Okay, so the Craigslist Middleman supposedly makes you 6-figures, or you won’t have to pay even a penny. (What…serious?). Supposedly, the middleman side hustle is so simple that a 10-year-old can even do it…lol. This sounds like a whole bunch of BS. Anyway, let’s hear what else this guy in the video has to say. “You’ve probably never heard what I’m about to tell you because this strategy just came into the market, and no one else is doing it.” I guess he’s trying to tell you there’s no competition or saturation so that you can cash in right away. So, here’s what I’m going to do…

I will research the Craigslist Middleman strategy and tell you if it’s truly the real deal. So, stay tuned and let’s get started. But,

Before I start…

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The guy in the video says, “I made $125,550 last year, and all it took was three platforms. Which ones? Fiverr, Craigslist, and PayPal.” He said combining these three made him 6-figures and approx. $4,500 last week. It’s incredible because the way this guy talks, he’s printing money. He’s talking about making this kind of money, and he was able to do it while NOT changing anything he does day to day.“I have a busy schedule because I’m always doing things. I continued to attend my appointments, university, and even my other job.”  The guy in the video mentions organizing some design deals that put everything into motion for him. He said he’ll explain everything later. I don’t know; I have a bad feeling about what he’s saying and feel like yelling, “craigslist middleman scam,” because this is what it sounds like to me (right now). I’m hoping this dude can change my mind. (I know you feel the same way, too)

Now, the guy in the video starts talking about Fiverr. If you’ve never heard of this platform, it’s a marketplace where remote workers all connect with each other. I mean, these people are located worldwide selling their services. For example, writing content, design work, coding, scripting, audio, and video editing…you name it! The best thing about this platform is that everything they offer starts at $5. I’ve checked out Fiverr before and can honestly tell you I was impressed with some of the talent I saw. You know the overseas exchange rate works in your favour. For example, “You can sell a website here in North America for 2K, but have the people overseas design it for around $500 dollars.” says the guy in the video. With everything said and done, you are making 80% profit from this deal alone.  Ahhh, I’m beginning to understand what the Craigslist side hustle is all about. Before I continue…

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So, I know you are wondering: Where will you find your customers? The guy says in the video, “This is where you will use Craigslist because they also allow you to post services and can target people everywhere.” This guy targeted like 20 major cities because he can. Since everything was done online, he had enormous privacy, meaning he didn’t have to meet any customers. When the customers ask for your portfolio of work…no problem, show them some websites completed by the Fiverr team and hire the same team to design them. Once you have a client, you can charge them whatever you want, but ideally, you want to stay competitive at around 1K. As soon as the money touches your account, you use the other part of the Craigslist Middleman strategy by heading to Fiverr and ordering a gig from someone willing to design your website. “Once you have done this a few times, you will know who to work with and who you trust on Fiverr.“ says the dude in the video. The KEY is to make a profit! When you have hired your team on Fiverr, you just have to deliver the goods when they are ready…it’s that simple! This is why it’s called The Craigslist Middleman strategy.

Here are a few things I’ve personally liked about Fiverr (I’ve used it before). First, you can access multiple designers, so you’ll always have someone to work with on a project. Secondly, Fiverr offers freelancers in every niche, so you can use the Craigslist Middleman strategy for any niche, meaning you can stack multiple jobs and make more money. Finally, being a Craiglist middleman is low risk with a high reward. Posting a service is FREE, and if there is a cost, it’s minimal. Anyways,

The guy in the video says he spends no more than 15 minutes a day running this side hustle. He’ll show you everything in his very own Craigslist Middleman course. This course has ad templates, scripts, a list of the top designers, and even a formula for scaling your business. So, is Craigslist Middleman legit? Yes! I believe it’s a viable strategy. But can you make money from it? If you are willing to put the time and energy into listing ads and communicating with clients, I guess you can. However, I’m still a bit confused…why would this guy in the video share this strategy if it’s making him so much money? I mean, why not keep it for himself…right? The making money with Craigslist course costs $29.95 and comes with a full money-back guarantee. (Cool!). But I’m sure they’ll be upsells along the way…whatever.

If this business model isn’t the right fit for you, try building something called Digital Rental Properties and collect an excellent $500-$2,000 checks every month afterward (AKA passive income). So…

Before you leave

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