Today, I’ll review the millionaire shortcut and if Jeff Lerner’s eBook can make you rich (if you apply the strategies inside the book). I first discovered Jeff Lerner through a YouTube ad and was intrigued by some of the stuff he was saying. Then, when I did some more research, I heard many people often talking about “the millionaire shortcut” and how this book is the real deal. But on the other hand, I heard some negative things about Jeff’s book and strategies. Anyways…

I decided to type in the following “millionaire shortcut review” to find out the real deal on my own. It’s amazing what I discovered because I’m sure it will blow your mind (seriously). You see, Jeff Lerner says, “I have a massive shortcut that will help you make your first million dollars online quickly.” But…

Is he legit, or is Jeff Lerner a scam? Find out RIGHT now by reading through my entire review…

Before I start…

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Great, now it’s time to explore… the Millionaire Shortcut by Jeff Lerner!

Table of Contents

What is The Millionaire Shortcut?
Who Is Jeff Lerner?
Let’s Explore The Millionaire Shortcut eBook
How Much Is Jeff Lerner Net Worth?
Is The Millionaire Shortcut a Scam?
Some Millionaire Shortcut FAQs

What is The Millionaire Shortcut?

In his MOST recent ad, Jeff says, “Right now, over 1,700 new millionaires are being created every day in the United States alone. This number is actually double across the world.”

You see, Jeff emphasizes this point because that is what the Millionaire Shortcut is all about. In other words, Millionaire Shortcut is a 15-page book where Jeff explains his SECRET method for making money online. “I’ve discovered a shortcut and will share it with you absolutely FREE.” Says Jeff. But here’s what I discovered after I opted for the FREE Millionaire PDF…

The book starts by providing helpful information but then transitions into a sales pitch to sell his real training, the ENTRE Institute program.

So, in other words, the Millionaire Shortcut is a crappy 15-page book that doesn’t share anything with you except pitch another training called ENTRE which is Jeff’s SECRET weapon to make money. How? Because through the ENTRE Institute, Jeff sells other programs and upsells…it’s that simple!

Now, let’s continue and learn a little more about Jeff Lerner…

Who Is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff Lerner, known as Mr. Millionaire Shortcut, talks a lot about his rags-to-riches story and how he went from a broke piano player to someone generating over 100 million in online sales. (not sure how accurate the number is…lol)

Anyways, over the last ten (10), it’s said that Jeff has built multiple successful businesses online. In addition, his businesses have generated millions of dollars!

Jeff Lerner believes in the 3 P’s of Excellence (Personal, Physical, and Professional). He attributes his success to living by these principles and utilizes the 3 P’s of Excellence to educate people on how to get control of their own lives and follow their passion. How does Jeff do this? He has an education platform known as the ENTRE Institute. With that said,

Jeff Lerner maintains an active social media presence when he’s NOT focusing on the ENTRE Institute. For example, he creates YouTube videos sharing his knowledge of what he has learned in digital marketing. He also provides motivational content on YouTube and Facebook social media accounts. Finally, you can catch Jeff live in your city when he’s speaking to audiences about marketing, productivity, motivation, and more.

Let’s Explore The Millionaire Shortcut eBook

When you Google “jeff lerner book,” the first thing that pops up is the Millionaire Shortcut eBook. It’s a FREE book in PDF format available for everyone to download. So, I did just that and here’s what I discovered…

First, it’s an eBook with no more than 15 pages and doesn’t go into too much detail. The book explains how to use the internet to your advantage to build a digital marketing agency in today’s era. Of course, Jeff Lerner doesn’t cover much because how much knowledge can you provide in 15 pages…RIGHT? Anyways,

Some other things covered are:

Why the number of people becoming millionaires every year has been increasing? And, what “shortcut” do they know that you don’t?


The simple “hack” or “shortcut” Jeff used to shorten the time it took for him to achieve millionaire status (how you can use the same process)

And finally,

He has a link to a bonus video on the last page, directing you to his sales funnel for the ENTRE Institute (Jeff’s paid training program). But,

I will save you the trouble of downloading the eBook and joining the ENTRE Institute because I will tell you Jeff’s SECRET shortcut. Are you ready?

The Millionaire Shortcut is COPYING OTHER MILLIONAIRES! That’s right! Find out how they made millions and copy them step-by-step…..what BS if you ask me…lol.

Here’s the thing…

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How Much Is Jeff Lerner Net Worth?

I did some digging and can’t find the EXACT number, but Jeff Lerner is estimated to have a networth of $50 million. Again, it’s unclear what the EXACT number is, but supposedly Jeff had success with his online ventures early in his career.

Is The Millionaire Shortcut a Scam?

Look, is Jeff Lerner and his Millionaire Shortcut eBook a scam..NO! But, it provides absolutely no VALUE whatsoever. I’m sure Jeff can teach you some cool stuff when it comes to digital marketing, but I don’t appreciate his manipulative marketing tactics to get you into his paid ENTRE Institute. I wish he were transparent in his ad instead of saying the eBook will provide us with some excellent one-of-a-kind SHORTCUT that no one knows about. But, instead, I find out his big SECRET is to copy those who have been successful in business and apply the same strategies they are.

Now, here’s something else I want to mention,

Jeff Lerner Net Worth is supposedly $50 million…right? But, he never shows you any of his past projects, which earned him these millions of dollars. Instead, he keeps talking about a “SHORTCUT” but never describes how he has applied it in his business. And then, when he starts to mention something of VALUE, he sends you to a funnel for his primary training (ENTRE INSTITUTE) and starts pitching all of these programs you have to buy. Not to mention the upsells…what a headache. So, to answer your question: Is the Millionaire Shortcut a scam? No! Because it’s FREE, Jeff does send you an eBook, but other than that, AVOID anything he’s selling at all costs because anyone using these tricky marketing strategies to lure you in cannot be credible to do business with. But there is one reason you may want to follow Jeff…

It’s if you want a course on how to run misleading marketing ads on YouTube…LOL.

Some Millionaire Shortcut FAQs

Here are some of the MOST common questions asked about the Millionaire Shortcut eBook by Jeff Lerner.

1) Is Jeff’s Shortcut Legit?

Yes! What Jeff is offering you is legit! But, the “SHORTCUT” he mentions provides absolutely NO VALUE. I mean, it’s NOT even worth it to download his eBook because you expect some SECRET strategy, but all you get is advice saying to become a millionaire, copy what other wealthy people are doing…haha.

2) How Much Does the Millionaire Shortcut Cost?

The eBook is FREE and doesn’t cost you a thing! But remember, the eBook is just a marketing tactic Jeff uses to direct you to his paid training – the ENTRE Institute.

3) Whose The Person Behind The Millionaire Shortcut?

It’s Jeff Lerner! He supposedly has years of experience in the online space establishing many successful online businesses. In addition, he has claimed to have made millions of dollars throughout his lifetime. So the question is: Is Jeff Lerner Legit in his claim to have millions of dollars…not sure because he provides NO proof on his website or in his YouTube ads.

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