Oh, how real estate investing has changed, and it’s making people some serious profits. Do you remember the old method of real estate investing? You would save, research the market, find a single-family home in a nice area, then put down 15% to close the deal. After purchasing your property, you would find a tenant, collect rent every month, and after 30 years, you would have the home paid off…everything after that is straight profit. However, to scale this business, you would have to purchase multiple homes, find multiple tenants and wait 30-40 years…what a headache (and a slow process). But,

Today, you have other options changing the entire landscape of how people make money in the real estate market. Thanks to technology, all it takes is downloading an app on your smartphone, taking a few pictures, and you’re ready to go. This trending process is called flipping beds on Airbnb. So, how does this work? How can you get started within a few weeks? How much is your initial investment? What if I told you you can get started WITHOUT owning any property? Ready? But,

Before I start…

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The accurate terminology for this process is called rental arbitrage. Whats rental arbitrage? You are renting a property long-term to flip it on Airbnb to make money every single month. Obviously, the KEY is to make more from Airbnb than you pay monthly for the rental property. Let me give you an example: Imagine finding a nice condo in downtown Miami or Toronto, and the property owner wants $2,000 a month for it. You can negotiate a better price by signing a long-term contract with the owner. At the same time, you sweet talk your way into the owner agreeing to let you list it on Airbnb as a short-term rental. The KEY is when you flip beds on Airbnb by allowing people to rent the property every day or week, you can price it higher than your long-term rental cost of $2,000. If you make $5500 a month through Airbnb, then the math is as follows: $5500-$2000 (rental)-$1000 (expenses) = $2500 (profit). It’s a cool concept…right?

Now, when you compare this to traditional real estate deals, Airbnb sounds like a safe bet and profitable, too…right? Just think about all the upfront capital, time, and energy it would take to start investing in real estate the traditional way. Now you know why everyone is hopping on this new trend and flipping Airbnb beds. I know you must have many questions about whether it’s worth it, if doing this is legal, and if there is any way this can go wrong, etc…right? Before I continue,

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So, to answer your concerns, if you can negotiate with the property owner and clarify your intentions, you should be good to go. Oh, the most crucial thing is to get everything with the owner of the property in writing. Then, of course, it’s legal! Now, how hard will it be for a landlord to jump on board and follow along with your plan…well…it may not be difficult at all. Flipping beds on Airbnb is the new trend, and I’m sure landlords are trying to find a way to get in, too (lol). You have to make sure it’s worth their while. For example,

I’m sure there will be wear and tear, noise, some damage, parties, whatever. Anyone who tells you it will be easy to convince a landlord to agree with your plan is lying and talking crap here. Honestly, it’s going to be difficult! But you do have a few tricks up your sleeve you can use to get them to agree. First, to flip beds, you have to be prepared for rejection and be ready to hear NO. Next, it’s a numbers game because the more people you ask, the higher the chances of success. I suggest targeting those landlords who have had vacancies for several months because they are the ones willing to budge. Look through the newspaper or online for properties listed for several months and start making your calls. Over time, you will become an expert with rental arbitrage perfecting your sales pitch, negotiating skills and more. Before you know it, you will be flipping beds on Airbnb and making money from it. Here’s some more advice….

Always give the landlords peace of mind by offering a long-term rental contract with them. This way, they feel secure enough to know they have a steady income coming in every month. For example, you can say, “You want someone to rent for 12 months…right? I’ll take your property for 24 months…how’s that?”  Offer to keep the property in tip-top shape because it is a business. Airbnb’s liability insurance also protects you. Finally, you can offer to share some of the profits with them and can even agree to add them to the rental lease agreement.

Ok, you have cleared those hurdles and have some beds to flip; what problems can you face down the road? It would be implementing the entire process and streamlining it. I have spoken to some people in the flipping game who offer courses promising to walk you through the process. They charge around 6K for the training. Anyways, they say: “There is a lot of grind involved because you have to stage the property, have a cleaner in place, do some marketing on Airbnb or outside, and respond to messages at weird times. All of this will cut into your profit, so you have to be mindful of this before starting.” With that said,

If flipping beds on Airbnb doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, I suggest using your time building something I like to call Digital Rental Properties. I collect a nice $500-$2,000+ checks every month afterward (AKA passive income).

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