At YRC Freight, we employee over 28,000 individuals. With this many professionals working with us, we are the largest freight operation in the region and one of the largest in all of the United States.

While based out of Overland Park, Kansas, we pride ourselves on not only being one of the largest freight companies, but one of the best freight companies to work for. We strive to provide excellent pay and benefits that are equal to or higher than most of the LTL freight industry. So, if you’re looking for a fresh start or a career in the freight industry, there are all sorts of reasons to consider working for us at YRC.

The Best Come to Work For YRC Freight

At YRC Freight, we understand in order to be the best, we need to treat our employees like the best. That is exactly why we provide 100% company paid health care benefits, vacation time (paid), union contract pay rates where you’ll earn up to $60,000 in your first year, daily dispatches with little time away from your home and we are the only LTL freight company that pays employees hourly in the event of a vehicle break down. We understand it is always better to keep you safe than to force you back on the road.

Safety is extremely important to us, which is why we maintain all of our 8,400 company-owned tractors. We don’t outsource the work at all in order to save money. Safety and maintenance is essential, so we care for the vehicles and the 34,500 trailers. On top of that, we operate 12,000 48’ and 53’ vans, plus more than 20,400 28’ trailers. We want to instill trust in all of our drivers and employees. That is why we strive to provide the best maintenance services to our vehicles.

Our Drivers are the Best

Many of our drivers are involved in a handful of other activities. These activities include the National Truck Driving Championship, Driver Hall of Fame, Safe Driver Awards (which is given to every million miles accomplished that is accident free), plus America’s Road Team.

Maintaining Diversity

Maintaining diversity within our ranks is very important. We believe in hiring the very best individuals with the highest level of character. So no matter your background or where you come from, we want the best because it helps ensure a quality work environment. We are also proud to work in partnership with the organization Women in Trucking (WIT), which is an organization that helps highlight the job women can do in our industry. It also assists in the recruiting of new women who may be interested in becoming professional truck drivers.


Drivers for YRC Freight receive some of the best benefits within the trucking industry. In order to attract the best drivers to work for YRC, we want to not only make our positions attractive but keep our drivers happy as well. That is why we provide 10% medical, dental, vision and live insurance for you and your family.

Excellent Pay

Our pay is competitive with the top companies in the United States. Some of the perks we offer in terms of pay include:

  • Up to $0.561128 per mile for road drivers
  • Up to $24.74 per hour for P&D drivers
  • Paid overtime, delay time, jury duty and bereavement
  • Paid holidays and vacations, plus paid sick and personal days
  • Worker’s compensation pay
  • Annual increase based on the union contract

Welfare Services

Should you ever become disabled, our benefits package extends to help cover you here as well. Some of the financial services we offer when you work for us includes both basic and accidental death and dismemberment life insurance, both short and long-term disability, defined benefit pension and a 401(k) savings program.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to start a new career in commercial freight transportation, chances are you’ll have a good amount of questions. We sat down with our driver recruiters and driver development program managers in order to go over the top questions. This way, we can offer you answers ahead of time.

Q: How Should I Go About Applying to Become a YRC Driver?

A: It is a rather straightforward process. All you need to do is head over to the Driver Jobs Page and check out the YRC employment options. Here you’ll find everything you need.

Q: Does the Application Process Take a Long Time to Complete?

A: We do receive applications from individuals all around the country thanks to our favorable pay and benefits. Now, we understand you want to start work right away and we’re interested in doing what we can to make this happen. Qualified applicants for our open positions will typically receive a call back within five to seven business days (although depending on how many applications we receive it may take a bit longer).

In regards to when you’ll find yourself behind the wheel of one of our vehicles after applying for our YRC trucking jobs, it all comes down to your current experience.

Q: I Don’t Have Driving Experience or a CDL. Is That a Problem?

A: This is one of our most common questions and no, it’s not a problem at all. We offer a driver training program that lets you work on the loading dock while you take care of the driving requirements and CDL test. Once you have your CDL and have past all the required tests, you’ll be able to climb in behind the wheel of a freight vehicle.

Q: Does it Take a Long Time to Get a CDL?

That is a bit up to you. It is required by law to net 160 hours of both classroom and practice time while with an experienced driver. With our training programs designed for both new drivers and active or former military members, we can help you take care of all your driving requirements. You’ll be surprised as to how quickly 160 hours can go.

Q: I Have a Driving Violation on My Motor Vehicle Record. Can I Still Become a Driver?

A: It depends. In order to take part in our driver-training program, you need to:

  • Have a clean driving record
  • Have no more than a single preventable accident within the last three years
  • Not have received a DUI citation within the last three years
  • Not have received more than two moving violations over the last three years.
  • Not have been involved in more than one preventable accident while driving a commercial vehicle

Q: What Kind of Benefits Do I Receive if I’m Hired?

A: At YRC, we pride ourselves in offering some of the best pay and benefits in the industry. If you are hired into one of the available YRC careers, we provide 100 percent company paid health care, plus vacation time. On top of that, we offer a union contract pay rates. This means you may earn up to $60,000 during your first year (you are paid by the mile). If you are a city driver, you’ll likely earn an average of over $20 an hour. On top of this, we are the only freight company in the industry that pays you an hourly rate, should your vehicle break down. We don’t want you to miss out on important income due to needed vehicle repairs.

If you want to find out more, visit our benefits page for more details about how we take care of our employees.

Q: How Often Do I Receive My Paycheck?

A: You’ll receive a direct deposit, when allowed by law, on a weekly basis. This way, you’ll always have money coming in.

Q: How Much Time Will I Need to Spend Away From Home?

If you are a P&D driver you’ll be home every night. The vast majority of our road drivers are also home for most nights as well.

Q: How Do I Know If I Filled Out My Application Properly?

A: First, always go over your application and make sure it looks good. Once you submit it our Human Resources department will go over your application and contact you to set up an interview if we find your qualifications fit our needs. If there is missing information one of our HR members may contact you, should the rest of your qualifications look good.

If you’d like to check in on the application process to make sure everything is running smoothly (or if you have questions about your application), feel fre to contact us at 877-249-2271.

Training Programs

Passion and motivation can take you a long way in life. When it comes to working with YRC, we have a wide range of YRC employment opportunities. However, you may discover you don’t have the necessary experience to start the exact position, such as a YRC trucking job, right off the bat. There’s not a problem there, as we provide a host of different training programs and services.

Less Than One Year Driving Experience

If you have less than a year of driving experience, you will be able to attend a two-week, fully paid training service with YRC Freight (when driving is less than six months). If you have more than seven months of driving experience the training will last a minimum of three days (paid).

Truck Driving School

It is our mission to put only the very best drivers on the road. That is why we offer our Driver Development Program, which is a full four-week, hands on and paid training service. This provides a great opportunity if you recently graduated with a CDL and also have a tanker, doubles/triples and/or hazmat endorsement.

Obtain a CDL

In order to drive professionally you need to have a commercial driver’s license. If you don’t have this you can’t start driving just yet (but you can still work for YRC). We can hire you on to work in the dock while you train to become a driver through both educational classroom work and driving with a skilled professional.

Different Trainers at YRC Freight

We use a handful of different trainers at YRC in order to give you the best education possible. This includes internal trainers who are employees, retired drivers with an excellent driving record and third party trainers from other truck driving schools.

Driver Jobs

At YRC Freight, we have a number of YRC employment opportunities. This includes several kinds of driving positions. Whether you’re an experienced driver looking to shift gears or you have no experience and want a fresh start, we have the driving opportunities for you.

If you’re an experienced driver, we want to work with you, if you have what it takes to become one of the elite drivers in our company.

If you have little in way of truck driving experience, we want to work with you and provide the right driver education. So whether you have less than six months experience or are just under the one-year cutoff, we provide several different training options, all of which are paid.

If you have a CDL with an additional endorsement (such as tanker, hazmat or double/triples) and want to take your career to the next level, we provide a four-weeks paid training program.

When you’re currently enrolled in a driving school with a goal of obtaining a CDL, you can apply with us. Here we will provide you with some of the best training you can receive in the industry.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a CDL. You can start out working on the dock, earning an excellent wage while you attend driving school. This way, you can really learn both the docking and driving aspect of the business.

If you are a current or former military member, we respect your service, integrity, character and everything else you have demonstrated. You would be an excellent addition to our work force.

Are you a woman but not sure if you would fit in? That’s where our Women in Trucking Partnership program comes in. It is designed to bring more women into the fold of professional truck driving as we push to create a more female friendly industry.

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