Have you heard of a popular YouTube channel called Airbnb Automated? No? It’s by some guy named Sean Rakidzich, and he uses this channel to talk about the stuff he learned while building his Airbnb business. The word is he was able to generate approx. 200K per month, and he did this WITHOUT owning a single piece of property…insane…right? I know you are super excited about learning from Sean, but you must know a few things before you buy any of his courses. First, it’s essential to know the negatives of Airbnb rental arbitrage. You want to ask yourself: Is it too late to get involved if you are considering starting? Read my Airbnb Automated review, where I will answer some of your common questions. But,

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Who is Sean Rakidzich?

He’s a pioneer in the short term rental industry. He has a massive Airbnb portfolio, holding something like 155 properties across eight (8) cities. If you have heard about Airbnb, you know the potential this business model has…right? I mean, the upsides are apparent! Sean explains, “I have been involved with Airbnb for over seven (7) years and have dealt with thousands of customers. Some were amazing, and some completely drove me through the roof. There is so much earning potential, but I have to highlight some reasons you wouldn’t want to get involved with Airbnb.”  Sean Rakidzich then starts to explain how the concept of Airbnb MUST be treated like a business; because of this, there will be risks involved. He then says that even though you don’t have to invest enormous money because you won’t buy properties, you have to invest enormous time handling customers. “There is a heavy human element involved with this business model,”  says Sean.

That said, because of this massive human element, the first thing to succeed in this business is to work on your interpersonal skills and your patience. Sean says you will be tested multiple times on how well you can handle customers, so make sure you build this skill set. “To be transparent, I have dealt with fights, robberies, death, parties, sex trafficking, and more. You see, in the early years when I first started, I handled everything, so I would get calls at all hours of the day and night. Some people would call asking for extra keys because they lost the other pair, or someone just needed to get back in after locking themselves out.”  says Sean. I can see how Airbnb arbitrage can be a headache for some people. Before I continue…

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Sean continues to talk about how it’s very easy to get burned out doing Airbnb because you always have people requesting stupid things that don’t make sense, but you’re committed because you’re running a business. You see, if you don’t listen to the customer’s request, they can leave one negative review, and there goes your bookings. Another thing Sean Rakidzich mentions is the risk of having your account banned. He says, “You are listing your properties on Airbnb, Booking.com, and Vrbo, so they can ban your account for whatever reason they deem fit at the time.”  Sean did mention a time Airbnb banned his account without warning, and he had to fight to get it back. I guess you always have to be careful of your past and any complaints a customer feels like leaving for whatever reason. Also, Airbnb looks into your criminal history and if you have a clean record. If your records clean, they check to find out if you are associating with anyone who has had run-ins with the law. I’m beginning to wonder why Sean is doing Airbnb Automated because it sounds like a complete headache…do you agree? Here’s something else,

Airbnb has gotten way more competitive over the last few years. Sean Rakidzich admitted he created a lot of competition for himself because he helped people get started with Airbnb Arbitrage. “Some cities are saturated, so there is no point in setting up Airbnb in these markets because you can’t run at a high-profit margin. You can enter the cities with low competition, but you’ll soon find out the competition will eat you alive,”  says Sean. Let’s continue,

Sean says if you decide to start this business, you can’t watch six (6) videos on Airbnb Automated and expect to make thousands of dollars. There are hundreds of people who have watched the same videos, so they know the same strategies as you. Sean says you have to know what you are doing and really be passionate about Airbnb. You will fail several times as part of the learning process, but whenever you do, you must find ways to improve the process. “You have to stand out compared to everyone else, especially now with all the competition. This means taking high-quality photos, staging the property better than the next person on Airbnb, and creating a space of comfort,” says Sean. With that said,

The pandemic caused a shift in the travel industry, which also affected Airbnb. However, it’s starting to pick back up, so you can still make money with Airbnb arbitrage. But it’s not as lucrative as before! You will have guests who give you a hard time, and some will even damage the property. Oh, and be careful of these so-called experts who try to sell you an Airbnb Rental Arbitrage course WITHOUT providing any real value (remember…they just want to make a few bucks). After reading what I’ve written above, if you still want to do Airbnb..go for it. Just connect with Sean Rakidzich before you do. But,

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