Ok, this guy named Douglas James has been in the marketing game for so long…it’s been over 15 years, so I have to give him my respect. However, this doesn’t mean whatever he’s pushing is worth your time…right? First, Douglas James is the founder of Douglas James Marketing, and his training helps you LEARN how to market and scale your business the RIGHT way (so he says). You see,

These days it’s all about online marketing, especially after the pandemic, where millions of people have lost their job. They are now trying to find creative ways to market and make money online. Also, these same people are researching online to find the perfect training course to help them, and Douglas James loves it. Why? These conditions are perfect for him because this is what he does…he’s all about making it online and profiting from it. Anyways, I decided to find out what the fuss is about and find out if Douglas James is truly the real deal or just blowing hot air like most other programs offering to teach you the same thing. With that said,

Stay tuned for my Douglas James training review, where I go over the entire program and in the end, you’ll find out if his training course is legit!

Before I start…

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DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Douglas James Marketing review. I’m not affiliated with Douglas James himself in any way or form whatsoever.

Great, now it’s time to explore…The Douglas James Marketing training program!

Table of Contents

What Is The Douglas James Marketing Course All About?
Who Is Douglas James?
How Much Does Douglas James’ Program Cost?
Is The Douglas James Academy Worth It?
Is Douglas Legitimate or a Scam?

What Is The Douglas James Marketing Course All About?

Back in the day, you would take out a newspaper or magazine ad to promote your business. Sometimes, you would even do cold calling; however, things have changed. You see,  Douglas James is pushing the modern marketing method 100%. He’s entirely focused on digital marketing (online) and has worked hard at perfecting his methods over the last 15 years. Because of his experience throughout the years, he created a variety of online marketing courses on all sorts of topics. In a nutshell, his courses cover Facebook ads, ClickFunnels, and SEO. He says, “I focus on these areas because everyone is on social media and searches online for information. So, to SCALE your business, you need to know how to utilize them.”  But, then, he says, “And, these are the same platforms that companies use when selling “high-ticket” items.” Douglas also offers other things through his course, like talking to marketing gurus so you can learn some of their strategies too. On his website, he is hiring people who are masters in YouTube marketing, Google Search Ads, TikTok ads, and more. It’s just his way of scaling his own company too. In addition, you can attend some of his events where Douglas teaches you his marketing methods. He offers a lot of things, and I guess it’s because he wants to be an all-in-one marketing service.

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Let’s continue with the Douglas James training review. So, who is Douglas James, and why should we listen to him…

Who Is Douglas James?

He calls himself the “High-Ticket Guy:” because he claims he has landed some very important clients in the past. In other words, he landed some “high-ticket” clients..lol. Before this, Douglas was a Navy Corpsman and lived on the USNS Mercy at one point in his life. Now, Navy Corpsman helps out in impoverished countries like Fiji, Guam, and even the Philippines, providing essential healthcare assistance. Personally, this is a very commendable thing! While helping people in these countries, he met some highly successful people who improved his life by giving him opportunities that otherwise would be impossible. These successful businessmen mentored him for FREE, teaching him how to make money in real estate, online, and marketing. Because of this fantastic opportunity, Douglas says he wants to help others achieve their goals and dreams too. Now, before I continue, I’m not sure if this is the truth (about why he wants to help out people) because he can be saying this as a sales technique. I’m sorry for saying this; I’ve caught other people doing the same thing before.


Many want to know how much Douglas James is worth from all his businesses. Well, in terms of Douglas James networth…I’m not sure ☹

How Much Does Douglas James’ Program Cost?

Here is where things get a bit confusing because I hear different estimates, but on his website, he does have an hour-activation call cost of $3500. This package takes you from A to B as fast as possible, and you will discover how to create a client acquisition system and effective sales process using Facebook Advertising. Ask any questions you have, which will be answered during this 1-hour call. Now…

I have heard that Douglas also offers upsells, which will force you to spend more money if you want to dig deeper into the course, which I think is absolutely insane. My question is, if I want to learn other marketing methods, will I have to spend thousands of dollars again? If so, this package can cost up to $10,000+ (WOW). I mean, you have the

High-ticket expert training
Local business funnels and ads
Industry marketing academy
High-ticket experience
Development courses
Traffic courses

Each one (1) of these is probably around $3,000, so you have to invest quite a bit to get the whole experience from the Douglas James Marketing training.

So, now is this training even worth it?

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Is The Douglas James Academy Worth It?

Here’s the thing,

If you are already an experienced marketer, probably not because you know everything this guy is promoting. You might as well save your money and keep doing what you do. And, if you are starting out, it may NOT be the right program because of the cost…I mean, you’ll have to spend $3500 just to get started. This is money you may not have if you are just starting out…right?

I’m not dissing Douglas James because I believe he may have VALUE to offer. Still, I think his pricing strategy needs to be adjusted a bit better. He needs to keep his clients in mind and understand for him to grow, he needs some new people who are just starting out. But these people can’t afford these crazy costs…right?

I would say the answer to this question comes down to how much money you have to invest in your training. Either way, do a lot of research before committing because, from my experience, so many better marketing programs are available for a fraction of the price.

Is Douglas Legitimate or a Scam?

Look, it’s hard for me to determine if Douglas James is Legit or a Scam, but he has negative reviews that don’t shed a positive light on him.

For example, check these two (2):

“He says in his presentation that he is cutting straight to it, but after watching his video, I still didn’t know what and how much work I will be doing. I had a call from his coach today, and he wouldn’t give me any prices before I go through everything in the order he wanted (make sure he has done his sales speech) before he can give me any information about pricing. It is a BS business.”

And here’s another

“You are the first person to tell about how Mr. James really runs his company. First, I must tell you that I have been in business since 1990, working for myself and other companies as a graphic designer and illustrator in California. After I paid the $10K , communication support almost came to halt. I mainly had one coach that dealt with receiving the money and showing me how to find the course. Here is the part that went wrong for me. As you go through the course, they wanted me to pay for two app subscriptions plus’s paying for advertising. Because I told the first coach about the extra added cost, I was cut off from allowing me to talk to anyone. I called repeatedly for a week and a half to ask for a coach or talk to Douglas James himself, and no callback. In Douglas’s ad video, he does not mention the added cost. I have my own website as a graphic artist, and in my art storefront website, I receive support in a well-organized order. Douglas lacks good business manners. He even avoids me on the following webinar by shutting my sound off. I joined back in June 23, 2022.”

I’m sure there are many more, but some people don’t post after being burned, which is very unfortunate. Anyways, I recommend doing your due diligence before joining his program and NOT investing any money until you can try his offer. I know he doesn’t offer that option which is another “red flag” because some marketers are so confident in their training that they’ll give you access for seven (7) days free! So, what do I think –

I can’t tell you not to join because you are FREE to do what you want, but I would avoid Douglas James training academy no matter what. His pricing of $3500 is nuts even to get started, and once you are in, who knows how much he’ll keep charging you to LEARN other marketing strategies. Plus, after reading the reviews above, these guys lack the communication and support that someone starting out in marketing needs extensively. A few people have also questioned his transparency. So, hold onto your money and check out some other marketing programs.

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