When on the road for long hours, safety is the number 1 priority. This means ensuring you have peace of mind when traveling from 1 location to the next. It’s no secret that as a truck driver, you will be spending long hours on the road, which means the chances of unfortunate accidents increase dramatically. Driving these long-haul journeys earns you a paycheck, so you can’t afford to stop working, but you can invest in devices to protect you on and off the road. One such device is a trucking dash cam. This camera has both front and rear HD cameras to capture incidents as they happen. This device even reports them to your smartphone app, so you have a report ready in real-time. In essence, these dash cams give you that peace of mind you always miss when driving. With that said,

With so many different makes and models to choose from, how do you know which is the BEST for your needs? So, we have done the work for you by researching the best dash cam for truckers trending in the market today. All you need to do is read through our list, explore the feature, and head to the product page to finalize your purchase…that’s it!

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Overall Best Dash Cam For Truckers

The table below lists the BEST dash cam for truckers trending in the market today!

You can click “Read More” on any of the items in the table to jump to the section in this article, where you will find a detailed overview and features of the product. Or, you can click the “Shop Now On Amazon” button to head directly to the products page.

1) Rove R2- 4K Dash Cam Built-in WiFi GPS Car/Truck Dashboard Camera Recorder with UHD 2160P


The Rove R2 is a top pick for those looking for the best dash cam for truckers trending in the market today. This trucker dash cam offers ULTRA 4K HD recording and can record up to a resolution of 2160p. In addition, this dash cam also utilizes a revolutionary Super Night Vision Technology (Ultra-low NT96660 + SONY IMX335) to give you more precise, more focused footage when recording in low light conditions. The built-in WiFi feature allows you to view dashcam footage from the ROVE App, and you can also share this footage with others. The app is available on both IOS and Android devices! Oh, this is also considered one of the best dashcam for truckers because of the built-in GPS that accurately records your driving location and speed. With that said,

The Rove R2 trucking dash cam also offers the following features parking mode, motion detection, 150° A+ wide angle lens, G-sensor, loop cycle recording, emergency video lock, time-lapse video, slow-motion video, etc

4K ultra HD recording (up to 2160p)

Revolutionary super night vision technology (Ultra-low liensor NT96660 + SONY IMX335)

Built-in Wifi

G-sensor, loop cycle recording, emergency video lock, time-lapse video, slow-mo video

ROVE App (view and manage dash cam recordings)

Built-in GPS (records your driving location and speed)

FREE Firmware upgrades

Parking mode (motion detection)

150° A+ wide-angle lens

and other features…

2) PRUVEEO Dash Cam, Front and Inside 1080P Dual FHD, Single-Channel 2160P, Built-in GPS WiFi


The PRUVEEO trucking dash cam has ample positive reviews and all the excellent features you are looking for in a camera. The front and cabin cameras record in 1080P at 30fps or in a single channel 2160P at 24fps in multiple resolutions. This trucking dash cam has a 150° wide angle with a maximum viewing angle of 300°. What’s impressive is the 2.0-inch LCDs, and your truck’s driving position/speed is accurately provided by the built-in GPS. Other impressive features include quality night vision on both cameras, which can capture stunning images even when pitch dark, 24-hour parking monitoring, loop recording, and emergency accident locks. With that said,

PRUVEEO is one of the best dash for truckers because it is simple to install, has a suction cup for convenience, and offers a handful of other fantastic features.

Dual cameras

Records in 1080P at 30fps (or single-channel 2160P at 24fps)

Camera has a 150° wide angle (Maximum viewing angle of 300°)

2.0-inch LCD

Built-in GPS

Night vision and WDR Technology

24H parking monitoring

Loop recording/emergency accident locks

Built-in G-sensor senses a collision

Easy installation (no battery)

and other features…

3) Garmin Dash Cam 67W, 1440p, 180-degree FOV, Remotely Monitor Your Vehicle and Signature Series Cloth


Garmin has always been known for its impressive selection of GPS products. However, their trucking dash cameras create a massive buzz, with truck drivers looking for quality products with excellent features. Introducing the Garmin 67W trucking dash cam with 1440p and an extra-wide 180-degree FOV. This system allows you to monitor your system while you are away and stay connected with voice control. Oh, this system also includes a memory card. Other impressive features include live-view monitoring through Wi-Fi connectivity, accessibility through the Garmin app, incident detection, and ALERTS. With that said,

The Garmin 67W is also one of the best dash cam for truckers because you can control several features in the following languages English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Swedish, to save video, start/stop audio recording, take still pictures, and more

Extra-wide 180-degree lens

Records 1440p HD video

Garmin Clarity HDR optics

Access the camera remotely (Live View via Garmin Drive app)

Parking guard (monitors activity around your parked vehicle)

Incident ALERTS

Voice control

Save video, start/stop audio recording, take still pictures, and more.

Forward collision alerts

Speed camera warnings

and other features…

4) Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual 1080P Dash Cam, 2.5K 1440P Front Dash Cam


If you are looking for one of the best dash cam for truckers, the Vanture N2 does NOT disappoint because it has all the features you need and more. First, this is the BEST dual dash cam picked by Wirecutter, CNET, Businessinsider, BGR etc. The front and inside capture can provide camera footage simultaneously in dual 1920x1080P 30fps. Secondly, the interior facing camera uses Sony sensors with 4 IR LED lights which can handle low light conditions. This feature ensures flawless video footage even when the passenger cabin is dark. Not to mention, what also makes this one of the best dash cam for trucking is the 24-hour motion-activated parking mode. This camera automatically starts recording when it detects motion. Oh, and it starts to record when the ignition sparks up. With that said,

Vantrue N2 also has the following impressive features seamless loop recording, a G-sensor to auto-detect sudden shake/collision, and an emergency lock to stop the device from erasing IMPORTANT footage.

Dual lens dash cam

Front angle (170°)/inside (140°)

Dual 1920x1080P 30fps

Single front 2.5K 1440P dash cam

Switch to 1920x1080P@60fps mode with smoother videos for high-speed traffic

Infrared night vision w/Sony sensor

24 hours parking mode & auto LCD OFF

Auto start and record when the ignition sparks up

Built-in microphone

Looping recording & G-Sensor

Full 18-month warranty

and other features…

5) Nexar Beam GPS Dash Cam | HD Front Dash Cam | 2022 Model | 32 GB SD Card Included


If you are in the market for a trucking dash cam system, the Nexar Beam does not disappoint. First, this dash cam does require a smartphone (keep this in mind); however it is compatible with iPhone 7 and above (and most Androids). So, this Beam system is considered one of the MOST compact dashboard cameras trending in the market today. The camera does record with a 135° wide video in 1080p Full HD quality. Next, this Nexar dash cam for truck drivers can detect critical situations like critical situations on the road (like collisions or sudden brakes) and saves them as short clips on the Nexar app. Not to mention, you also have 24/7 parking mode protection! With that said,

The Nexar Beam GPS dash cam can create a post-collision report to help you save time and money. This report is perfect for handing over to insurance companies as it will summarize critical information from the crash, including video footage, driving speed, G-force impact, and location.

Requires a smartphone

Compatible with iPhones 7+/most Android models

Most compact dashboard camera

Crisp 135° wide video in 1080p Full HD quality

Smart detection (detects critical situations on the road)

Free Cloud Backup

Parking mode 24/7 protection

Get ALERTED and watch recorded parking incidents

Seamlessly streams live footage to your phone

One tap insurance report

and other features…

6) REDTIGER Dash Cam Front Rear, 4K/2.5K Full HD Dash Camera for Cars, Free 32GB SD Card, Built-in Wi-Fi GPS


With 4K 1080p dual recording, the REDTIGER is one of the best dash cam for truckers. The front 170°and rear 140°wide-angle dash cam helps reduce blind spots, so the MOST crucial information/evidence is retained. Oh, REDTIGER also records video up to Ultra HD 4K (3840*2160P). This system also has superior night vision capturing essential details under low-light conditions. Not to mention, use the REDTIGER app to view, playback, and manage the dash cam on your IOS or Android devices. You can also download the video and share it with a single click. Other impressive features include a built-in GPS that can record real-time speed, location, etc. With that said,

This dashcams for truckers system comes with loop recording, G-sensor to detect sudden collisions, 24-hour parking monitoring, and much more.

4K+1080P dual recording

Upto Ultra HD 4K(3840*2160P)+FHD 1080P

Front 170°and rear 140°wide-angle

Ultra-large F1.5 aperture (Night Vision)

WiFi/smart app control (playback, download, and edit videos)

One-click (1) sharing through the app

Built-in GPS  (real-time speed, location)

Loop recording

G-sensor detects a sudden collision

24-hour parking monitoring

and other features…

7) Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2, 1080p, 140-degree FOV, Incident Detection Recording and Signature Series Cloth


The Garmin Dash cam Mini 2 is another HOT product if truckers. This device has 140-degree wide angle lenses and can capture footage in 1080P. This is one of the best dash cam for truckers because you can also access the camera features remotely for live monitoring through an active wi-fi connection. Live viewing remotely is fantastic when you are parked and away from your truck. Not to mention, this trucking dash cam system has something called a parking guard monitoring detecting activity around your parked vehicle and alerting you if an incident happens. With voice control available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Swedish, you can use spoken commands to save video, start/stop audio recording, take still pictures, and more. With that said,

The Garmin dash cam for truckers bundle includes one (1) signature series black camo extra soft microfiber lens cloth for screens, glasses, lenses, scopes, etc

Access the camera remotely for Live View

Parking guard feature (monitors activity around your truck)

Incident alerts

Voice control (spoken commands to save video, start/stop audio recording, take still pictures, and more)

Saved videos stored securely in the online vault

and other features…

8) BlackVue DR750X-2CH with 256GB microSD Card | Full HD Cloud Dashcam | Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS


The BlackVue DR750X has many fantastic features making this one of the best dash cam for big trucks. This trucking dash cam has a front camera with a 2.1 megapixels STARVIS sensor. It’s also full HD at a resolution of 1920×1080 with 60fps. The rear camera offers 2.1 megapixels with a STARVIS sensor and full HD too. What makes the BlackVue DR750X one of the best trucker dash cams is that it can be hardwired to your truck’s fuse panel for parking mode without requiring any optional accessories. Oh, this dash cam will switch to parking mode automatically when the vehicle ignition is off. The voltage cutoff and timer can be set using the BlackVue App. Some other impressive features include footage with remote live view and push notifications to your phone. You also have important videos backed up to the Cloud remotely. You can then play and download these videos from the dashcam’s memory or the Cloud from anywhere. With that said,

The BlackVue is considered one of the best dash cam for truckers because the front camera will record extra fluid videos at 60 frames per second, keeping all details sharp even in fast action.


Front cam: 2.1 megapixels STARVIS sensor, full HD (1920×1080 @60FPS), view angle: 139 degrees

Rear cam: 2.1 megapixels STARVIS sensor / full HD (1920×1080 @30FPS) / view angle: 139 degrees.

Back up videos to the Cloud remotely

Switches to parking mode automatically

Remote live viewing (push notifications)

Front camera records extra fluid videos at 60 frames per second

and other features…

9) WheelWitness HD PRO Mark II – Premium Dash Cam – Sony Starvis – Night Vision


Introducing the WheelWitness PRO Mark II with Wi-Fi capability to transfer videos and control your dash camera without ever leaving your car…how amazing is this! This trucking dash cam utilizes the Sony IMX307 Starvis Sensor for maximum video quality and exceptional night vision. The quality is REAL 1080P Super HD. Not to mention, you have a dual camera 1080p with an optional GPS module to track the exact location. Other impressive features include 2 Windshield mounts (suction cup + sticky mount. In addition, the package comes with a power adapter, mini-USB cable.

2x supercapacitors (maximum reliability in any temperature)

The Sony IMX307 Starvis Sensor (maximum video quality)

Superb night vision

REAL 1080P Super HD

OPTIONAL (add the rearview camera for a 1080P recording)

Optional GPS module

and other features…

10) Rove R3 Dash Cam, 3” IPS Touch Screen, 3 Channel Dash Cam Front and Rear with Cabin


The Rove R3 belongs on our list of best dash cam for truckers. This dash cam system has a 3 Inch IPS touchscreen and dual-band 5.0 GHz and 2.4 GHz built-in WiFi that will give you faster transfer speeds. The Rove R3 also has a built-in GPS (live speed, compass, and location stamps) with proprietary fail-safe voice guidance. Not to mention the 24-hour parking monitoring system alerts you of any incidents directly to your phone, and this device even has a G-Sensor with a distortion correction algorithm. With that said,

The Rove R3 is an excellent choice for those long-haul drivers looking for a dashcam with loop recording and advanced H.265 and H.264 video compression

3 Inch IPS touchscreen

Dual-band 5.0 GHz and 2.4 GHz built-in WiFi

Built-in GPS

Fail-safe voice guidance

24 hours parking monitor


Loop recording

Advanced H.265 and H.264 video compression

and other features…

11) Z-Edge Dual Dash Cam 4.0″ Touch Screen Front and Rear Dash Cam FHD 1080P with Night Mode


With all the bells and whistles, the Z-Edge is one of the BEST trucker dash cams available to truck drivers. This dash cam can be controlled with a single hand through the large 4-inch sensitive touchscreen. This trucker dash cam also has dual dash cams providing the following specs – recording in full HD 1080p (front and rear). Not to mention, with four (4) optimizing modes, you will find a setting right for you, and the 6-layer glass lens is highly durable. In addition, the Z-Edge dual dash cash cam system has super night vision through WDR technology. With that said,

Some other impressive features include ultra-wide 155-degree viewing angles, built-in G-sensor, and parking mode via watchdog for 24/7 surveillance

One-hand operation

4-inch sensitive touchscreen

Dual dash cam

Four (4) optimizing modes

Simultaneous near recording front and rear (Full HD 1080P)

Single front camera provides (QHD 2560x1440P@30fps video resolution)

Ultra-wide 155-degree viewing angle

6-layer glass lens

Super night vision (WDR TECHNOLOGY)

Records automatically with vehicle ignition

Built-in G-sensor

Parking mode watchdog for 24/7 surveillance

and other features…

Choosing Your Trucking Dash Camera

Before purchasing your trucking dash cam system, it’s essential to consider the features and your budget. These days the best dash cam for truckers could range anywhere from $100.00-$300.00, depending on the brand name and the package. However, you cannot put a price on vehicle safety, so I encourage you to pay less importance to price and more to the features and peace of mind the dash cam will provide in the long run. With that said,

Before investing in a trucking dash cam system, we recommend the following.

First, it’s important to consider the full features of the system because this is what it all comes down to…right? When you buy a dash cam, you are investing in peace of mind knowing that if something does happen, you have all the footage and information available at your fingertips. So, what features matter MOST? Here are some to think about:

24-hour park mode protection, rear/front cameras with HD recording for clarity, built-in GPS, and a smartphone app for easy sharing and viewing. Another significant feature is night vision to capture clear footage in the dark, and a G-sensor which detects a sudden collision.

Secondly, think about the installation process and if the dash cam you purchase can be installed seamlessly. Trucks are built differently, so some dash cam may NOT fit where you need them to go. Before purchasing your system, read the product details and the installation guide.

Third, compatibility means you have a smartphone compatible with the device’s application. Unfortunately, from our experience, some customers have outdated smartphones, and this does cause compatibility issues when downloading and installing the dash cam app.

Finally, before purchasing a trucking dash cam system, consider your cost, but only after considering your requirements (preferences) first. Typically, the more features you have on your device, the higher the cost of the system. Therefore, we recommend that if you are budgeting your purchase, consider what features matter MOST to you and choose a dash cam with only those features. Next, you don’t have to invest in a top brand name device because these systems will also be higher in cost and maybe even outside your budget.

FAQS About Dash Cam For Truckers

Before purchasing your next trucking dashcam system, we have some common questions that will clarify what features to look for before finalizing your choice. With that said,

Here are some common questions customers posted on choosing the best dash cam for truckers. Let’s jump right in!

1) What Is the BEST Selling Trucking Dash Cam Available Right Now?

Currently, the best trucking dash cam system trending in the market is the – Rove R2- 4K Dash Cam Built-in WiFi GPS Trucking System. This system has all the features you want to protect your vehicle when parked overnight on the road.

2) What Features Are The MOST Important When Choosing a Trucking Dash Camera?

We recommend choosing a dash cam with a wide-angle lens that offers crisp quality recordings. Another vital feature is night vision so that incidents can be recorded throughout the night with clarity. Built-in GPS is always a fantastic feature when on the roads. A smartphone app can provide a convenient way to download and share footage. Oh, for safety reasons when driving, a device that can be controlled with one (1) hand through a touchscreen or voice control is also recommended.

3) Is One (1) Model or Manufacturer Better Than the Other Ones?

Like purchasing a pair of running shoes, a television, or even a laptop, some companies have been in the business longer and evolved with time. This means they provide the model with more features, software, and advanced technology. Some of these manufacturers are Garmin, Rove, Nexar, etc. However, this does not mean that the new manufacturers are providing devices with lower quality or fewer features. It simply means they have not built a reputation in the market. So, are some manufacturers better than others? Yes! However, some others do provide high-quality products with exceptional features.

4) How Much Should I Invest When Purchasing a Trucking Dash Cam?

This will depend on your budget and how much you can afford. But, keep in mind, the less you invest, the lower quality product you may be left to purchase. So, think about it this way…

You are investing in a device for protection and to give you peace of mind, so we recommend investing in a top-quality product no matter what the cost. This is a one-time purchase…right? So, why not invest in the best?

5) Where Can I Find the Products Warranty Information?

You can find the warranty information inside the user manual with the product. You can also find this information on the manufacturer’s website.

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