David Vlas is a YouTuber turned day trader who claims you can copy and paste your way to thousands of dollars each month by following his process. If you have never heard of him, David is the man behind Monetarico.com. He says, “The old way of trading stocks is gone, and what I’m about to show you is the new trend in making money. It will blow your mind, and I want you to get in before everyone else does.” I have heard these sales pitches before, so I have to say, “WHATEVER!”. David says his method is different because you don’t need a considerable backroll to get started and can do so with a few hundred dollars. He claims some people involved with his Monetari Fund have been able to turn $300 into full-time income…really? I know you want to know his process, how much his training costs, and is Monetari legit? So, read on to find out, but…

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In this Monetarico review, I will be covering quite a bit. I will be completely transparent, starting with how risky investing can be online, so you must be highly disciplined before starting. But David says, “Trading stocks doesn’t have to be risky; you can use certain strategies like “stop losses” to ensure you get out in time before losing enormous amounts of money. On the other hand, when you are in a winning trade, you can ride it out and make a significant return on your initial investment.”  It’s weird because David claims that current Monetari members report a win rate of around 90%, which is insane. Still, I recommend taking this figure with a grain of salt. So, I decided to dig deeper to find out how David and his Monetari training can guarantee this kind of return. They supposedly have a 7-figure trader named John who tells you when and what trades to make. So all you have to do is copy him and jump into a winning trade. Let’s continue,

The bottom line is that since everything will be laid out for you, David says there is NO way you can mess up. “Join today, and let us teach you the process. In a few days, you can start trading, and you can be set for life without worrying about the 9-5 grind. You can be free to book time off to travel, spend time with your kids, etc.” says David.   It would be nice to make an extra $50, $100 or even $200 per day…right? So, I guess the real question now is… What is Monetarico?

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It’s a different approach to traditional stock trading, where you invest your money upfront to buy a bunch of shares, hoping to cash out when the price increases. Options trading can be defined as the following:

“Options trading is the practice of buying or selling options contracts. These agreements allow the holder to buy or sell a collection of underlying securities at a set price by a specific date. Investors can but don’t have to own the underlying security to purchase or sell an option.”

I know nothing about trading stocks, but David claims this is the way to go. “Options trading allows you to make more money with less capital and risk. You see, you don’t need thousands of dollars upfront to buy Apple shares. You need a fraction of the money to trade options on Apple, and you can still profit…it’s that simple!” says David.

He says it’s a no-brainer, and you should get involved. His training is RIGHT for you if you’re young, old, blue-collar or white-collar. If you have previous trading experience or NOT, it doesn’t matter because Monetari Fund will teach you everything from start to finish. David says what he’s offering isn’t just a course but a complete solution. For example, you get a copy-and-paste system, support, alerts, a private community to ask questions, and more. Anyways, I know you all want to know how much does Monetari cost? “I originally wanted to charge everyone 12K per year, and I know it’s worth every penny, but if you sign up for my webinar, you will receive a huge discount on the enrolment price,”   says David. With the discount, you can enrol in the New Monetari Alerts Partner Program for $1,995 with access for an entire year. There is an option to enroll for six (6) months costing around $997. David says spots are limited, and there is NO guarantee this discount will last for several months or even weeks. I checked out their website, and students involved with Monetarico have left positive testimonials. Still, with a supposedly 90% win rate, I’m surprised these people aren’t billionaires by now…right?

David is confident you will be happy with the training. Still, for any reason you are NOT, you can request a refund which they will process immediately. However, I have to be completely transparent during this Monetarico review because you deserve it. I found a student who left a review on Trustpilot and wasn’t happy with his experience. He said, “They promise a “copy and paste” system and make it seem easy, but it’s hard. These guys hook you in and say you can learn to trade successfully only if you pay for an overpriced one-on-one session. The student also said good luck getting a refund; their fine print is there to keep YOUR money in THEIR pockets.”  But there are some positive reviews also, so you have to do your due diligence before deciding to join. I mean, Monetarifund can easily pay some people to leave positive reviews for them…right? So, research and find out the real deal with this training. So,

Is Monetari Legit?

I have never heard of anyone making millions of dollars through a copy-and-paste system when it comes to trading. It just doesn’t happen, and the fact they are promoting this system makes me even more suspicious. Ask yourself this question…if you have a system that can generate thousands of dollars each day WITH very little work…would you share it with anyone? I can confidently say I wouldn’t, so it makes you wonder how powerful David’s system is…right? I will sit this one out and recommend you do the same. I encourage you to check out another business which involves setting up digital real estate properties. It’s less effort, and I collect a nice $500-$2,000+ checks every month afterward (AKA passive income). If you want to LEARN more, then…

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