Everyone is trying to promote a lead generation course because this is what’s HOT right now. Lucas Lee-Tyson is one guy who has jumped on the wagon and created a course called Growth Cave. I guess the question people have is: Is this course worth it, and can you pull some value from it? Now, before I jump into my review and give my final opinion about if the Growth Cave is worth it, here are a few things I want to go through…

First, many people work 9-5 to EARN money, and this training program is for those looking to move away from the daily grind. So, Lucas Lee-Tyson offers you a way out by allowing you through the Growth Cave to take control of your schedule. That’s the bottom line, and this is what he is pretty much telling us his program will do for you! Now, regarding what the program covers and what it’s all about. I’m going to be covering this RIGHT now, so stay tuned…

Before I start…

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Great, now it’s time to exploreThe Growth Cave!

Table of Contents

What Is Growth Cave?
What Does the Growth Cave Offer You?
How Much Does the Growth Cave Training Cost?
Final Verdict

What Is Growth Cave?

The Growth Cave training program is very similar to the Lead Generation Blueprint, where it will teach you how to market to local businesses and make money generating leads for them. In addition, it will walk you through how to build your own marketing agency on the backs of local businesses. Now, I’m not saying anything is wrong with this marketing method (SOME HAVE HAD SUCCESS). Still, it’s part of a long list of other programs being promoted online. The basic premise is straightforward…

Local and small businesses need someone to market for them and bring clients. These businesses are EXPERTS in what they do but don’t know how to drive leads (customers their way)…this is where you will come in! First, you will help these businesses set up a landing page and drive traffic to this page. Then, potential clients who land on this page will either fill out a form or call the local business and pay for their services.

Finally, every time you get these businesses a customer, you will be paid a commission for driving this LEAD…it’s that simple!

I guess this is where Growth Cave comes in because they will teach you how to set up high-converting landing pages for businesses and drive traffic through paid advertising platforms like Google and Facebook. As a result, you will become an expert LEAD GENERATOR, thus making enormous commissions from the customers you send to clients. Now…

What Growth Cave is teaching you is a viable business and can make you extremely successful if you know how to market yourself and build a portfolio of clients. So, what promise does Lucas Lee-Tyson make if you join his training program?

What Does the Growth Cave Offer You?

Lucas-Lee Tyson makes some serious claims in his Growth Cave training program. Lucas claims you can make $10,000 monthly and even more through his program. He promises to teach you how to set up your marketing agency from scratch, and you will LEARN how to set out on your own after completing his six (6) module training course. (that’s nuts…right?). So, I know you’re asking, what’s EXACTLY covered in the Growth Cave training program

Well, as mentioned, the course is split into six (6) modules, all covering something unique. For example, in module 1, Lucas will teach you how to get into the proper mindset. “Some people are NOT cut out to start a business, but this does not mean they can’t be re-wired and trained to be ready,” Lucas says with a smile. So, in module 1, you will LEARN the strategies Lucas has used in the past to develop positive patterns, eliminate fears and set himself up for success! Now comes module 2…

In module 2, Lucas will teach you how to research and find the RIGHT niche for your lead generation business. Lucas has said numerous times that you must find a niche that requires your services, and you can help because you are somewhat passionate about it. (I guess he has a point). In module 2, you will learn how to set yourself apart from your competition and add value to your lead generation business. For example, what can you do differently that your competitors are NOT doing?

Now, before I continue, this all sounds great, but I have to give my recommendation. Click the Orange button to check it out…

In module 3, you start to get your hands dirty and LEARN the strategy to find clients! Lucas and his team at Growth Cave recommend you use Client Bolt to find clients. On a personal note, I have never used this software, and I’m sure Lucas will get some commission every time someone signs up for it. Anyways, I recommend you do your due diligence before paying for Client Bolt because you may not need the software. It’s better if you call them directly or if they call you 😊. This brings me to my next point,

Module 3 teaches you how to advertise your business so customers will come and find out. How? Lucas claims he will teach you natural organic methods to start attracting clients. This doesn’t sound too bad after all! If you are starting your marketing agency, you may not have money to invest, so Lucas teaching you FREE natural ways is good.

So, you have found some clients, and it’s time to close the deal…right?

In module 4, you will learn how to utilize creative scripts provided to you by Lucas and his team. In addition, you will LEARN how to handle client objections and collect retainer payments to get a secure commitment. Finally, here’s what I love about module 4, you will have a chance to listen to live calls of his team closing clients, so I encourage you to take notes. So far, Lucas seems to have provided some great value here, but let’s see what else he has for us…

Module 5 focuses entirely on lead generation and the best methods to use, for example, paid vs free. But here’s the problem, Lucas promotes in his marketing videos to teach you both Google and Facebook paid ads. But in the training video, he’s entirely focused on Facebook Ads, unlike the Local Marketing Vault training which teaches you both (with demos)

Anyways, there is one more module…number 6

Lucas says once you are up and running, it’s time to scale and keep growing, which this module will cover. The Growth Cave training provides you with resources where you can find freelancers to help you manage your business. You will also get trained to manage multiple clients using some of Lucas’s creative strategies. And finally, in module 6, you will get some essential legal resources like client agreements, contracts, terms & conditions, privacy policies, etc. Using these templates will save you a headache in hiring a lawyer and paying those legal fees.

So, there you have it; this is EXACTLY what the Growth Cave will teach you! Ok, now I know you are wondering how much this program costs, etc…

How Much Does the Growth Cave Training Cost?

The total cost of the program is $1,497 for lifetime access. Oh, this is a one-time cost, so there are no other fees after this. However, you can make three (3) payments of $597 each for lifetime access.

Now, let’s get into my final thoughts…

The Final Verdict

The Growth Cave business model is ok; I’ve seen way better for a fraction of the price. I have also seen some training programs offer you more VALUE meaning in-depth modules on how to set up your business, provide you with free software to use, prospecting strategies, and even demo paid advertising campaigns which have performed exceptionally well in the past. So, would I join the Growth Cave? Probably not because I find the price high for the value it provides…If the course were more in-depth, I wouldn’t mind paying for the program’s quality, but I think the Growth Cave fell short. Also, if you are starting out, you need much more training which the Growth Cave doesn’t provide.


This is my opinion, and I recommend you check it out but only after doing your due diligence before joining!

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