This question is common during interviews, and you need to be prepared. An interviewer typically asks this question to understand if you WILL get bored of the job in a few months from now. A company does NOT want to hire someone who is TOO overqualified for the position, because in their experience, these candidates tend to transition quickly into another position. In fact, it is evident that, an overqualified candidate can use their knowledge and experience to land a job more challenging with a substantially higher salary and increased benefits.

 So, how do you approach answering such a question?

We recommend you take some time to dig deeper into what the interviewer is REALLY asking and the ACTUAL reason behind their question. For example, when an interviewer asks the following question –  “Are You Overqualified For This Job?” they are essentially trying to figure out if you are a good fit for this job and if you will stay motivated and committed to it for the foreseeable future.  With that said,

Mention to the interviewer how your knowledge, experience, and qualifications CAN be an asset to the position and NOT a liability. For example, explain to the interviewer how your QUALIFICATIONS can help solve the companies’ problems. Showcase your interest and enjoyment towards such a role, this will subsequently project your drive, motivation and commitment to the job role. Remember. The company has a problem which is why they are hiring, and they are looking for the RIGHT individual to solve it. So, be sure to project yourself as the PERFECT candidate with the right skillset to help solve their issues.

To summarize:

– Talk about how your experience will be an asset in this position and how you can also use this experience to mentor others on your team.

– Talk about some of the other reasons you are attracted to this position. For example, mention your enjoyment and interests towards this particular role, the benefits of this position compared to other roles— i.e. the interesting challenges, longer duration, better benefits, and location.

– You can also mention how this job offers the flexibility you need right now in your life. You can also state how it aligns perfectly with your family dynamics.

To conclude, keep in mind that being overqualified for a position is NOT a deterrent. The interviewer is just trying to understand your reason for applying for this position, especially with your higher level of qualifications. However, it is extremely IMPORTANT to construct an answer reflecting how being overqualified CAN be an asset for the company. Not only that, we recommend combining your answer with other reasons why you’re applying for this position at hand. For example, mention personal reasons or your motivation and desire to share your experience with others as a mentor/role model. Another good suggestion is to reflect on your previous jobs and the stability this position provides at this stage in your life.

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