Fleetmatics has been the number one choice for trucking companies for several years. There innovative products are saving companies millions of dollars of the bottom line. Fleet GPS tracking puts company owners literally in the seat with their drivers allowing them to gain complete control over their fleet, significantly reduce costs and improve productivity.


Diminishing Fuel Costs

Just about everything checked by truck GPS tracking frameworks can work to help diminish fuel costs.

Speeding is a tremendous component in high fuel utilization. Keeping up decent paces can fundamentally diminish the measure of fuel utilized by your trucks. Numerous truck tracking solutions give speed data and alarm you when a truck surpasses set velocity limits.

Exurberant inactivity can boost high fuel costs for some organizations. At the point when drivers uselessly waste fuel by utilizing their truck as a climate control framework, you lose cash from your main concern. Truck GPS tracking can help decrease inactivity times by cautioning you when trucks sit without moving longer than a preset length of time, so you can make remedial move.

Truck tracking likewise gives area based data dispatchers can use to give fitting directing data to trucks in the field. Furthermore, numerous frameworks can find the truck closest to any particular job site. You can dispatch the truck that will arrive on the site initially, therefore further diminishing fuel utilization.

More information on how Fleetmatics can reduce fuel costs…


Enhancing Driver Behavior

Other significant contributors to high armada expenses are unapproved truck utilization and shameful driver conduct. Truck GPS tracking can transfer an assortment of data in regards to driving conduct including truck speed, motor start-up, shut-down and inactive time.

This data can be utilized to authorize driving strategy and check undesirable conduct like extreme speeding, lateness and augmented truck inactivity. Studies demonstrate that tracking your trucks sways representatives to work more viably and quit using organization trucks for individual purposes.

Quality truck tracking arrangements can likewise give the capacity to computerize timesheets. You will know precisely when workers begin work, to what extent they take for snacks and breaks, and when they quit working for the day, without depending on manual timesheets.

Precise, irrefutable timesheets will streamline payroll methods and help you abstain from paying unnecessary extra minutes pay because of timesheet misrepresentation or unexpected mistakes.


Increasing Security and Safety

Fleetmatics Truck GPS tracking system can help enhance the security of your entire fleet. There have many instances of truck theft and having a truck GPS installed can help recover your truck quickly. The Fleetmatics GPS system can be hidden somewhere safe so it cannot be found easily. Here’s something else that’s cool…

Some of our systems have a feature that will alert owners immediately if a truck is used during off-hours. Some of our features also include a routine maintenance alert and this ensures your trucks are compliant with safety guidelines and can help reduce repair costs in the long run.


Better Customer Service

With decent mapping programming, fleet holders know the precise area of each fleet truck. This gives dispatchers the capacity to successfully channel drivers to any job site.

Likewise, you can find and dispatch the closest truck to any job site. Truck tracking gives better directing and dispatching. This diminishes fuel utilization, lessens truck mileage and expands the quantity of jobs finished in a day.

Trucks GPS tracking arrangements can consolidate various gimmicks that help enhance client administration. Better directing and dispatching helps you get to your clients more rapidly. You will likewise have the capacity to focus when a truck arrived on a work and when it cleared out, giving exact and undeniable verification of administrations.

There are mixed bags of distinctive GPS arrangements available that offer the previously stated benefits. Subsequently, the rest of this article will concentrate on the key peculiarities that originate from a solid supplier like Fleetmatics.


Dynamic vs. Latent Truck Tracking

Fleetmatics gives dynamic truck tracking. Dynamic truck tracking implies that the information from the GPS collector is transmitted to a remote user at normal interims. The best frameworks transmit information like clockwork. This provides for you continuous area data.

For latent truck tracking, all the GPS information is put away in the recipient and must be downloaded once all the trucks come back to the workplace. Be careful of frameworks with “overhauls” each 5, 10, or 15 minutes as this isn’t genuinely live, and regularly, you can be charged for extra pings on the off chance that you have to spot your truck between interims.

Ongoing (dynamic) tracking has turned into the most prevalent strategy for following trucks in spite of its higher expense on account of the tremendous profits to having constant data to make on-interest administration choices.

Online vs. Customer Based

Numerous GPS arrangements use restrictive programming that obliges establishment on your machine. Frequently, these arrangements likewise require regular manual overhauls and downloads an alternate disadvantage to exclusive programming is that the GPS arrangement must be utilized on computers with the correct installation.

Fleetmatics gives the data safely over the Internet. As long as you know the login and secret key, you can get to your record from any Internet-empowered machine. The adaptability and all day, every day availability of an Internet based arrangement settles on it the far prevalent decision when settling on a particular GPS arrangement.

The Importance of Mapping

Truck GPS following obliges present and clear mapping. A few GPS arrangements have cooperated with extraordinary mapping suppliers – for instance, Fleetmatics with Google mapping – for the most exact and exceptional mapping accessible.

The best GPS vehicle tracking frameworks mapping gimmicks permit you to zoom the distance down to road level and give road, territory, satellite and hybrid street/satellite perspectives. Likewise, you ought to have the capacity to get constant movement data through the mapping with a specific end goal to help drivers stay away from postponements.

Utilizing Reports and Alerts

Fleetmatics permits you to robotize compact and straightforward reports on a week after week or month to month premise. Likewise, you can produce reports in a split second.

The information can be sorted out to provide you data about day by day truck movement, speeding infringement, infringement of organization driving approach, a complete rundown list of truck begins and stops, unreasonable sitting times and a great deal more.

Fleetmatics likewise has far reaching chronicled reporting capacities. You can get to any GPS data accumulated by your framework from the time you began utilizing it. Utilizing information mining systems, you can compare the performance between two representatives, or look at a worker’s performance against the organization normal in zones, for example, speeding, sitting, miles driven and motor on or off times.

Alarming peculiarities can undoubtedly advise you of undesirable conduct. Alarms ought to be hailed in significant reports and you can be informed of any cautions when an infringement happens through email or cell phone.

Alarms can likewise be activated for over the top speeding, intemperate inactivity, motor start-up or shut down amid off-hours, unapproved truck use and when a truck enters or exit particular geographic ranges.


Additional Information:

1. Is it possible to view vehicles from any internet enabled PC?

Fleetmatics created a tracking system that gives you complete control. “Yes” you can view vehicles as long as you are connected to the internet. It’s important to note that the faster the internet connection, the faster our system can display information and our software will run.

For example, a broadband connection will be much faster than a dial-up connection.

2. How about mobile functionality? Can I view vehicles, reports, etc?

We made sure out software is accessible from any internet-enabled mobile phone. We even have a mobile app that is downloadable both the App and Google Play stores.

3. Will I receive free upgrades?

Yes! When you log into the software you’ll be notified when an update is available. Updating your software can be done with a “click” of a button.

4. Are They Any hidden charges?

With Fleetmatics – what you see is what you get! There are NO hidden charges. We offer a NO extra charge guarantee!

5. Is there a web access charge for Fleetmatics?

The only web access charge you pay is to your internet provider. Fleetmatics does not charge anything for accessing our software from the web, etc.

6. Is there an antenna? Should I know anything about installation?

There is NO antenna and the tracking unit is installed in a discreet, inaccessible location.

7. Are there additional networking costs?

No, Fleetmatics representatives issue an ‘all-in’ quotation.

8. Are there annual software costs?

No, our monthly price incorporates everything!

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