If you’ve decided to pursue a career in trucking and completed the requirements to get your CDL license, it’s time to start applying to companies and make some money doing what you love. The trucking business is for those people who have a passion and if you’ve gone through the training you already know you are ready to hit the road. So far, you’ve made the decision to pursue trucking, completed the required training and have obtained your CDL license. Now what’s left?

The best way to approach finding a job would be looking for company sponsored CDL training because they provide training behind the wheel and the chances of securing a job with them after are very high. Your objective should be to get the training which will secure a job with the best company so finding an in-house training program works well. However, if you are unable to find a company to sponsor your training you do have other options.

First, you can pay for your school on your own which is the more expensive route. Next, you can apply either way hoping they can provide you with an opportunity. Many large companies are always willing to help, but just in case they require experience you don’t have you can apply to the smaller trucking companies until you get the required experience.

Many potential drivers often worry about the future growth within this industry. There is good news because the opportunities will likely continue to grow. It has been reported there is a growing shortage of drivers.

Here are some quick statistics to pay close attention to…

Presently, there are a million trucking jobs and 800,000 drivers to fill them. There have been predictions based on federal transportation statistics that there will be up to 300,000 truck-driving jobs unfilled by 2020. This means the outlook for current and newcomers is promising and more demand means trucking companies are willing to ditch out more money for the best drivers.

The top trucking companies have more leverage when employing truckers offering them a good rate per mile and benefits. There has been discussion about which company represents the very best in trucking and would be the ideal company to work for. Even though there are hundreds of companies, there are very few which represent size and quality.

Here is the Top 10 List of Trucking Companies 2016+…

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ups-21. UPS (United Parcel Service)

UPS was founded in 1907 and is the world’s largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services in the world. The growth of the company has allowed it to employ millions of people all over the world. Each year, it continues to strive by providing advanced technology, access to global resources, and an integrated network of physical, technological, and human assets. UPS provides competitive advantages to its customers which has been the main attribute bringing back repeat customers.

As an employer, it has continues to grow and constantly hiring new people each year.

| Primary Service: Parcel | 2014 revenue (millions): $25,692 | 2015 revenue (millions): $27,076 |Profit: + 5.4%|

 fedex-logo_12. Fedex (Federal Express)

FedEx is a company which is built on innovation and continues to be one of the global leaders in logistics, freight and delivery. They have a huge commitment to a creative, open culture propels the development of ideas, products and services that empower our customers to grow their businesses around the world.

Fedex has many focal points which has allowed it to grow and prosper throughout the years. Whether it’s through web services, logistics and alternative energy practices, FedEx sees innovation as a strategic business practice which is why it has ranked 2nd in the top 10 trucking companies to work for. It continues to employ thousands of people all over the world and with growth each year always looking to bring on new talent to join the team. With awesome pay, benefits and bonuses, it’ll definitely be a culture you’ll grow with throughout the years.

| Primary Service: Parcel | 2014 revenue (millions): $15,416 | 2015 revenue (millions): $16,585 |Profit: + 7.6% |


3. J.B. Hunt Transport Services

As North America’s leading trucking company and largest intermodal transportation provider, J.B. Hunt offers a variety of CDL truck driving jobs with stability and opportunities for you to grow and prosper.

It’s no secret when you have a driving job with J.B. Hunt, you’re going to be driving with one of the top truck companies in the industry. JB Hunt Transport offers some of the best trucking jobs with compensation plans, affordable benefit options, well-appointed, late-model equipment. We remain committed to offering the professional truck driver a better quality of life!

| Primary Service: TL | 2014 revenue (millions): $5,055 | 2015 revenue (millions): $5,585 |Profit: + 10.5% |


4. YRC Worldwide

YRC Worldwide offers a diversity of careers across the United States and around the world at our distribution/service centers and corporate offices. At YRC Worldwide, you will find a team of professionals dedicated to our core purpose to make global commerce work by connecting people, places and information.

The people of YRC Worldwide include the most experienced and knowledgeable transportation professionals in the industry, working within our family of companies—YRC Freight, Holland, Reddaway and New Penn. YRC Worldwide is among the largest and most-respected transportation and logistics services companies in the United States.

| Primary Service: LTL | 2014 revenue (millions): $4,851 | 2015 revenue (millions): $4,865 |Profit: + 0.3% |


5. Con-way Freight

Con-way offers some of the most exciting and rewarding transportation and logistics jobs available in the industry. Con-way careers maximize your unique skills and encourage professional growth, while providing a total rewards package that delivers outstanding benefits, compensation and training, all while fostering balance between your work life and personal life.

| Primary Service: LTL | 2014 revenue (millions): $3,898 | 2015 revenue (millions): $3,991 |Profit: + 2.4% |


6. Swift Transportation

When you drive for Swift, you’ll be amazed at how far your experience can take you. As an experienced trucker, you’re in a great position to take advantage of the many career opportunities available only at a company like Swift. There are a great variety of trucking jobs available at a company as large and diverse as Swift. Dry van, reefers and heavy haul are among the options for company drivers. In addition to what you drive, there are choices as to how you drive. You can drive solo or as part of a team. In fact, Swift currently has over 750 driving teams on the road. Some of Swift’s most successful teams are husbands and wives who enjoy both companionship on the road and tremendous financial rewards.

| Primary Service: TL | 2014 revenue (millions): $3,493 | 2015 revenue (millions): $3,862 |Profit: + 10.5% |


7. Schneider National

Enjoy access to one of the largest freight bases in the industry. Our diverse customer base will keep your truck moving and making money year-round. We believe drivers should go big; then go home. Over 75% of our drivers get home weekly or more. That means you’ll get the miles you need and the home time you deserve.

| Primary Service: TL | 2014 revenue (millions): $3,262 | 2015 revenue (millions): $3,354 |Profit: + 2.8% |

Landstar_System_Logo8. LandStar Systems

At Landstar, we take great pride at being the best at what we do – delivering excellent service to a wide range of customers. We are a large and growing Fortune 1000 company, offering outstanding opportunities in an energetic atmosphere of team spirit and accomplishment.

| Primary Service: TL | 2014 revenue (millions): $2,952 | 2015 revenue (millions): $2,821 |Profit: – 4.4% |

index9. Old Dominion Freight Line

Old Dominion was founded in 1934 by the Earl Congdon family. Back then, we had a single truck that ran routes between Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia. Over the decades, the company has grown to become a major transportation company that has expanded its shipping services to include the Caribbean, Europe, the Far East (China), Central America, South America and all points in-between. Today, Old Dominion has a sterling reputation extraordinary customer service, leading-edge industry systems and technology, and an exceptional on-time global and domestic shipping service record.

| Primary Service: LTL | 2014 revenue (millions): $2,135 | 2015 revenue (millions): $2,338 |Profit: + 9.5% |

arcbestlogo10. Arkansas Best

ABF Freight operates the core less-than-truckload network for North American shippers of all sizes who value quality and the exceptional experience we provide every day. Our customers know we’ll find a way to deliver superior regional and long haul LTL solutions and easy access to additional logistics services offered by our sister companies through a single point of contact.

| Primary Service: LTL | 2014 revenue (millions): $1,900 | 2015 revenue (millions): $2,114 |Profit: + 11.2% |

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