Everyone wants to know if you can trust the Mikkelsen twins and if they are LEGIT in their claim about making money online? First, let me clear up one thing from the start….Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen are real! These guys have been doing stuff online for 10+ years and, MOST recently, have been pushing their Audiobook Income Academy training hardcore. But this does NOT mean you should buy AIA and that you can trust them. I mean, I have heard these guys are NOT even publishing audiobooks anymore because they’ve been kicked off the Amazon platform. How do I know? They admit they have! But Christian Mikkelsen (the brother in most YouTube ads) claims what they learned can still be used to make monthly passive income. With that said,

The Mikkelsen twins claim to have updated their Audiobook Income Academy, making the strategies so easy to apply to your business that making money publishing audiobooks has become so easy that anyone can do it…are these guys for real? Let’s find out!

Before I start…

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Great, it’s time to explore… are the Mikkelsen Twins Real or Fake?

Here’s the thing,

I decided the easiest way to find out if these guys are for real is to head over to Amazon and do a quick search for “Mikkelsen.” When I searched Amazon, I found one (1) single audiobook published under the name “Mikkelsen” called – The Freedom Shortcut: How Anyone Can Generate True Passive Income Online! That’s it! Next, I did the EXACT same search on Google and found nothing but reviews on Audiobook Income Academy and some of their YouTube videos. So, in short, my searches came up empty, which is a huge disappointment, especially when these guys are pushing training programs they claim to have made thousands of dollars from. Anyways,

When people started leaving reviews writing, “mikkelsen twins scam”, the twins explained why you couldn’t find their audiobooks anywhere. First, Christian was banned years ago by Amazon, and since then, he hasn’t been able to log back in to publish new audiobooks. The second, the Mikkelson twins say since the Audiobook Income Academy training became popular, they haven’t had the time to publish anything new on Amazon. Instead, they have been busy supporting their students and updating their program. They recently launched a new and improved training version called AIA 2.0. Third, the brothers said, “Who cares if we haven’t launched any new audiobooks? We did it years back and were very successful, plus the strategies we used can still be applied RIGHT now to make passive income on Amazon’s Audible platform.” (at least these guys are honest). Let’s move on…

Ok, I get what these guys are saying: if they have a proven system that works and have used it to make money, it shouldn’t matter if they are still actively using it…right? There’s nothing wrong with making money from what you know and selling your knowledge to others so they can duplicate your success. Isn’t this what we call the American way of achieving success? But, I have to say; when I was reviewing their Audiobook Income Academy, I could see how much Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen have invested into their training. For example, they have brought other coaches to help students with the training and provide group support. They have a team they have hired for live calls, etc. You can see how the Mikkelsen twins care about what they are doing with this AIA training and the other ones they have too. Anyways,

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Great…let’s continue…

Alex Kerr, a coach with the Audiobook Income Academy, supported Rasmus & Christian Mikkelsen and said, “These guys care about what they do. When I was hired as a coach, I was instructed to help students build an actual business and NOT give them a copy-and-paste system. If I tell them what to do, they will not survive when I am no longer around. My job as a coach is to support them in building a long-term business. Have them ask me questions, but before I answer them, I want to give them a chance to think independently.”  With that said,

To answer the question, are the Mikkelsen Twins Real or Fake? It’s safe to say these guys are real. But here are my thoughts! First, because these guys are the real deal doesn’t mean the business model will still work in today’s market. Do you know how many people on Amazon sell products and publish audiobooks on Audible? I assume millions of people, and these same people, will be your competition. Just like anything you do, there’s a time and place which would have been ideal for making money from audiobooks (it’s gone now). Next, once you are in the Audiobook Income Academy, you have to build your business which will take months or even years, so don’t think the Mikkelsen twins are selling you a product you can use to pocket thousands of dollars in 1-2 weeks…it doesn’t work like this because you have to work hard! Next, Amazon controls everything, and they can choose to ban you anytime they feel like, then; what are you going to do? All your time and the money you invest… poof…disappears. Anyways,

I like Rasmus & Christian Mikkelsen! These guys are go-getters and want to live the American dream. But, I have not seen any case study of them making the money they claim they do. These twins claim to have made thousands, so open up your Amazon and Paypal account and show some proof…right? I mean, I know these guys are legitimate, but some proof will make it easier for me to trust them a bit more.

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