If you’re a truck driver, using a GPS is an essential device to help you navigate the roads safely and efficiently. These days, GPS systems are more advanced than ever, giving you real-time information at your fingertips. For example, trucking GPS systems can provide traffic information, weather conditions, ALERT notifications on upcoming sharp turns, HAZARDS, and more. They’ll even provide you with information regarding parking spots for your trucking vehicle. It’s safe to say, a navigational device is a MUST have if you are a truck driver. With that said, how do you determine what is the  BEST GPS for truck drivers? On that note,

We have listed some of the MOST important features you should look for when making your GPS purchase:

Screen Size

Purchase a GPS with a screen large enough to give you easy visibility of the information you need. We recommend an ideal screen size of 5-inches and above. MOST of the GPS devices we have listed are also touchscreen with high definition (HD) display providing you easier access to navigate the interface.

FREE MAP Updates

As a truck driver, you will be spending long hours on the roads taking different routes depending on the journey. Therefore, it’s ESSENTIAL that you have up-to-date information regarding new routes. With that said, opt for those devices that will allow you to have access to FREE map updates. Not to worry, we have done the research for you below listing devices that do provide this IMPORTANT feature.

Built-in WIFI

WIFI connectivity is available everywhere, so buy a GPS system with built-in WIFI capability. Not only does WIFI give you the ability to have access to real-time information, but it WILL also update your device with new software and maps when connected to a network.

Bluetooth Compatibility

A GPS device with Bluetooth capability will allow you to take multiple calls and pair essential devices WITHOUT jeopardizing your safety. As you will learn, some of the devices below have a voice control feature that will allow you to answer calls without having to push a button. This is all thanks to Bluetooth capability built into your trucking GPS system.

Custom Profiles/ALERT’s

This feature will allow you to enter your truck profile into the GPS system to find custom routes for your truck’s weight, height, width, and load. This feature is an ESSENTIAL time-saving tool because it will have all your information stored and will guide you through routes that are FIT for your trucking journey. Remember, trucks are NOT permitted on all highways and roads, so let the GPS take the guesswork out of the equation. Adding a custom profile will also enable the ALERT notification feature to give you warnings of sharp turns, bridge heights, speeds changes, etc.

Hours-of-Service (HOS) Compliant

Purchase a GPS that is eLog compliant to take the headache out of filing paperwork relevant to service hours, break time, driving time, and more. New GPS devices are eLog compliant, giving you the option to purchase an electronic logging device that will automatically track and record Hours-of-Service (HOS) to ensure you are compliant with FMCSA ELD mandates.

Overall Best GPS For Truck Drivers

In the table below, you will find a list of OVERALL “BEST” GPS for truck drivers trending in the market today!

You can click “FEATURES” on any of the items in the table to jump to the appropriate section in this article, where you’ll find a detailed overview and specifications of the GPS. Or, you can click the “Click Here For Price” button to head directly to the products page.

1) Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S, Truck GPS Navigator with 5-inch Display


The Garmin Dezi 580 is rated one of the BEST truck driver GPS systems available in the market today. It is preloaded with several impressive features that will make your transport journey seamless. The Garmin Dezi 580 has a 5-inch color display and has detailed maps of North America. Not to mention, these maps also include essential truck-related restrictions i.e., dangerous curves, weight limits, bridge heights, and more. The Garmin 580 GPS for truck drivers can be customized by simply entering your truck profile (size, length, weight, etc), and it will provide you with the MOST suitable route for your truck.

Some other impressive features include easy break planning, which is a feature that provides timely notifications for scheduled breaks. Break planning will also provide specific points of interest, such as food, fuel, rest areas, and ATMs. This system is also compliant with Garmin eLog ELD for auto-tracking of Hours of Service (HOS). As a truck driver having the MOST up-to-date maps is very important, and the Garmin Dezi 580 makes this seamless. The built-in WIFI keeps your maps and software updated by providing an onscreen notifications when there is an update available. At that point, just plug your GPS into any outlet and let it update over Wi-Fi while it charges. With that said, the Garmin Dezi 580 has other excellent features too (Bluetooth, voice-activated navigation, trucking spots notification).

Quick Features:

5.0″ display with maps of North America

FREE lifetime map updates and free Live traffic

Upcoming alerts for Bridge heights, weight limits

Voice control

Built-in Wi-Fi

Easy break planning

Bluetooth compatible

Dispatch and track

Ability to pair with a smartphone for live traffic, weather, etc

Preloaded with popular points of interest

Works with BC 30 wireless backup camera

Shows availability for truck parking spots

2) Garmin dezl OTR700, 7-inch GPS Truck Navigator, Easy-to-Read Touchscreen Display, Custom Truck Routing and Load-to-Dock Guidance, 7 Inch

The Garmin dezl OTR700 GPS for truck drivers is available in three (3) display sizes – 7″, 8″, and 10″. The large display, which is also touchscreen is designed to provide easy viewing and intuitive operation. What’s also impressive about this truck GPS navigation system is the custom truck routing option. With this feature, you can enter your truck profile (height, weight, length) to find more efficient routes for your drive, depending on your profile. The voice assistant responds to your spoken requests, which is essential for your safety when on the road because you NO longer will have to take your hands off the wheel. To increase your situational awareness, use the custom truck routing feature to view the POPULAR routes taken by other drivers. This GPS provides you with driver ALERTS about speed changes, sharp turns, and more.

The Garmin dezl OTR700 has other impressive features also, like built-in WIFI, so you can get map and software updates without using a computer. This GPS is also preloaded with POPULAR truck stops so you can find your preferred stop WITHOUT any problem at all. Not to mention, you can utilize the Garmin Drive app to get live traffic, weather, and real-time fuel prices.

The Garmin dezl OTR700 GPS for truck drivers is also ELD compliant for HOS (hours-of-service) recording.

Quick Features:

Large touchscreen display

Custom truck routing

Voice assistant

Load-to-dock guidance

Popular truck routes

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity

Access live traffic, weather and real-time fuel prices


Truck friendly parking

Ability to locate preferred truck stops

ELD compliance

Easy break planning

3) Garmin dezl 570LMT 5-Inch GPS Navigator



The GARMIN 570 GPS is another excellent choice for truck drivers. It features a 5.0-inch glass display with FREE lifetime maps, so your system is always UP-TO-DATE. Drivers can enter their truck profile, and the GPS will provide the safest routes for the journey. This GPS also has a list of POPULAR stops for truck drivers that have been rated and compiled by other drivers. For added safety, truck drivers will get ALERT notifications warning them of sharp curves, weight limits, steep grades, bridge heights, and more.

Some other impressive features include a 100% FREE subscription to traffic services providing you with ways to avoid traffic tie-ups with suggested detours.

Quick Features:

5.0-inch glass display

FREE lifetime maps

ALERT notifications

Custom truck routing

Truck services directory  (POIs)

Local sunrise/sunset times

Hours-of-service log

State border notices

4) Garmin dezl 770LMTHD, Truck GPS Navigator with 7-inch Glass Display, Free Lifetime Map Updates and Traffic



The Garmin dezl 770LMTHD is the ULTIMATE GPS for truck drivers providing all the essential features when on the road for long hours. The 7.0-inch display gives you a sharp picture every single time, and the GARMIN dezl 770MTHD GPS also gives you a FREE lifetime subscription to traffic as long as you have the device. You can add your truck profile to the GPS to have customized routes provided depending on the size and weight of your truck. The state and country border feature is an impressive feature that gives you an ALERT 5 miles before you reach a new state/borderline. Not to mention, you’ll receive ALERTS when you are approaching sharp curves, ground restrictions, and more. Oh, you’ll also get truck speed limits too! Some truck drivers are affected by after-sunset regulations, so the Garmin dezl 770LMTHD ALERTS you of sunrise/sunset times, so you know when the regulations kick in.

The Hours-of-Service (HOS) reporting/log easily allows you to track tire mileage, tire pressure, oil changes, and more.

Quick Features:

7.0-inch display

Lifetime maps of North America

FREE lifetime HD Digital Traffic

Custom truck routing

Truck services directory

(POIs) highly-rated by truckers

Route warnings

Advisories and cautions

Local sunrise/sunset

State/country border ALERTS

Easy route shaping

Hours-of-Service (HOS) reporting

5) Garmin dēzlCam 785 LMT-S GPS Truck Navigator with Built-in Dash Cam, 010-01856-00

This Garmin for truck drivers is PERFECT for those long-haul journeys on the road. The features are impressive, providing you with everything at your fingertips. The Garmin dēzlCam 785 comes with a 7″ display, and the display is also touchscreen. You can securely and safely attach this GPS on the window or dash using the magnetic mount. The built-in dashcam is an impressive feature that automatically records your drive and saves video of unsafe incidents. This feature gives you that extra level of comfort when driving! This GPS for truck drivers includes preloaded maps that will give you ALERTS about bridge heights, steep grades, sharp curves, and more. To make use of this feature, all you have to do is enter your vehicle profile (size, weight, width), and the GPS will do the rest.

The Garmin dēzlCam 785 has FREE live services updates when paired with your SMART phone. Through live services, you will be able to access information regarding your journey, like traffic and weather conditions in real-time. The built-in WIFI system always keeps you connected, and you will receive notifications when NEW maps are available for download. Not to mention, you have access to more than 30,000 truck and service locations, so if you need to make a stop, finding a place is right at your fingertips. You’ll even find after-hours road service stops.

Some other options you have is the adding of a backup Garmin camera (sold separately), and the ability to connect to Garmin eLog (sold separately) to automatically track and record Hours of Service4 (HOS).

Quick Features:

7″ touchscreen display

Magnetic mount

Trucker GPS with dash cam

Forward collision and lane departure warnings

Custom truck routing (size, load, weight)

ALERTS for upcoming bridge heights, steep grades and more

FREE live services (traffic, weather)

Easy Break Planning

Voice control

Bluetooth hands-free calling

SMART notifications

Built-in Wi-Fi

Works with Garmin eLog compliant ELD

6) Garmin dēzl 780 LMT-S GPS Truck Navigator, 010-01855-00, 6.95 inches

The GARMIN dēzl 780 is an excellent choice for big rig drivers looking for a device that provides all the KEY features at their fingertips for a safer journey. This trucker GPS device comes with a 7” touchscreen with the option to add a backup camera. Not only that, but it also has a magnetic mount to keep it in it’s place and Bluetooth hands-free calling through its integrated microphone and speaker. To make sure you find the MOST suitable route for your drive, you can enter your truck profile into the GPS, and it’ll automatically generate the ideal journey for you. The GARMIN dēzl 780 can be voice-controlled, so your hands stay on the steering wheel.

Some other impressive features include FREE live services for real-time information such as traffic and weather information. Just download the FREE smartphone app. You also get ALERT notifications of sharp turns, bridge heights, and speed limits. When connected through the built-in WIFI, you will get an ALERT that map updates are available. Just hit the UPDATE button, and the MAPS will be updated without having to connect to the computer.

Quick Features:

Premium 7” display

Magnetic mount

FREE map updates

Voice control

Bluetooth hands-free calling

Built-in Wifi

Free live services (traffic, weather)

Custom truck routing

ALERT notification

Truck services directory

Compatible with Garmin eLog (HOS)

Add a backup camera (option)

7) Garmin DezlCam LMTHD 6-Inch Truck Navigator

The Garmin DezlCam LMTHD is also considered one of the best trucker GPS systems in the market today. The features are incredible, providing truck drivers a safe way to navigate their entire journey. For example, the custom truck routing features allow drivers to input their truck weight, length, etc, and the GPS will map out the BEST route for you. The 6-inch display comes with an HD (high definition) dashcam that is your eyewitness on the road. It records your drive, and the swivel lens is adjustable for optimal viewing angle. Not to mention, the “Incident Detection” will save a video of a collision just in case you require it later on. As a truck driver, you will need to make convenient stops along the way, and choosing a service spot is NOT a problem with the Garmin DezlCam. This GPS comes complete with 30,000 truck repair and service locations in the U.S. and Canada, including those offering after-hours road service.

Some other features include a powerful mount with a built-in charger, so your BATTERY remains charging while on the go. You also get a warning to keep you safe from sharp curves, high wind areas, speed limits, grounding risks and restrictions, etc. This quality GPS for truck drivers is worth every penny and continues to be a popular choice for new and current truck drivers.

Quick Features:

6.0-inch display

Built-in dashcam

Maps of North America (FREE lifetime updates)

Custom truck routing

Truck services directory

State/country border notices

Points of interest (POIs)

Route warnings

Local sunrise And sunset times

New mount

8) Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS with 7″ HD Vibrant Display



The Rand McNally TND 740 truck driver GPS is also a GREAT choice for when you are on the road. This GPS has many impressive features that ensure your long-haul journey is as safe as possible. Let’s start with the large 7″ HD display that makes it easy for you to see directions and notifications. The TND 740 McNally GPS for truckers has an easy to use interface and even improved maps. It’s a FAST GPS with a Quad-Core processor and 2x the storage space for more efficient mapping calculations. With that said, the TND 740 navigation system can connect through WIFI to provide updates on weather and fuel prices to ensure you know what’s ahead in your journey. This trucking GPS also has something called audio-out capability that enables you to hear the GPS instructions through your truck’s audio systems.

Some other impressive features include FREE lifetime maps updates, electronic driver logs, HOS (hours of service) alerts, and warnings. You also have two (2) USB ports for diagnostics. Let’s now talk about the GPS system’s advanced lane guidance feature. This feature will notify you to be ALERT for an upcoming turn or if you are going to be heading through a complicated intersection. The Rand McNally truck driver GPS truly gives you control with the option to set warnings for speed limits, sharp curves, and more.

Quick Features:

GPS Vehicle Navigation System

7″ HD Vibrant Display

Free Lifetime Map Updates

Truck-Specific Routing

Audio Out Capability

Over-the-air Map Updates

Advanced Lane Guidance & Lane Assist

Customizable Warnings

Driver Scorecard Shows Miles, MPG, Idling & Vehicle Fault Codes

Electronic Driver Logs

Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting

HOS Alerts & Warnings

Multiple Operating Authority Capable

2 USB Ports for Diagnostics


Final Thoughts

We hope this guide will help you make an informed decision when choosing your next trucking GPS system for your upcoming journey. Remember, the navigational device you purchase is a necessary investment to help you arrive at your destination safely and in a timely manner. Hence, take your time to research and choose wisely!

If you have found our guide useful, please don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedback below in the comment box. We would love to hear what you and others have to say about our list of overall BEST GPS systems for truck drivers.

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