. So, what is the Mikkelsen money-back guarantee? Well, you are protected by a 180-day profit guarantee: if you do all the steps and don’t make at least $5k, they’ll give you all your money back plus $1,000 for wasting your time. I do like that. But still. The rest of it’s kinda outdated.

Does The Audiobook Income Academy Model Still Work?

This is a great question; you must consider a few things. First, Christian Mikkelsen and his brother started when many people were NOT publishing digital audiobooks. “We started publishing books in 2018, and it was a hot industry to get into. I get it a lot of people were doing it, but not many knew how to publish books quickly,”  says Christian Mikkelsen. Ya sounds like these guys started to live the publishing life pretty early compared to others I know. Anyways, back to if the Audiobook Income Academy model still works. Yes, it does, but the game has changed quite a bit. You see, there are a few things to consider:

First, Amazon is much stricter about the quality of digital books uploaded on their platform. When more people discover money can be made on a platform, it creates a specific type of wave which is both good and bad. For example, Christian Mikkelsen and his brother were patient initially because they would take time to create a digital eBook. Still, when things got more competitive, they started to use AI, which caused serious problems. Some other people uploading eBooks spammed the platform until Amazon had enough. The solution? They decided to make things harder for people to upload by implementing these new regulations. Let’s continue,

Second, getting a book published on the Amazon Audible network is expensive. I’m not just talking about the fees, but everything from writing a book, editing it, and even translating it into different languages. Let’s not forget that if you’re starting, you might want to invest in some digital products courses to learn everything about the business…right? After reading my Mikkelsen twins review, you are probably considering enrolling in their training, which will be an investment…of course! As people got wind of Audible, they started creating eBooks, and freelancers now charge more just to be hired. It makes sense because trust me, when I say you don’t want to do everything yourself because publishing a single eBook on Audible can take months (even a year).

Third, it will be hard to duplicate the Mikkelsen twins success because you have so many other digital eBook platforms like Audible popping. For example, Google has one and even Apple, to name a few. You may have to publish your products on these networks to cash in. What a headache…right? Oh, they all have their fee structure biting into your profit margins.

Finally, living the publishing life requires enormous time and dedication because you have to manage many moving parts, starting with researching what works and what doesn’t. For example, the Mikkelsen twins discuss using Amazon to understand what’s HOT and NOT in the publishing life training course. Once you have a list of categories, you can start to put a process into place. Now, this process involves not entirely copying the other books because this will get you banned, but doing something which makes you different—for example, the quality of audio, the cover, price, and others. I’m sure the publishing life training will walk you through the stuff you must pay attention to. Anyways,

The Mikkelsen twins success can be duplicated, but you have to take your time, focus, and understand your audience before you get started. The game has changed, which means there is more competition, and Amazon has different standards for publishing on its platform compared to when the twins first started.

Some Publishing Life Reviews


The Audiobook Income Academy FAQ’s

Here are some of the MOST common questions asked about The Audiobook Income Academy.

1) What is Christian Mikkelsen Net Worth?

After starting their publishing life, the Mikkelsen twins were able to generate enormous income by selling digital eBooks on Amazon and then translating them for the Audible platform. The twins have also started Audiobook Income Academy, which costs approx—$ 1500 per student. So, because of these two revenue streams, Christian Mikkelsen net worth Is estimated to be somewhere between $3 million to $7 million dollars.

2) Where Can I Learn More About the Audiobook Income Academy?

If you want to learn more about what publishing life can do for you, visit their website at: You can find Christian Mikkelsen reviews and his brothers when you visit their website.

3) What Does The Publishing Life Offer That Other Training Programs Don’t?

The publishing life offers an experience which many other people cannot offer. For example, the Mikkelsen twins have been living the publishing life for several years, so they know what works and what doesn’t. Just do a quick for the following “mikkelsen twins scam,” and most reviews are positive without mentioning the twins running a scam training program. Oh, the twins provide video tutorials, templates, and a list of proven freelancers you can hire to jump-start your publishing life journey.

4) How Long Has Been Around? Is it Credible?

On the website, it’s stated the training and Mikkelsen twins have been living the publishing life since 2018. So, it’s been around for approx. 5+ years.

5) Where Can I Read Some of the Mikkelsen Twins Student Success Stories?

No problem! You can head to their website at and click on the “success” menu item to read the Mikkelsen twins student success stories. You will find success stories left by college students, mothers, people working both full-time and part-time, and much more. To be transparent, the success stories about the publishing life Audiobook Income Academy are pretty awesome!

6) How Come I’ve Heard People Mentioning Something About the Mikkelsen Twins Amazon Scam?

It’s weird because some Reddit communities mention this and claim the twins exaggerate their income claims. This is why if you are considering joining the publishing life journey, it’s important to do your due diligence before starting. Head over to Google and type in the following terms to start your research: “publishinglife scam,” “mikkelsen twins forbes scam,” “review mikkelsen twins,” and “publishing life.” When the results appear, I encourage you to go through each one to learn as much as possible about the Audiobook Income Academy.

Final Verdict…Is Audiobook Income Academy Legit?

Some believe the publishing life training is a scam because the Mikkelsen Twins have been banned from Amazon multiple times, while others say AIA 2.0 helped them attain financial freedom. Whatever the case, the reviews are fantastic, and the students enrolled in the Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 have made money publishing audiobooks. But you have to consider many things before joining a training program. For example, is this your passion? From all the digital products courses available online, should you put your time and focus into this audiobook publication training? Do you have the cash flow to invest upfront in this venture? Of course, you have to answer all these questions before you can even get started…but here’s what all you guys really want to know – Would I invest in the Audiobook Income Academy? No! And here are my reasons,

First, by now, this entire market is saturated. Consider how many people will promote the same audiobooks, increasing the overall competition for profits. With higher competition, you will have to find creative ways to stand out, ultimately leading to higher design and paid marketing costs. Let’s not forget that the Christian Mikkelsen audible training comes with templates, swipes, and paid ads bidding strategies which will be available to anyone who has joined the training…right? In short, this means everyone in the Mikkelsen digital products courses will have the same advantage as you. What’s going to separate you from them? Nothing! So, it will be challenging to scale what you are doing with so much saturation.

Second, just like the Mikkelsen Twins, you risk having your publishing account suspended for whatever reason Amazon deems legitimate. At this point, you have lost your entire investment and cannot recoup the money already spent. Think briefly about how this will affect your bottom line if your Amazon account is suspended. The twins have spent millions in advertising and generated millions for themselves and Amazon, but this didn’t stop Amazon from suspending the Mikkelsen twins audible account…right?

Third, the publishing life Audiobook Income Academy will lay the foundation and give you the “know-how” to succeed. Still, it’s not as easy as the twins make it seem. Search on Google for “review Mikkelsen,” and you will find students struggling to get off the ground. Yes, I know you have to run this like a business, investing hours researching, creating, and publishing an audiobook which may or may not profit. But still, I always recommend getting involved in a business you are passionate about because this will force you to push forward even in the face of failure. If you don’t love this business, giving up is easy. Here are my final thoughts,

There are more creative audiobook publication training programs that don’t cost thousands and are trending right now. For example, the thousands of dollars you would invest in publishing an audiobook can be better spent learning how to generate leads for small businesses or even setting up your digital agency. It costs much less to start, and you can generate income in as little as one (1) month. Just check out this video; you will be blown away. Anyways, unlike Amazon, which controls everything from start to finish and can take away your publishing business in seconds, I recommend starting a business you control.

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