Preparing for your interview by studying the MOST common Zara interview questions and answers is KEY to your success!

Clothing store interviews CAN be tricky since hiring managers are looking for someone with a specific SET of skills. For example, the candidate MUST have the ability to work in a group, organize products, deal with customers’ specific needs, and be able to work different shifts. Not only that, but the employee will have to effectively deal with upset customers while ensuring the OVERALL reputation of the business remains intact.

However, this does NOT mean that you WON’T be able to ACE the interview with a bit of preparation!  With that said,

If you have an upcoming Zara interview and are wondering what type of questions they ask, we have prepared a  list of the MOST common Zara interview questions and answers you should prepare for before your all-important interview. Good luck!

1) Tell Me a Little Bit About Yourself?

If you are wondering what do they ask in a Zara interview?, this is a very COMMON icebreaker question asked during the interview process. The Zara interviewer typically asks this type of question to determine how well you align with the position. For example, they want to hear about your passion for fashion and how you love to work with customers to ENSURE they have the best experience possible. Therefore, the BEST advice we can give you when answering this interview question is to focus on your life experiences that ALIGN well with this position.

Here are some great examples:

– Talk about your education and career goals related to the fashion industry (for example, how you want to go into designing, marketing, etc. Also, mention any training which has prepared you for customer service.)
– Mention courses or experiences that have directly/indirectly trained you for this position, for example, courses in marketing, business, communication, management, etc.
– You CAN mention previous relevant jobs like retail and what you learned
– Talk about your experience in customer service

At the same time, we also recommend mentioning recreational hobbies that REFLECT well with this type of Zara job. Interviewers want to learn more about your activities outside of work because they want to determine how WELL you FIT into the company’s culture. With that said, talk about your hobbies like exercising, reading, watching movies, etc.

“I just graduated from high school, where I focused much of my studies on business and management. I have applied for the artistic/fashion program at (school or university name”. I have previous work experience in the retail business (name business), and I enjoyed working with customers directly, helping them determine what products/services would be the BEST FIT for them. I learned a lot as a (name of job) since it helped me GAIN confidence from talking to customers daily. It also helped me understand how the business operates. With that said,

When I’m not working, I love to exercise because it helps me focus on my end goal of becoming a (fashion designer, HR manager, manager). Not only that, but I love to read different novels and explore restaurants with exotic menus because I enjoy those types of experiences.”

2) Why Do You Want To Work Here At Zara?

This is a very common question asked at ALMOST every interview, and it will definitely be asked during your Zara interview. When answering this question, it is ESSENTIAL to focus on the reputation of the company and the potential for growth within the company too. Zara is an extensive organization with several opportunities for mobility within. We also recommend mentioning your passion for fashion and how you will like to be directly involved with the design side of the company or as a sales associate working with distribution partners in the future. However, for now, mention how working at Zara will give you the knowledge and experience you need to understand how the stores operate and help increase your customer service skills. With that said,

You can elaborate on your answer by mentioning factors like job security because Zara is a large organization, and you love the idea of working in a team full of positive energy.

Working at Zara will give me the experience and skills I need to grow in an industry that I am passionate about – fashion. I know (through the job listings) that there is an opportunity for me to transition into different departments where I can continue to build my skillset. I eventually want to go into designing or marketing with Zara. With that said,

Zara is a large organization, and job security is also paramount as I am in (school, college, or a new mother, etc.). In addition, this job will provide me with stability by providing a steady income stream.”

3) How Would You Manage a Large Workload at Zara?

The interviewer typically asks this Zara interview question to determine how well you manage stress and handle a larger-than-normal responsibility. These interviewers have had experience hiring candidates who work well when NOT under pressure but CANNOT perform in an unusual scenario. So, when answering this question, we recommend you approach it in two (2) ways: First, talk about your ability to handle stress, and secondly, mention some of the strategies you use to handle LARGER workloads, for example, planning, prioritizing tasks, coming in earlier to work, delegating tasks to team members when required. With that said,

When talking about your ability to handle stress, you CAN mention how you exercise and meditate daily to increase focus while reducing stress. You can also mention how you know what times you are the MOST productive and that you work on the MOST critical tasks/jobs during this time bracket. Finally, it is NO harm in mentioning that you are comfortable asking for help from other colleagues as long as their other work/responsibilities inside the Zara store DO NOT get compromised.

“The KEY to managing a large workload is NOT to stress out and approach the job with a clear focus. Stressing about the job at hand MAY harm your ability to find a constructive solution to the LARGE workload. So first, I have strategies to manage my stress, like exercising and meditating daily. Next, I am extremely clear about what times I am most productive and complete the MOST IMPORTANT jobs during this time. This way, I am focused, energized, and ENSURE the job gets done right. Secondly, I like to know what resources I have available to me if I encounter larger workloads that need to be completed in a specific time frame. For example, do I have colleagues that can help without jeopardizing the flow of the entire store? Also, any software that I can utilize to help me complete my work! However,

I believe the KEY to managing a large workload is NOT to stress, work during your MOST productive times, and prioritize what tasks are MOST essential so they CAN be completed first. I also believe you should have a clear idea of who you can rely on to help if required.”

4) What is Your Favorite Zara Product? And Why?

This Zara interview question wants to test your knowledge of the Zara products. Why? Interviewers want to hire someone who knows the products they will be selling and even wears them. The good news is that Zara is such a famous brand that you probably have a few pieces of clothing with the Zara label. This interview question is your opportunity to impress the interviewer and a CHANCE for you to talk openly about the products you love. With that said,

When approaching this question, talk about your MOST favorite piece of clothing that Zara sells and why you adore the clothing so much. For example, you can talk about the FIT of their jeans or the funkiness of the colors they utilize in their shirts. You can even mention their shoes and why you love them so much; for example, they are durable, lightweight, colorful, match with almost everything you wear, and different from anything else trending in the market today.

PLEASE NOTE: If you DO NOT wear Zara clothing, we recommend taking some time to visit a store to understand their product lines. Then, choose a piece of clothing you are attracted to and write down a few reasons why. Doing this research will allow you to prepare ahead with an answer for when asked this question by the interviewer.

5) What is Your Greatest Strength and How Will It Be An Asset Here at Zara?

When answering this interview question, choose a STRENGTH that WILL be an ASSET when working at Zara. For example, suppose the position you are being interviewed for is – Zara Sales Associate. In that case, the following STRENGTHS like communication, organization, patience, active listening, problem-solving are all great answers. So, why will all of these skills be an ASSET to Zara? Well, it’s because, as a sales associate, you need these skills to thrive in the role you have applied for, and mentioning these skills will help you score bonus points with the interviewer when answering this question. With that said,

We recommend that you avoid mentioning any skills that WILL not help you DIRECTLY in this position, for example, your ability to type FAST on a keyboard, etc. Additionally, this type of answer does NOT highlight a STRENGTH that will work well within an organization like Zara, especially when working as a Sales Associate.  So, when answering this interview question, choose a strength that will be relevant to the position you are being interviewed for and allow you to excel when working at Zara.

This is a great question, and I would say my GREATEST STRENGTH is my ability to de-escalate tense situations quickly. One of my favorite books to read is “Art of Communication”.  This book taught me that staying calm while actively listening to the other individual can transform a tense situation into one that’s mutually beneficial to both people involved. I believe this will be an asset at Zara because sometimes you have customers upset with a product or the service they receive during their visit. It is IMPORTANT to keep the customer calm for the safety of other customers and employees working in the store. Not only that, but actively listening to the customer will help us resolve the situation, ensuring the company’s image remains intact. Not to mention, we don’t lose the customer either ????”

6) What is Your Greatest Weakness?

Some Zara interview questions will be challenging to answer, especially when asked about your weakness or a negative quality you have. However, this does not mean answering them will hurt your chances of landing the job. You have to ENSURE that you answer these types of questions strategically. For example, when the interviewer asks you about your weakness, we recommend choosing one that will NOT reflect poorly on the job you have applied for. If you are being interviewed for a job as a Zara Store Manager, a GREAT weakness will be one that CAN also be considered positive. You can say your GREATEST weakness is that you demand a lot from your team, even new hires. In addition, you realize this CAN be unfair, especially if the employee is NEW to the organization and is not accustomed to the work culture. Or, that some employees just have longer learning curves. With that said,

When you mention your weakness, we also recommend mentioning some steps you are taking to IMPROVE on this weakness. In the example above, you can say reading or training on being more patient in these situations. Or, spending more time with employees to determine where they are having difficulty so you CAN help them get caught up/adjust.

“One weakness I am NOT proud of but have been working on is that I demand a lot from the people I work with, which can be tough on some employees, especially new hires. I expect things to be done RIGHT the first time around for efficiency. However, new hires are NOT entirely comfortable in their NEW role. They need to be supported a BIT more during this learning curve.  With that said,

I have become a lot more patient through some online training courses I have been taking on my time off. I have also been reading books on being a BIT more patient in “these situations”. I now approach these situations DIFFERENTLY by providing more support and listening to what kind of SUPPORT/RESOURCES my fellow employees NEED to progress forward and NOT backward.”

7) Tell Us About Your Personal Style?

Since Zara is a retail clothing store, you WILL be asked about your personal style and fashion sense. So, prepare an answer where you CAN effectively describe your style if required to do so. Why are you asked this question? Zara interviewer/managers prefer to hire candidates that CAN help customers transform their style if required. Many customers come into Zara for the first time looking for a new sense of style and ask employees to help them choose something that FIT’s their personality. Zara employees MUST have a sense of style and should be able to understand what the customer is looking for or what their stylistic requirements are. With that said,

With this type of interview question, there is NO right or wrong answer. You need to describe your style and why it is unique. For example, you wear colorful jeans because you have an upbeat personality, or you wear hats because you feel that it signifies status, resistance, cultural identity, and celebration.

“I like to wear bright colors because I have always considered MYSELF an upbeat person with an energetic personality. I also like to stand out, go against the norm, and try things that others MAY feel reluctant to do. For example, I wear multi-colored socks or hats to match my tops. I think that style has become a way to express yourself without actually explaining the type of person you are. This way, you leave your personality to the imagination of others!”

8) Describe a Time You And a Co-worker Did Not Get Along? What Did You Do in This Situation?

Being employed at Zara can be a very gratifying experience because you will be working with others to fulfill the customers’ needs. However, there will be times when you do NOT meet eye-to-eye with others you work with, which is expected because each of you has a different personality. The Zara interviewer understands this MAY happen however is more interested to know what you (the candidate) will do when you encounter such a situation. With that said,

When you are asked this question during your Zara interview, we recommend you first acknowledge these situations do happen. Why? It shows that you are mentally prepared to encounter these situations and DON’T expect to be caught off guard if they do. Next, your answer should be based on the company’s greater good. So, you should ENSURE whatever answer you provide is based on the good of the company. For example, the strategies you will take to ENSURE things are resolved quickly so that the company’s operations are NOT affected. Finally, you can STATE that you will be proactive and SIT down with the co-worker to understand their issue. You can also mention that you know the importance of remaining in control of your frustration, communicating,  and reporting extreme issues to the correct depart so they CAN handle it further, as these will all be GREAT answers.

Here are some other steps you CAN mention in your answer: learning to voice your thoughts (calmly), accepting their personality, staying neutral at work, or limiting your interaction if needed.

“There are going to be times that yourself and a co-worker do NOT meet eye to eye. I believe it has a lot to do with the different personalities interacting to meet a common goal. However, this does not mean that the issue cannot be resolved amicably. For example, at my previous job (name of company), a co-worker and I had some issues because their work was NOT being completed on time, which would stop me from completing the entire project. We were in charge of a project which was divided into different sections. Each of us was responsible for completing a different section, and then we would put the entire project together and mark it as completed. We would work on projects a few times a month. I decided to speak with my co-worker to understand why her work was always behind. By communicating with her, I learned that what sections she was in charge of was NOT her strongest skill set. This caused her to have difficulty completing the work delegated to her. So, we decided to do one of two things: Either I would walk her through a few times on her work, so she understands what needs to be done, or I can speak with the manager so she can be given a part of a project that matches more of her skillset. With that said,

The essential thing is to openly communicate and understand the situation because you never know what problem the co-worker is going through. Sometimes, it is NOT them but their insecurity that causes them to do certain things. It also helps to support them as much as possible without jeopardizing your work. But, keep in mind that you should always follow protocols when dealing with these types of issues i.e. reporting to management, etc.”

PLEASE NOTE: When answering this type of interview question, you CAN provide an example from any previous job. It does NOT have to be in the retail industry. The interviewer is more interested in knowing how you handled the situation to resolve it.

9) What Does Customer Service Mean to You?

These are COMMON interview questions for merchandisers in the retail industry. In retail, you often interact with customers. Hence, GREAT “customer service” usually separates a successful business from one that failed to GROW over the years. So, when you are asked this type of question during your interview, you want to keep the customer in mind at all times. For example, if a customer walks into a Zara store, what would you do to ENSURE they have the best experience possible? Think about this for a few minutes before preparing your answer! With that said,

Customers want to have their issues resolved and questions answered. They want someone positive helping them and who is completely attentive to their needs. They want someone helping them who knows/understands the products and how the product will help solve their issues. In the end, GREAT customer service is ENSURING the customer has the BEST possible experience, “one” that has them coming back to your store in the future. ????

“I believe excellent customer service is providing the customer with an experience where they come back to you again. When a customer walks in, you should always greet them with a  smile to set certain expectations. Communication is KEY to understanding how to help the customer with their needs. Next, the only way you CAN fully help them is through extensive product knowledge and how each product on the floor CAN provide the customer with a solution to their needs. That’s why I focus significantly on understanding the business and the products we sell. In the end, I believe excellent customer service means consistently exceeding customer expectations and going out of your way to help people solve their problems.”

10) Where Do You See Yourself in Five (5) Years?

Whenever a company hires an employee, they invest extensive resources in their development, for example, money, training, time, etc. Hopefully, you are applying for a job at Zara because you wish to progress through the company long-term. After all, this will help you DRAFT the perfect answer to this type of question. The good news is that Zara is a massive company with fantastic transitional opportunities in the future. With that said, if your education or training aligns with Zara, it will open doors into different areas in the company, which will be an excellent way to answer this question. For example, “I have a degree in marketing and wish to transition into this department after gaining experience” or “I have a degree in HR so would love to work as a Zara HR Manager in the future”.

It is better to avoid saying that you plan to leave in a year to pursue a career elsewhere because the hiring team would rather avoid training you for a position knowing you are leaving in a few months anyway…right?

We also recommend mentioning some skills you wish to attain while working at Zara. For example, I want to gain more experience in leadership, team management or understand more about Zara’s marketing strategy, etc. In addition, I want to work closely with those who have been in the company a long time to understand how the business side of Zara operates because this knowledge will help me when applying internally within the company.

“Zara is a fantastic company, and I hope to learn as much as possible working with experienced managers and staff. I have studied (or am studying) marketing in College, so I would hopefully like to transition to the marketing division later. However, the KEY is to focus on the job at hand and learn as much as I can about the business. In the next several months, I will be taking some additional courses on marketing, specifically digital marketing, to get certified in this area as well. By completing this digital marketing course, I hope it WILL open other transitional opportunities for me later in the future” 

11) Why did you leave your last job?

This Zara interview question is very interesting and WILL catch candidates off guard, especially if you are NOT prepared. Interviewers want to know if leaving your last job had to do with a conflict with your manager, co-worker, or any other reason that CAN change the hiring mangers decision to choose you for this position. However, you CAN position your answer to this interview question to reflect positively on you and even increase the chances of a successful interview with Zara. For example, you CAN say that your growth was limited at your previous job or that your potential wasn’t fully utilized. You can also mention that you wanted to join an organization where you CAN have the opportunity to explore different divisions in the company and GAIN a lot of experience throughout your journey. With that said,

The KEY is to mention that you expected to do more and achieve more, but your previous employment didn’t FIT into that vision. However, it is also ESSENTIAL to mention that you left your previous job in GREAT terms.

PLEASE NOTE: If you left your previous job because of a conflict with management. You should be honest because Zara can do a reference check and find discrepancies in your story. In this case, it is OK to mention that your manager’s vision changed along the way, which didn’t fit into what you were trying to achieve for yourself. As a result, the manager’s vision restricted your overall growth, so you decided it was time to leave.

12) How Would You Deal With An Upset Customer Inside The Store?

This is another very common interview question, and the answer should reflect your understanding of what is 1) essential to the customer and 2) the overall bottom line of the company. Companies like Zara depend on sales from their customers to grow and be successful. Next, they depend on reviews and feedback left by customers to attract new customers to their stores. Keeping these two things in mind will help you prepare the RIGHT answer for this type of interview question. With that said,

If you have a customer who is upset, then the first thing to do is listen to them and understand why they are upset. Doing so will allow you to approach the problem effectively. For example, maybe they are upset because of an interaction with a rude employee at another store, or they purchased a piece of clothing that is defective. On the other hand, the customer may be upset because of the long wait in line. Either way, always listen to the customer to understand the underlying issue. So, prepare your answer keeping the following sequence in mind:

a) Calming down the customer and listening to what the issue is at hand?
b) Taking the necessary steps keeping the following in mind: 1) customer/employee safety 2) company policies 3) customer retention 4) brand reputation

One important thing to mention is that all resolutions MUST adhere to company policy. For example, you cannot provide a refund if the customer is above the refund policy. This solution goes against company policy. Make sure you mention this when answering the question when asked.

“If an upset customer comes into the store, the first thing to do is calm down the customer for the safety of others (customers/employees). Through experience, I realized that simply listening to the customer and talking with them respectfully can help de-escalate tempers quickly. Next, it is essential to understand why they are upset; for example, is it because of their experience, a misunderstanding, or an item they purchased. The KEY is to find a solution so the customer leaves happy. Why? Because the bottom line is that Zara’s success depends on customer retention and its ability to attract new customers to its stores. A bad experience or review CAN spread quickly, deterring customers from visiting your locations. With that said, I will use whatever resources I have available to help the customer, but I MUST always adhere to the company’s policies when finding a solution.”

13) What Can You Tell Me About the Zara/Inditex Right to Wear Approach to The Business of Fashion?

When you apply at Zara for a job, it is ESSENTIAL to know its culture and story. You will be asked about Zara/Inditex (parent company) Right To Wear approach. We recommend you take time to study the following –

 14) What Is Your Availability And When Can You Start?

The HR Manager is looking for a candidate that can be flexible. At Zara, there will be times that other employees may NOT make it to work, so you will receive a call to come into work for them. First, as with any job, you want to ONLY pursue this position if you can commit to the responsibilities and the shifts. The last thing you want to do is have the interview, get hired, and NOT be able to meet the scheduling requirements because this isn’t fair from an ethical standpoint. Someone else could have been hired who needs the job and is willing to work the hours…right? With that said,

If you are available and flexible, we recommend you STATE that you are available any time they need you because this shows flexibility and dependability on your end. However, suppose you are in class or NOT available during certain times. In that case, it is IMPORTANT to be honest about this so Zara HR can determine if you will still be a good FIT for what they need.

“Right now, I am NOT in school, so I am available to start right away and work any shifts you need me to work. However, after summer, I will be in class during the evenings twice a week, so I MAY need to work during the days while in school for 3-4 months. However, until then, I am good with any schedule you give me and any work you need me to do.”

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Final Thoughts

When applying for a job at Zara, research the company to ENSURE it is the RIGHT fit for you. You want to work at a company that aligns with your future career goals. Zara as an employer, has GREAT internal mobility, and with experience, you CAN transition into other roles to continue to build on your skillset. Once you land that initial interview with Zara, we recommend you take time to study our Zara interview questions and answers guide so you know what to expect when sitting with the hiring manager. Study the questions and prepare answers to demonstrate your experience and robust skillset. Not only that, highlight why you would be an excellent candidate for them to hire. With that said.

“Preparation for life is so important. Luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity. Opportunity is all around us. Are you prepared?” — Earl Nightingale

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