Schneider is one of the largest trucking companies in North America and the growth has been attributed to how they treat their employees. They respect and appreciate the hard work every day by employees and believe it is because of them why the company continues to grow each year. Schneider shows their appreciation by providing exceptional employee benefits and pay.

Schneider Trucking has put together an employee benefits package that includes some of the best perks in the industry. For example, you have awesome pay, complete benefits including 401(K), Personal Time, Passenger Program, Discount Program, Tuition Reimbursement, Financial, Legal, Adoption and Insurance Benefits and much more.

Let’s go into these benefits in more detail…

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Schneider’s Trucking Compensation Highlights

  • Schneider offers a complete compensation package which includes: combining driver pay, benefits and many other perks. Schneider makes sure to regularly check their competitors ensuring they have a highly competitive program.
  • To retain and attract the best drivers they have an awesome pay-for-performance structure.
  • We recognize longevity through exclusive membership into our Advantage Club
  • Providing drivers with consumer-driven medical plans and a range of coverage options. Remember, we offer a complete benefits package
  • Schneider has put together some other competitive perks like tuition reimbursement, group discounts and a network offering low-cost meals and complementary services while drivers are away from home.

With a complete package it’s no wonder “Schneider trucking jobs” is the number “1” searched term in the industry within search engines.

Schneider Driver Pay

Schneider has always had a policy to pay drivers on performance and when they achieve the highest level, Schneider has exclusive bonuses available to drivers. However, it’s hard to calculate the EXACT pay you’ll receive because it depends on the type of work and geo-location. If you want more information on “driver pay” than please speak to a recruiter.


It’s important to note all drivers will be paid bonuses for meeting and passing expectations. The performance is based on specific metrics and you’ll be scored weekly based on how well you do. These metrics are available to all drivers through “scorecards”

  • Service
  • Fuel Management
  • Safety

Recent truck driving school graduates and Class A CDL holders are eligible to receive up-to “3” automatic pay increases within the first year with the company. This will depend on type of driving job and performance throughout the year. The higher the performance depending on the metrics the higher monthly and quarterly bonus.

Schneider Benefits – Insurance, 401(k) and More…

Health Care

Schneider offers a complete medical plan to avoid any confusion with coverage. Some of the features include dental and vision insurance with the ability to set-up health care and dependent care spending accounts. With our plans you can choose coverage that works for you.

Personal Time

Personal time is very important because you’ll be able to spend time with those that matter. At Schneider, enjoy paid vacation time based on how many years you’ve dedicated to our company.

  • 1 year of service = 1 week paid vacation
  • 2 years of service = 2 weeks paid vacation
  • 7 years of service = 3 weeks paid vacation
  • 15 years of service = 4 weeks paid vacation

Advantage Club

After five years Schneider drivers are admitted into the Advantage Club. This club recognizes you for your hard work and loyalty to the company and comes with enormous benefits. Here are some of the features…

You’ll have the opportunity to attend a variety of sporting events, such as NFL games or NASCAR races, dinners and many other unique opportunities all paid by Schneider to include travel, hotel and food. In 2013, a selected group of club members took a ride in a blimp and toured Goodyear’s production plant in Akron.

Military Leave

When working for Schneider we’ll ensure you have guaranteed time off for military training and service. Military training and service does NOT fall under vacation time so it won’t be affected when you return. If you are involuntarily called into service than Schneider will make sure you are paid for up to 18 months including benefits (minus any military pay).


When your ready to retire and your times up than your going to be in a great position because of our awesome retirement program. Full and part-time truck drivers can take advantage of our pre-tax and Roth 401(k) savings program with company match. In our program, Schneider will match your contributions up to 6% of your eligible pay. When you contribute 1%–4% of your pay, Schneider will match $.50 on each dollar. On the 5th and 6th percent, Schneider matches dollar for dollar.

Tuition Reimbursement

Here’s something cool and it’s definitely a program students are looking for especially with the increasing cost of trucking schools. After you’ve completed your driving school and received your CDL, Schneider will reimburse you up-to $6,000 for recent graduates. You’ll learn more about the truck driving school program below.

Passenger Program

At Schneider you can enjoy our passenger program so you can spend time with your loved ones. With this program you can take friends (age 18+) and immediate family (ages 10+) on the road with you.

Discount Program

When working for our company you’ll enjoy year-round discounts and cool offers from national and local companies. Some examples include mobile phones discounts, vehicles, restaurants and even movie tickets.

Financial, Legal, Adoption and Insurance Benefits

While working for Schneider you’ll have added benefits including – financial planning, debt management services and access to family legal and CDL protector plans, adoption assistance and discounts on home, auto and personal accident insurance.

Schneider Driving School Program

Schneider Trucking Jobs attracts people from all over North America who are looking to get involved in the trucking industry. The schneider trucking school program hires graduates from schools across the country and even reimburses them the cost.

Let’s look at the Schneider Trucking School program in more detail.

Starting a Trucking Career

We have a great system in place where we pre-approve candidates before they start applying for trucking schools. At Schneider transportation jobs we know what we’re looking for and will tell you if your a good fit. Below you’ll find a form so complete it then fax or mail in to us and our team will review it. Next,

Once your approved you can use the form to secure loans, grants or other funding for school.

You can Search and Apply for schneider driving jobs open to new CDL holders. When you join the Schneider team, we’ll make you one of the best drivers on the road through our industry-leading paid orientation.

The $6,000 Tuition Reimbursement

It’s all about the next generation of truck drivers and we want to ensure they have the right knowledge and training before joining our team. This is why we’re committed to making sure they get the best training possible through designated driving programs. For this very reason we provide up to $6,000 in tuition reimbursement to those drivers who complete the driving program and are hired within 4 months of graduation. Here’s something else…

If you’ve graduated more than 4 months ago without having any professional driving experience our reimbursement will cover refresher courses. To understand the EXACT process, here’s a breakdown…

– Step 1: Start by getting enrolled in a trucking school.

This kind of investment is great for your future and it’s important you start by applying to a handful of trucking programs. For more information on how to get a loan, contact the financial aid department at your truck driving school.

– Step 2: Important – Apply at Schneider before you graduate.

Search and Apply for jobs open to new CDL holders and a recruiter will contact you.

– Step 3: Drive for Schneider.

Our reimbursement program kicks in once you’ve been employed at Schneider for 30 days. Schneider will start to help repay your trucking tuition loan starting at $150.00 (nontaxable) at month. This will go toward the cost of your tuition.

Your Schneider recruiter will need these forms to enroll you in tuition reimbursement:

  • Education Reimbursement Form
  • Certificate of Completion/Diploma
  • Copy of receipt or loan agreement
  • Supplier ACH Direct Deposit Form
    If reimbursement should go directly to the lender
  • Education Payroll Deduction Agreement
    If the loan agreement with a lender is greater than $150 a month and you’d like to automatically deduct the remaining amount from your paycheck

Few More Reasons To Drive Schneider

We’ve been praised all over the world and have worked hard to provide our prospects & employee’s the best. With the best training, support, stability and options it’s no wonder people all over the globe want to work for us. Here’s something we want you to read…

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