Interview questions CAN be exciting, but nerve racking too. It’s always a good idea to be PREPARE ahead of time by studying the TOP Interview DO’s And DONT’s!

I reached out to recruiters in different industries to find out what makes 1 candidate stand out compared to another, especially when both have the same qualifications and experience. What I LEARNED is SHOCKING!

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’re about to learn:

First, you WILL learn my TOP Interview DONTs and why it is ESSENTIAL to avoid these job interview mistakes. Secondly, you will GET my BONUS TIPS to help give you an edge over other candidates. Third, I will provide you with 2-3 excellent questions to ask your interviewer. Finally, I will provide you with a LINK where you can view a transcription of this video and other AWESOME interview questions and answers for different industries.


Hey, in today’s video, I’m going to share with you the TOP Interview DO’s and DON’Ts.

I reached out to the TOP recruiters in different industries to find out what makes one candidate stand out compared to another, especially when they both have the same qualifications and what I learned I wish I knew years ago.

First, you’ll only be invited to come in for an interview if your work experience and your qualifications align perfectly with the job requirements. The only thing left to do is for the hiring team to meet you. They want to know who you are and how well you’ll fit into the company’s culture. I like to call this the shining phase!

This is your chance to impress the hiring manager with your presence and the answers to their questions. So now that you understand this very important lesson, here are the TOP Interview DON’Ts from MOST important to LEAST important.

Number 1: DON’T Arrive Late

Arrive 15 to 20 minutes before your interview because this shows that you take yourself seriously. By arriving 15 to 20 minutes earlier, I had some extra time to go over my notes. Here’s something else I learned, the hiring manager actually wrote down what time I arrived for my interview. I learned they use arrival time in their decision-making process when comparing two (2) candidates.

Number 2: Dress To Impress

It’s your chance to show hiring managers that you are a serious candidate by dressing like you belong in the room with them. Let me ask you something if you were gonna hire someone for a job who would you choose A or B?

I hope you said B!

Now by wearing a suit I had a neat and clean professional appearance which demonstrated to them that I understood the workplace dynamics and company culture.

Number 3: Posture and Body Language Does Matter!

DON’T slouch, DON’T lose eye contact and DON’T be over confident. You see, the interviewer was actually paying close attention to my body language so I made sure that I was upright and always kept eye contact.

Number 4: DON’T Go OFF Topic.

I kept my answers concise and relevant! This way I had some extra time to talk about my other accomplishments and achievements in my other answers as long as they added value.

Number 5: Do NOT Talk Negatively About Your Previous Employer.

I was actually asked about my previous employer during my interview and I kept things positive by saying all the great things I learned on the job. The interviewer actually appreciated the fact that I was able to be trusted with the company’s reputation. You see, companies want to hire someone who would preserve a company’s reputation, NOT destroy it!

Number 6: Avoid Answering In Point Form.

I avoided saying things like, I’m confident, I’m organized, I’m punctual.

I made sure when answering a question that it was free-flowing that I had a conversation with the interviewer. One of the greatest feedbacks I received from the recruiter afterwards was that they really like my personality.

Number 7: DON’T Swear, DON’T Talk About Religion, or Politics.

Keep one thing in mind, a company’s bottom line is profit and they accomplish this by keeping a diverse workplace and a positive one.

Number 8: DON’T Lie – Period!

I made sure I was honest in every single question I answered because I knew the interviewer can easily find out if I was dishonest by doing a quick reference check.

Number 9: DON’T interrupt the interviewer.

It’s disrespectful! If you are unclear about anything wait until the interviewer is done talking then ask for clarification.

Now, here are some last minute tips that will really give you an edge over other candidates.

Bonus Tips

Number 1:

Before my interview I took time to research the company’s history products and services. Here’s a bonus tip, I took time to read over the company’s five-year plan and their current STOCK price. This is something that stood out with the interviewer. She provided feedback stating that a lot of candidates DON’T actually know that information.

Number 2:

I always made sure to smile and kept eye contact. This was a great way to build comfort within the room and the more comfortable the interviewer was the more relaxed she became with me.

Number 3:

I brought two (2) extra copies of my resume the actual hiring manager forgot a copy of my resume so those came in handy when she needed one. And,

Number 4:

I prepared two (2) to three (3) questions to ask the interviewer towards the end of the interview. These questions were relevant to the position and showed that I had a true interest in the job role. These questions are absolutely amazing and you should use them too.

Is there any opportunity for growth within this current position? What are some mistakes previous employees made in this position? And, How will my performance be evaluated in this job role?

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