We all know that the internet is giving people all sorts of opportunities. Still, it can be tough to distinguish between legit programs and those that are NOT. Digital lead investing has had a lot of buzz surrounding it over the last few years…but why? So, I’ve decided to break down the program to provide an overview of the different modules and if you can gain any value from this training course. Ultimately, my job is to align with a program that’s not considered a SCAM and will allow you to build a viable business if you focus and invest the RIGHT amount of time and effort.

Before I start…

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Great, now it’s time to explore…Digital Lead Investing!

Table of Contents

What Is The Digital Lead Investing Program?
What You Need to Know Before Getting Started
How Do You Create And Monitor Digital Leads?
Why Invest In a Digital Lead Investing System? (BENEFITS)
How to Increase Your Lead ROI (Return On Investment)

What is Digital Lead Investing?

Digital lead investing is about optimizing the process of generating leads to a given landing page or web page. When you say “Digital Lead Investing,” you are talking about an entire process to generate leads, whether through paid advertising, writing content, social media posts, etc. In theory, every business needs customers (in other words, leads), and businesses want to invest to continuously attract customers to their businesses through different digital marketing channels. As a matter of fact,

Digital marketing, especially “lead generation,” is one of the BEST ways to make money online because of the ROI (return on investment) you get from a successful marketing campaign. With that said,

Entrepreneurs love the lead generation system because it can work in almost any business model. For example, eCommerce, general online services, and MOSTLY small businesses like massage therapists, tow truckers, plumbers, etc. And, because it involves setting up a landing page, utilizing landing pages designed to attract the RIGHT type of customers, you can convert at a higher rate. If, for any reason, these pages don’t convert, you can switch out the drag & drop elements quickly. Do a quick search in Google for local services; the top results will be landing on a page specifically designed for that business. An excellent example is Mikey Kass, who has designed a landing page to SELL his training course (and done very well…so he says). Anyways,

As mentioned, the Digital Lead Investing program teaches you how to connect with business owners, set up landing pages, and get a commission from each lead sent to your client.

What Do You Need to Know Before Getting Started?

Before starting any business, you need to know what you are getting into. For example, Digital Lead Investing may sound like an exciting opportunity. Still, you do have to invest some money when you start and need a razor-sharp focus. If you are NOT ready to work, you will NOT succeed in this business. Also, here are some other things to consider:

Digital lead investing is a marketing strategy, and many other programs offer this type of training. The one you choose comes down to how they have layered their programs. Some have more modules, offer you more training, and have Private Facebook groups you can join. Next,

How much are you willing to invest when getting started? Now the system is FREE, and some training will have an upfront cost from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Think about this and invest in what is RIGHT for you. Finally,

Do you have the RIGHT mindset? Are you ready to ROCK N’ROLL? You have to make ongoing sacrifices, and I know some people who have joined only to fail because they can’t make the required commitment. So, think about all of this before you join any program.

How Do You Create And Monitor Digital Leads?

Simple! You utilize the tools your program has given to you. All of these programs (well..they should) have a complete backend ready for you to track your conversions and even sales. For example, Clickfunnels and Leadpages offer you an efficient way to add conversion codes to the pages so you can track how many leads you have generated for your customers. More on this later (below). Creating leads is difficult because you need to know what you’re doing and how to use various advertising platforms. Still, if you have JOINED the RIGHT training program, they should walk you through the entire process like my favourite program does (THEY HAVE 2 MODULES FOR THIS). Anyways, some of the platforms you have to use are:

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the BEST in the market, allowing you to advertise in any way possible. You can search ads, display ads, shopping ads, smart ads, etc. You need to know how to set these up (which your program should teach you), and you have to know how to place the conversion tracking code on your landing page so you can generate reports on your leads. Google AdWords allows you to target your client’s location and even interests.


With more than 2 billion active users and growing every year, this social media network can generate enormous leads (trust me, I’ve used it). Of course, they also own Instagram, so you can access this advertising platform, too. I encourage you to try social media at least once before settling on one to invest all your money in. Again, your Digital Marketing Lead program should walk you through setting up Facebook campaigns. Still, you have some powerful courses available; check out a course by Douglas James.

Why Invest In a Digital Lead Investing System? (BENEFITS)

This is an excellent question and a valid question. You should invest in the Digital Lead Investing System because it removes all the headaches from setting things up yourself. Besides providing you with all the training and support, they will give you a proven system that they claim works! With that said,

Here are some other benefits you probably have NOT thought about:

Get support to generate more leads and AVOID some common mistakes others are making.
Get support in optimizing your campaigns, saving you both time and money.
LEARN how to understand reports and make changes to save you time and money.
LEARN how to close more clients and keep them long-term
LEARN how to scale your business once this proven method is set up and in place.
Get answers to some FAQs which will help you become a better salesman/marketer.
Network with other people in the same system to LEARN from them.

How to Increase Your Lead ROI (Return On Investment)

The bottom line is this when trying to scale/grow your lead generation efforts. You have to keep doing what’s working for you and eliminate what’s NOT. However, in this process, you can add more traffic-generation methods to increase your OVERALL ROI. Let’s explore a few, but first:

First, marketing gurus have succeeded because they know their target audience and keep pushing these people because they obviously buy the product and service…RIGHT? But how do you find out who your target audience is? Well, I think it’s to read what the reports say…you see…

When you start PPC marketing and track conversions, advertising platforms like Google and Facebook will give you a breakdown of your audience. They will lay it down for you regarding location, age group, device, time, etc. So, once you have all this information and are happy with the conversion rate, it’s time to invest more money in these areas and less where no conversions are happening. Look, if you are part of the RIGHT marketing agency, they should walk you through how to do this…if they don’t…leave them. 😊

Next, you can introduce some organic methods to your marketing when you are ready to scale and already have a system working for you. So, what does it mean to write compelling content? Well,

Start a blog and write content which is appealing to audiences. Answer the questions they have through your content, add photos and even a video if you can. Next, ensure it’s been optimized for SEO (kind of like this content..LOL).

To increase your ROI, it’s essential to keep track of your progress and never leave reports unattended for several days. In addition, campaigns fluctuate over time, so you want to be on top of your marketing, or you can lose money quickly, dropping your ROI. So, here are my final thoughts…

Closing Thoughts

Digital Lead Investing is a massive opportunity for those looking to make enormous money, but this will NOT happen overnight. Start by joining the RIGHT program (take time to select one), and make sure it fits you perfectly. Ask yourself: Does this program answer the questions I have? Does it explain the strategy? Does it show a complete beginner how to get started and build their confidence? And, will it show me how to scale afterwards so I can keep going?  Next,

Lead generation only works if you know where to focus your time and energy. So I recommend learning as much as possible about PPC marketing (Google and Facebook), understanding conversion tracking, and reading reports to SCALE later. Oh, and MOST important…

You need to invest time into building your business, which requires a lot of work calling potential clients and keeping an eye on your advertising campaigns. Just make sure before you jump in you have this type of time to invest in this business. Now…

Before you leave

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