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Now, there are a lot of online courses out there, and you have to be careful where you invest your time and money. I’ve been burnt so many times that I try to block it out because I get disgusted with myself and some of the tricks I’ve fallen for. Anyways, I’m here as your ally calling out these scams and helping you choose the RIGHT program so you can flourish online. You see, I have been very fortunate online and have made some decent coin. However, things changed when I discovered my favourite training program and the only one I recommend…

But there are still a lot of other programs out there – some good and some terrible. For example, I often get asked about Jason Wardrop’s latest course… Agency Partner Program and what I think about it…is it worth it and legit? Well, you’ve definitely come to the right spot because we are going through the entire program RIGHT now, and by the end of this review, you will have a good idea if it’s the RIGHT training for you.

Great, let’s get started and review …the Agency Partner Program

Table of Contents

What is the Agency Partner Program?
Who Is Jason Wardrop?
What’s Included in The Agency Partner Program Course?
How Much Does the Agency Partner Program Cost?
Jason Wardrop and His Agency Partner Program Reviews
Is Jason Wardrop’s Agency Partner Program Legitimate or a Scam?

What is the Agency Partner Program?

Well, simply put…

The Agency Partner Program by Jason Wardrop is a digital marketing course where he teaches you how to generate income through social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Jason claims that by partnering with him, you can make 6-7 figures by generating leads for your clients (which we will LEARN more about later).

Jason says he will take you step-by-step through the entire process in his training course. Ultimately, you will have a business generating income through multiple streams. Interesting…huh?


Jason Wardrop’s Agency Partner Program teaches you how to run your own digital marketing agency. He even gives you software with all the tools that have been PROVEN to work.

Who Is Jason Wardrop?

Jason has said himself, “I’m just an average guy who has tried everything online and failed BAD doing it. I have invested and lost a lot of money, but this was a fantastic learning experience. Jason shifted into doing SEO (search engine optimization) but could never get it off the ground. He says, “The process was long and tedious. Plus, a lot of the work can now be done for cheap abroad, so this was a complete dead end.” What’s amazing is…

Jason even tried to make money on Craigslist by buying and selling things…he did make some money, but doing this was a massive pain, so he quit. The problem, he said, was “when you are selling things on Craigslist, you have to buy things cheap, which I did from China. However, the turnaround time was huge because I would have to wait weeks before receiving things from China.” Next,

Jason Wardrop tried affiliate marketing and did much better, so he kept at it. He liked that you didn’t have to create your own product and could make commissions from selling other people’s products or services. Now, even though Jason claims he loved affiliate marketing, it wasn’t the RIGHT business model because, as he put it, “you are only as good as your last sale.” So Jason started looking for a business that would bring him recurring income and found one when he set up his own digital marketing agency. This is what he did…

He contacted local businesses, ran ads for them, and ate a commission off each lead he generated. You see, every business wants to grow, so it was a viable business…right?


Jason loved the business model, but getting clients was challenging because he would get some and lose some, which was a rollercoaster. Then his luck turned, and he never looked back. What happened? He met some guy at a networking conference who was an amazing software developer, and once they started talking, they had an idea which would change both of their lives…

Both created a software service (SaaS) to offer small local businesses to help them find more clients and scale their businesses. This software would automate the process and make things run much smoother.

After fine-tuning this software, Jason started what he now calls the Agency Partner Program.

Jason has now made this software available to you because he knows it works as he has quickly made 100K from it within a month, and now he claims this same software has made him 10’s of millions of dollars (LOL…I don’t believe, but whatever). Before I continue,

It’s only fair to show you what I’m doing to make money online…watch the video… it will blow your mind…(40K with a two (2) page website)

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What’s Included in The Agency Partner Program Course?

Jason Wardrop says you get everything you need to get your digital marketing agency up and running as quickly as possible. So, you get the following –

The Software Founders Masterclass
A professional website with templates to create your own high-converting sales funnel
You get the email and text message follow-ups (these have been tested and have a high conversion rate)
You get permission to white-label Jason’s software (so you can sell it to others and make even more money)
You can white-label his exclusive mobile app
Client attraction Masterclass
Ongoing support, and more.

How Much Does the Agency Partner Program Cost?

Jason Wardrop has put a one-time fee of $997 on his Agency Partner Program. You are also protected by a money-back guarantee.

Jason Wardrop and His Agency Partner Program Reviews

As always, I try to find as many reviews as possible to help you make a more informed decision. By reading over reviews, I can give you my recommendation on a training program and tell you whether it’s worth it or not…

Here are some reviews I found when I typed the following into Google – “jason wardrop reviews”

“DON’T DO THIS PROGRAM, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! Jason Wardrop’s system is tricky to navigate. The Done for you model came riddled with mistakes and had to correct and scrutinize the work when I paid to not have to scrutinize the mistakes. I lost momentum and eventually gave up. There are other hidden costs like maillgun and go high level you need the $500 monthly plan. This trap and withholding of the extra costs are unreal.  There is no such thing as Done for you, you still have to go through every 60 videos to grasp the concept on go high level and the rest. I would have been better off not doing the DFY and building it myself. I paid almost $4000 and he gave me back like $1000. What a doucHe bag. This guy would rather keep your money and say go f$ck yourself. DON’T DO THIS PROGRAM YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!” – yelp.com


“Horrible company and terrible service. I payed for the whole year $700 ahead. It was big mistake. Try to contact Jason ( the owner) for the refund and he never replied back. Even though they saying 30 DAYS GUARANTEE MONEY BACK. NOBODY GIVING MONEY BACK!!!” – yelp.com

Enough said…right?

Is Jason Wardrop’s Agency Partner Program Legitimate or a Scam?


I usually look at the facts and have yet to find evidence that he offers a legitimate training course. I only found one (1) positive review from 2020, and the rest were extremely negative. Now, here’s the thing…

If you still don’t agree with my review, you can check out the program for yourself. Still, I encourage you to do your due diligence before making any commitment and/or investment. Either way,

If you have your heart set on starting your very own digital marketing agency where you LEARN how to become a marketing guru, many more options are available. For example, my recommended training program has extensive case studies on their results. It shows you each successful campaign step-by-step so you can duplicate the results.


The program you choose is obviously your choice; however, after reviewing Jason Wardrop’s Agency Partner Program, I have to give it two (2) thumbs down.  

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