Answer: Email Is NOT considered a “SOURCE” in Google Analytics


When referring to at “SOURCE” in Google Analytics, you are STATING the origin of your traffic, for example, search engine (google) or even a website URL (, With that said,

Email falls under the category of medium which is defined by Google as the general category of the source, for example, organic search, cost-per-click, email, referral, and others.

With that said,

Google Analytics, when reporting, will combine both SOURCE/MEDIUM data to help users identify where the traffic is coming from.

Some examples of the SOURCE/MEDIUM relationship are:

a) Source: Google/Medium: CPC

In this example, traffic to your site came from Google, but through paid advertising cost-per-click (CPC)

b) Source: Yahoo/Medium: Organic

In this example, traffic to your site came from Yahoo through their search engine. Most likely a user typed in a search term and clicked on your website in the search results.

c) Source: referral

In this example, traffic to your site came from a website source ( as a referral. A user visited and clicked through to you from a piece of content that was linking back to your website URL.

Sample Screenshot

The report for SOURCE/MEDIUM can be found in Google Analytics. Click on “Acquisition” >“All Traffic ”> Source/Medium



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