Michal Kass is considered the king of dropshipping. His training program, Ecom Good Life, has recently created a lot of buzz for providing a twist on the traditional way of doing eCommerce. Mikey (as they call him) says he has the secrets to building a store that will generate recurring monthly income. I must admit, many marketers always say they have some SECRET but repeatedly give you the same crap. But let’s hear him out because he deserves at least that…so…. 

Today, I’ll be reviewing the Ecom Good Life and what his course is all about. I’ll also explore Mikey Kass to determine whether he is the real deal or full of HOT air. My primary purpose in reviewing his program is to give you enough information so you can make an informed decision about whether to join or not. With that said,

I have never been a big fan of eCom. I have probably tried it once in my lifetime, so I recommend something else for people reading this review. If you feel the same way about eCom, as I do (like it’s not your cup of tea), and you are tired of programs that don’t produce results, I want you to check out the following Tiny Two Page Websites Make Us $40,000/Month 

 Great, now it’s time to explore Ecom Good Life!

Table of Contents

Who Is Mikey Kass?
What is the Ecom Good Life Course?
How Much Does the Ecom Good Life Cost? 
Is Ecom Good Life A Scam? 
Final Verdict

Who Is Mikey Kass?

Mikey Kass considers himself the jack of all trades in marketing. He has a successful dropshipping channel on YouTube and founded the Ecom Good Life. Can you believe he achieved all this before age 21 (WOW)? He’s had a comfortable life because he came from a wealthy family and was raised in one of the MOST expensive areas in San Diego. If you’re curious about his YouTube channel, here it is –  Mikey Kass. Anyways,

He became interested in drones at 18, then became a content creator on YouTube and started making videos on remote control technology. Next, he made some cash from his YouTube channel after gaining enough subscribers. Then, he started to play around on eBay, which was a complete failure. Finally, Kass learned enough about Shopify. When he started with Shopify, he did no dropshipping and was housing the inventory. Keeping inventory can be a total headache (if you know about eCom). This inventory meant higher costs, and he made no profit because of the extra inventory. Don’t forget, he had some chargebacks and had to issue refunds too. So, Mikey forgot about Shopify and returned to it a few months later because he wanted to try the dropshipping model. Now, what’s impressive is that Kass claims he made $10K per month in sales in 4 months, then this became $150K per month…all from dropshipping. To summarize, Mikey started the Ecom Good Life course to share what he learned along the way so his students could avoid the same mistakes he made in his journey. Now, 

So, now I know you are wondering…

What is the Ecom Good Life Course?

In a nutshell, Mikey Kass offers you an entire set of video lessons detailing how to create a successful online store. Remember, he has tried and tested all the strategies and believes he has all the SECRETS you need to jump right in and turn a profit RIGHT away. Included in these videos are lessons on:

Creating, designing and fully setting up a profitable dropship store 
How to perform keyword and product research the RIGHT way 
The keys to a successful marketing campaign. You will LEARN some of his BEST Facebook ad campaigns that convert 
The scaling and growth strategies 
And much more 

Now, that’s all I know about the program, and how successful you can be will depend on the hard work you put in. Remember, I have done eCommerce before, and convincing people to buy your product is tough, especially in such a competitive niche. Anyways, 

Mickey Kass is also offering something called the Shopify $17.00 Store…what is this…well… 

Mickey says, “These stores have been tested and are ready to do the hard work for you. The model is plug n’play and will be transferred to you, and again we only have eight (8) of them available to those looking to get started in Shopify the right way.” Did you know there was a time Mikey would sell his stores for 10K and even 20K? But why the sudden price drop? This scares me! And, considering that he claims you can make a couple of thousand a month from your Shopify dropshipping store is insane.

Now, these stores can be in any niche, so who knows what kind of product you will be responsible for…right? I mean, I’m not sure if I feel comfortable dropshipping jewellery, backpacks, shoes, and even electronics. And what happens if the store dies after a few weeks? But who cares? It‘s $17.00…right Again,

Here are two (2) things which stick out to me:

First, why would he give away stores that can generate thousands a month for $17.00? If he can’t handle them, I’m sure he has the money to hire help to look after them. Some freelancers from overseas shouldn’t cost you a lot of money. Next, 

I’ve seen Mikey’s ads all over the internet, like on social media and Google, promoting these stores. These ads have been around for over a year, so why aren’t his stores gone yet? Who wouldn’t want to jump on this type of opportunity…right? Unless he’s offering stores all the time!  Now, here are some other things to consider: 

How Much Does the Ecom Good Life Cost?

Well…no clue!  

First, you have to get on a call with Mikey or his team to find out. This means the price is probably really high. And I’m sure you will have a lot of upsells so that he can cash in even more. I have heard costs of around $497.00 for his premium training, but I’m not totally sure.

Next, in terms of his $17.00 stores… 

I have some questions: What happens when a niche’s competition gets too high? What happens if he runs out of good niches to promote? I wish he would be a bit more transparent in his marketing because I’m sure if he’s the real deal, he can close students by being transparent. Anyways, as mentioned, if eCom is NOT for you, check out my other favourite program by clicking the button below.

Is Ecom Good Life A Scam?

So, everyone wants to know the following: is Mikey Kass and his Ecom Good Life training a scam? The answer is No! But here’s the thing… 

The business model of picking a niche, a product, setting up a store, and dropshipping does work! People have been doing it for years, and I have had some luck in the past too. However, should you join Mikey Kass and learn from him…probably not! Why? 

Mikey Kass makes too many promises, misleading you when he says it’s easy. Because dropshipping is challenging and requires a lot of focus and hard work. It’s that simple! Also, I found some reviews that made me think twice about having Mikey Kass as my mentor and joining the Ecom Good Life course. 

Here are some 

 Lol, shop for 17$, they promise to help along the way, but of course, you need to buy their course. They wanted $5000 to see my commitment, they say. I told him I give him 10% or even 15% of my earning, and sure thing, they rejected it! Selling 1/8 pre-built stores…. lol the ads are running already for months 😅 Just stay away! Don’t spend any money on this scam artists! The worst small money I ever spent!!”  

 And, here’s another one… 

 “This guy Mikey kass is a scam artist, he will try and get you to buy a drop shipping store, pretending its 1 of 10 exclusives . He makes a big deal for you to show up to a phone call with him so he can show you how to make alot of money on Shopify from the store hes just sold you then he will never call! and then no refund offered and they will not answer any messages on email. watch out for Josh Santos also, his partner. bad people. nasty scammers! be careful! good luck with finding good people to help you, people like these ruin the internet.” 

And there is more too!

Final Verdict

I would NOT recommend the Ecom Good Life and wouldn’t even recommend dropshipping as a way to make passive income. Dropshipping is highly competitive now, and with the increasing shipping costs, packaging, advertising, etc., you will be lucky to break even. Also, when you are dropshipping, you have no control over the quality of the product the customer receives. Unhappy customers will request a refund and leave a negative review about your store. Negative reviews lead to fewer sales, and this hurts your ROI. I know many people involved in dropshipping before but have left this business altogether because it’s not sustainable. However, it’s also important to mention the following:

You can make money through eCommerce, but you would have to invest in creating a private-label product (your own brand). This means thousands of dollars in manufacturing, design, marketing, and more. If you don’t have the financial backing to do all of this, you can’t get your private label store off the ground.  

Before you leave

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