Many people have been raving about the ECom Family Academy, an online training program teaching you how to sell products on Shopify WITHOUT holding onto any inventory. This training is also unique because of something called Print-On-Demand, which is finding the MOST popular items selling online, making them better to outperform your competition. We’ll go into further details later,

The Ecom Family Academy was founded by Reginald and Tania Jennings (Mr. and Mrs. Ecom). These two (2) are passionate about helping others find the financial freedom they found selling products online. How? By revealing all the SECRETS which made them so successful in the first place!

Before I start…

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So, is this training even worth it? Here’s my Ecom Family Academy Review!

Table of Contents

What is The Ecom Family Academy?
Who Are Mr. and Mrs. Ecom?
Ecom Family Academy Modules
How Much is The Ecom Family Academy?
Is the Ecom Family Academy Legit?

What is The Ecom Family Academy?

Well, as mentioned, it’s a training course that shows you how to make money online selling products through Shopify. Sometimes, you hold onto inventory (using the Print on Demand) method or ship directly to the customer. The process you choose will depend on what’s working for you. Mr and Mrs Ecom walk you through both methods, so you are NOT limited to one when making money online through Shopify. So, how do both these methods work?

The Print on Demand business model is simple! You research the market to find HOT products generating thousands in sales and replicate what they do. You can research products on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay to find what’s selling and why. Then, you will work with suppliers to design the same product using Print on Demand. And for those of you NOT aware of what this means.

“Print on demand (POD) is a printing technology and business process in which book copies (or other documents, packaging or materials) are not printed until the company receives an order, allowing prints of single or small quantities.” – Wiki

After reading other Ecom Family Academy reviews online, I learned that this method could generate sales, especially if you know how to drive traffic to your products. The good news is that Reginald and Tania Jennings (Mr. and Mrs. Ecom) will show you in the “paid ads” module how to generate traffic using platforms like TikTok, Google, and Facebook. Now, sometimes, depending on the size of your order from your customer, suppliers can print it and ship it directly to your customer. However, if you know you have a HOT selling product, and your store is getting hundreds of orders daily (this does happen), you may want to keep inventory on you so it’s ready to ship immediately. On the other hand,

In the Ecom Family Academy masterclass, Mr. and Mrs. Ecom teach you an alternative to the print-on-demand method. For example, many people have done exceptionally well dropshipping HOT products from a supplier WITHOUT creating their own design. In this method, you would research HOT products on Amazon or eBay, find a supplier providing the same product for a lower price and list them on your Shopify store. You will then use paid advertising to drive traffic to your product. Since you have the BEST price for these products, you will generate sales faster than your competition. It’s that simple! The Ecom Family promises to go into further detail in their training! With that said,

Let’s learn more about Reginald and Tania Jennings,

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Who Are Mr. and Mrs. Ecom?

Reginald and Tania Jennings are Mr. & Mrs. Ecom, a name given to them because of the number of people (families) they have helped throughout the years with their eCommerce journey. Reginald and Tania have claimed that because of their SECRET strategies, some of these people have collectively generated millions of dollars in online sales. These two have said, “We win together, fail together, learn together, and learn together.” (I like this mentality)

Trust me when I say I have reviewed a lot of eCom programs online and the people behind them. But, compared to some of these other personalities, I find that Reginald and Tania don’t have much of a presence outside of the two platforms, Facebook and Instagram. I feel it’s because most of the people they connect with (friends and family) are on these platforms. Nonetheless, I guess you can say it’s also a great way to market because everyone knows about Facebook and Instagram and can navigate on them, so why NOT use these two (2) platforms to grow their brand…right? Anyways,

Before going into eCommerce, Mr. Ecom was working as an IT professional. Reginald says he has always had a passion for computers and programming. He also claims that he started early with web design creating websites for the National Guard (USA) at 13.

Mr. Ecom is a Central Connecticut State University graduate with a degree in information systems management.

Tania also has a background in computer and technology, but she only went into this profession because her dad wanted her to. Her true passion was to go into Culinary Arts!

According to Reggie, in 1998, he started to dream big about going into eCommerce after his mom purchased a store for $5,000 from eBay. To make money, Reggie started to buy broken computers from Craigslist, then later sold them for a profit to people he knew.

Reggie officially started his first store using software called Alpha e-com, a platform by Justin Tylor. He taught himself SEO after realizing that the store needed to generate targeted traffic. After a few months of working around the clock, his store made approx. $500,000 every two months (so he claims).

Reggie quit his 9 to 5 job and never looked back! Tania joined his crusade a few years later after they were married. Oh, by the way, Reginald and Tania were high school sweethearts. Read: FBA Masterclass Review

Ecom Family Academy Modules

The Ecom Family Academy has eight (8) modules; here they are:

Module One: Introduction

This overview of the entire course includes welcome videos and more. You have a chance to review the course and support the community!

Module Two: The Mindset

In this module, you LEARN how to train your mind for success. You are starting a business and have to set goals.

Module Three: The Fundamentals

Mr. and Mrs. Ecom will walk you through eCommerce and what to expect when starting your store. For example, what is Ecom? How do you make money from selling products? How to accept payments? What makes a successful Ecom store? And more.

Module Four: Product Research

In this module, you will LEARN the qualities of a winning product. Also, how do you find a winning product? You will LEARN how to use Amazon, eBay and other platforms to do your research.

Module Five: Product Designing

In this module, you are introduced to Print on Demand. You LEARN how to design your product after finding what works. Some things covered are Canva 101, using colours in your design, etc.

In this module, you will also LEARN the fundamentals of designing your store, for example, choosing the RIGHT template, navigation, categories, and more.

Module Six: Uploading Products & Creating Ad Creative

LEARN how to use print-on-demand services such as ShineOn. At the same time, you will get a walkthrough on how to upload your products and apply pricing.

Module Seven: Customcat

In this module, you will be using Customcat for the first time. Customcat is an eCommerce platform that offers valuable tools to users to grow their POD (print-on-demand) business.

Module Eight: TikTok ads

You finally start to explore paid advertising, for example, the importance of using Tik Tok for advertising. This module covers: Why you should use TikTok, connect Shopify to TikTok, create ads, launch your first ad, and scale your winning campaigns.

How Much is The Ecom Family Academy?

Now, when doing eCommerce, you must understand there is a price for the training and a price for launching your store which includes (hosting, products, advertising, and more). So, here’s the breakdown,

Ecom Family Academy costs around $1,495 for the entire course. (Limited time offer). I heard the original price is something like 14K (that’s unbelievable). But,

The $1,495 is for the entire course, and you will have other costs NOT covered in the program, like hosting fees, inventory, advertising, and more. From my experience, you are easily looking at 7K to 10K when getting started.

Please note: The Ecom Family Academy team does offer a refund within 30 days of your purchase. But you MUST prove that you went through the entire training and have spent at least $1,000 on ad spend to claim your money.

Is the Ecom Family Academy Legit?

The direct answer is Yes! The Ecom Family Academy is NOT a scam!

Reginald and Tania Jennings (Mr. and Mrs. Ecom) offer a legitimate training course. But, you can only benefit from this training if you have the money and time to focus on completing the entire process. But eCommerce these days is a tricky business because it’s NOT as simple as completing the training and your making money out the gate.

eCommerce has many moving parts, and by this, I mean hosting, product research, finding suppliers, creating a better product, finding the right price, store design, and many more. All of this costs money which can be a significant investment for someone just starting. With that said,

There’s also a time when this business model work best. Unfortunately, eCommerce is now saturated, and to succeed, you have to manufacture a unique product (patented) that no one else can sell. This way, you are the only person online selling it…right? Think about it, if Mr. and Mrs. Ecom have a winning strategy…why are they sharing it with everyone else? The only reasonable conclusion is that this strategy NO longer works the way it used to, so it’s time to sell it off to people who don’t know any better (which is a sad thing)

My Final Thoughts

The Ecom business can be lucrative, but it’s incredibly competitive. People want to sell others a dream of easy money if they follow their course…it’s NOT that easy! Like anything in life, you have to work hard at something you are passionate about; this way, you continue to push forward when barriers hit you (trust me…there will be many barriers). With that said,

The Ecom Family Academy training shows you how to make money but doesn’t do the work for you. Many people join because of huge promises made by training programs but fail to realize that even they are out to make money. I’m not saying that’s the case with Ecom Family, but like with any Shopify store, you have to invest money and put in hard work to see a return on your investment (ROI).

Before you leave

I love what I was able to do with this…my favourite program, which helped me make $200k in the last 12 months alone!