It’s hard to find Sophie Howard reviews online because NOT many people have written about her training program. You see, her Blue Sky Amazon training has been creating a lot of buzz lately, and the question everyone wants answered is the following: Is she legit? So,

Today, I’m writing an in-depth review of Sophie Howard and her training so you can decide whether or NOT to join her Amazon FBA training course. First, a quick snapshot…

Sophie Howard is a self-proclaimed “Amazon-selling queen,”. That’s right! She claims to have built several successful Amazon businesses and is confident she can help others follow in her success, too. How? By providing valuable insight into how eCommerce works and what it takes to stand out compared to everyone else. With that said,

In today’s review, I will explore who is Sophie Howard, her credentials, whether her Blue Sky training is legit, and go over some of the modules in her training course. But,

Before I start…

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Table of Contents

Who is Sophie Howard?
What Is Amazon FBA?
What is Sophie Howard’s Blue Sky Amazon Course?
How Much Does The Blue Sky Amazon Training Cost?
Sophie Howard Legit or a Scam?
Blue Sky Amazon FAQs

Who is Sophie Howard?

Sophie Howard claims she is the “Amazon selling queen” because she’s made $1.5 million in the first 18 months of selling on Amazon. She continues to work in eCommerce but has transitioned into being a business coach within the last few years. Sophie says, “I have several years of experience in eCommerce and understand what it takes to thrive on Amazon. Throughout my journey, I have started and sold two (2) Amazon businesses for 7-figures, and I am now working on another business.” However,

Here’s why I always tell people reading my reviews to take everything with a grain of salt. I am unable to find any proof of her claims! So, for those of you who don’t know…

What Is Amazon FBA?

It’s a brilliant concept, and many believe this strategic business move by Amazon allowed them to double their profits. Of course, the other was the introduction of Amazon Prime. Amazon FBA is “Fulfillment by Amazon,” which allows small to large businesses to store products in their Amazon warehouse for a small fee. Once Amazon’s warehouse has received the products, you can list them on their storefront, and whenever someone purchases your item, it will be fulfilled by Amazon. Remember, you are paying them a small percentage to store and handle everything from shipping your item to the customer, receiving payments, refunds, and more. However, in the grand scheme of things, you are selling your products through a trusted brand with millions of customers, leading to a higher success rate for yourself. I believe it’s an excellent business model introduced by Amazon and has allowed entrepreneurs to EARN passive income.

So, here are some KEY takeaways from Amazon FBA:

First, working with Amazon, you have the opportunity to attract a larger customer base. These customers are also extremely loyal, which can lead to continued sales and recurring passive income. Secondly, the entire Amazon FBA model is optimized to help businesses generate sales. How? They have an algorithm in place to reward those sellers who offer a high-quality product, which is determined by customer reviews left after their purchase. So, the better the reviews, the higher your products will be listed in the search results…it’s that simple! Third, customer satisfaction is KEY for Amazon, and they achieve this by reducing shipping times, increasing order accuracy and a no-nonsense refund policy to ensure the customer is always right. Ultimately, this improves the user experience, leading to a higher retention rate. Finally, Amazon FBA will help lower your TOTAL operational costs because of their warehouse and shipping infrastructure. They have one of the BEST logistics in the world, and using their operations will save you hundreds (even thousands) of dollars from not having to invest in your own storage and shipping operations. Great… before I continue…

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What is Sophie Howard’s Blue Sky Amazon Course?

Blue Sky is a Sophie Howard course designed to help people LEARN everything about selling on Amazon. Sophie says, “I created this course to help people avoid the costly mistakes I made when starting with Amazon FBA. I have sold over 600+ products on Amazon and know what it takes to start and scale your business.”  Okay, so what’s included in Sophie Howard’s Amazon course?

Sophie Howard has divided her Blue Sky Amazon into 14 modules covering everything about the Amazon FBA business model. The structure is clean and straightforward because the modules fit into two (2) courses: The Foundational (Product University) and the Advanced Strategies Course (Amazon Navigator).

Blue Sky Amazon: The Foundational (Basic)

Here are the modules in the Blue Sky Amazon Foundational Course (Product University)

Module 1: Foundation

This module focuses on providing an overview of Blue Sky Amazon. Sophie Howard answers all the common questions about her training and includes a collection of questions (with answers) newcomers have about Amazon FBA and how to streamline the setup process. Sophie also talks about how newcomers can get the MOST out of the modules.

Module 2: Product Selection Strategy

Sophie goes over selecting the BEST products and the “perfect” product requirements. “I believe in a MOQ (minimum order quantity) model because it’s proven to have fewer competitors,”  says Sophie. The Blue Sky Amazon training is designed to go through step-by-step how to use “Best Sellers” and reviews to determine what’s “HOT” and/or trending in the market and would be ideal for listing on Amazon.

Module 3: Basics of Sales Funnels

This module covers designing high-converting funnels and optimizing them through A/B testing. Sophie Howard will introduce Canva and other visual design tools. You will also get an introduction to Facebook ads.

Module 4: Hiring Virtual Assistants

The BlueSky Amazon FBA training course has dedicated module 4 to answering questions about hiring virtual assistants. For example, the practice of running trial projects, what primary skills to look for in a virtual assistant, and how to analyze their outputs.

Module 5: Selling on Amazon

I enjoyed this module because it covered the specifics of Sophie Howard’s Amazon journey. I love that Sophie Howard doesn’t hold back when explaining the benefits of Amazon FBA and the drawbacks of this business. Here, you will review critical business topics, for example, opening a seller account, obtaining a license, working on Amazon PPC, using Amazon seller tools, keyword strategies, and more.

Module 6: Forgotten Product Sourcing Places

Module 6 is a short presentation covering product sources. This module does provide VALUE but not as much as the others in the Blue Sky Foundational training.

Blue Sky Amazon: Amazon Navigator (Advanced)

Sophie Howard’s Amazon course has been split into the BASIC and ADVANCED training. The Amazon Navigator Course provides students a blueprint for building a profitable and sustainable Amazon FBA business. The structure is straightforward and guides students step-by-step, which is important when first starting with Amazon FBA. Sophie Howard starts by explaining her seven (7)-figure journey building Amazon stores from the ground up. Then, she transitions into explaining what she learned over the years. It’s a chance for her to provide practical tips and insights for all her students.

Module 1: Setting Goals (FBA Basics)

Sophie Howard starts this section of the course by explaining the importance of setting goals. “You are doomed if you don’t have a clear-cut action plan for achieving your Amazon FBA goals,” says Sophie. Then, she explains her simple three (3) step process for setting goals that are achievable and then transitions into some practical advice, for example, calculating Amazon’s fees, profit figures, and product costs. Finally, Sophie ends this module by explaining how to obtain a corporate license and opening a professional Amazon seller account.

Module 2: Differentiating Your Products

I like Sophie Howard’s approach to branding products because it will set you apart from your competition. She says, “It’s a unique approach and creative. I used this strategy to grow my Amazon stores 3x, and I was able to demand higher margins in the process. When doing Amazon FBA, you have to stand out because this is what leads to success.”  Sophie is confident that with her unique approach, you can compete with established brands.

Module 3: Selecting Products

Here’s the thing…

The reason Sophie has been so successful long-term and she’s been able to sustain her success is her ability to find products. She shares how when doing Amazon FBA, it’s all about the products…it’s that simple! In this module of the Blue Sky Amazon training course, Sophie shares her secrets for finding products from suppliers that others in the general public can’t find.

Module 4: How to Create Product Listings That Sell

In this module, Sophie goes through the fundamentals of creating product listings that get views by elevating the curiosity of Amazon site visitors. Sophie Howard goes through everything from keyword research to creating attractive product titles and writing enticing product descriptions.

Module 5: Streamlining the Delivery Process

Sophie shares SECRETs on identifying issues that may happen in the delivery process and fixing them before they become larger issues. However, the main focus of this module is to teach you strategies to streamline the delivery process. Oh, Sophie will provide you with three (3) cost-effective strategies on how to ship your products to Amazon warehouses to ensure you get the MOST ROI (return on investment)

Module 6: Effective Product Marketing Strategies

Within this module, Sophie provides five (5) proven marketing techniques for effectively launching your products. She also covers how to closely monitor sales performance by utilizing seven (7) leading performance indicators. Finally, you will get a step-by-step tutorial on how to create promotional codes and when to use them to 2x-3x your sales.

Module 7: Making Data-Driven Decisions

Sophie Howard uses this module to go through Seller Central, specifically how to use it to gather company data, improve overall customer service, and accept global payments. She also addresses a significant concern: getting support from Amazon, so she details what methods you have available to request Amazon assistance. With that said,

Part of this module emphasizes the importance of your metrics, for example, sales figures, demographics, and more.

Module 8: Scaling Beyond Amazon & Hiring Virtual Assistants

Okay, it’s time to take your Amazon FBA store to the next level, and this is EXACTLY what the final module is all about. Sophie explains in detail how to delegate tasks and hire the RIGHT virtual assistant team. Finally, Sophie explains the importance of thinking outside the box, teaching her students to find other platforms to open stores on. With that said,

Blue Sky Amazon is a legit course that teaches you everything you need to know to start an Amazon FBA business.

How Much Does The Blue Sky Amazon Training Cost?

I could NOT find the cost of Blue Sky Amazon coaching on their website; however, after doing some research online, I determined the cost to be between $3,500 for the BASIC level and $6,000 for the ADVANCED training (upsells). You can pay four (4) monthly payments of $995.00.

After some digging, I was able to find the current refund policy. It states:

“If, within 7 days of enrolling in the program, you determine that it is not for you (for whatever reason), we will provide you with a 100% refund of the amount you have paid.”

But, here’s the thing…

People enrolling in Sophie Howards Blue Sky Amazon training are responsible for other fees, too. The above cost is for the training, and you will be responsible for the cost of products, shipping, private labelling, paid marketing costs, and more. From my experience, these costs can be in the thousands.

Some Blue Sky Reviews

Unfortunately, Sophie Howard doesn’t have the BEST reviews on

Sophie Howard Legit or a Scam?

So, Sophie Howard and her Blue Sky Amazon FBA training is legit! However, the answer is NOT this simple because we are talking about eCommerce, specifically how to start an Amazon FBA business. Other people are teaching what she does in their own course. So, are the strategies she’s teaching a SECRET and MAGIC? No! You see,

I know hundreds of people using the same methods Sophie did to launch and scale successful Amazon stores. I believe Sophie has been a pioneer in this business, but things are different from when she first started in 2014. And there are NO guarantees that her methods will continue to work today, especially with so many more Amazon FBA training courses claiming to have a magical way to generate thousands of dollars per month. You also have to wonder how current and powerful Sophie’s methods are if she teaches them to everyone else. If I know I have a winning strategy that generates thousands of dollars per month…would I tell everyone about it…NO! With that said,

Sophie and her Blue Sky Amazon FBA training don’t have the best reviews, and if you think you will start generating profits within a few weeks, you are wrong. Setting up an Amazon FBA business takes time, focus, hard work, and money. You better be ready to put in the work…it’s that simple!

Blue Sky Amazon FAQs

Here are some of the MOST common questions asked about the Sophie Howards Blue Sky Amazon training course.

1) What is Sophie Howard’s Net Worth?

I did some digging and was able to locate her net worth to be approx $5 million dollars.

2) Is Sophie Howard Legit or a Scam?

As mentioned, Sophie is legit! However, her Blue Sky training is NOT a SECRET strategy that no one knows about. You must be ready to put in the work to build your Amazon FBA business. Her methods do work but may NOT be as effective as they were when Sophie first started her business in 2014.

3) Can You Make Money From Amazon Reviews?

Yes! When combined with an Amazon FBA store, reviews determine where your product (listings) will fall in the search results. The better the reviews, the higher your listings, leading to more sales. Amazon reviews on their own have NO impact unless combined with a powerful store presence.

4) What Is The Cost of Sophie’s Blue Sky Amazon course?

The cost of her program is $3500! However, I advise people reading my Blue Sky review that other costs, such as inventory, shipping, paid advertising, private labelling, and more, will be involved.

5) What About The Refund Policy?

The refund policy for the Blue Sky training is as follows:

“If, within 7 days of enrolling in the program, you determine that it is not for you (for whatever reason), we will provide you with a 100% refund of the amount you have paid.”

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Here Are My Final Thoughts…

I hope you enjoyed reading my Sophie Howard review and gained insight on whether to join her Blue Sky Amazon FBA or not. Personally, I believe it’s not worth the $ 3,500 price tag and many of the reviews I’ve read agree with my assumption. You see, joining her training is the first thing, but you have to think about the time, focus, and hard work in opening your Amazon FBA store. Oh, and completing her training does NOT guarantee success in any way. It’s a long journey ahead, and don’t forget (the MOST concerning) that Amazon can decide to shut you down anytime they feel without any reason. If you agree, I encourage you to check out another business that involves setting up digital real estate properties. It’s less effort, and I collect a nice $500-$2,000+ checks every month afterward (AKA passive income). If you want to LEARN more, then…

Before you leave

I love what I was able to do with this…my favourite program, which helped me make $200k in the last 12 months alone!