If you plan on becoming a certified nursing assistant, you will need to complete a training program. It’s important to check the requirements in your state just to be sure. However, most of the research we’ve done requires completion from an accredited CNA program.

The good news is this program is offered online, in high school, from technical college, and community colleges.

Here’s what others are saying –

“CNA training requirements vary by state, so those interested in becoming CNAs will need to check local regulations before enrolling. Students should also check with the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. CNA training programs are offered by a variety of institutions, including the American Red Cross, local health care providers, community colleges, vocational and technical schools, and online training programs.

CNA programs last from four to 16 weeks, depending on the institution. Those choosing to receive their training from a health care provider should be aware that some require students to work at the facility for a set amount of time after receiving their certification.”learnhowtobecome.org


“Have a High School Diploma or GED – All accredited CNA training programs require either a high school diploma or GED. If you find a program that doesn’t require one of these, it probably isn’t accredited, which means it isn’t approved by the state. Even if you complete such a program, you won’t be eligible to sit for your state licensing exam. With a GED or diploma in hand, you can sign up for a CNA training program. Such programs typically run from three to 12 weeks, and they include classroom instruction as well as clinical training. You may not sit for the state licensing exam without completing an accredited, approved program, so there is no way around this requirement”. – cnalicense.org


“To become a CNA, you’ll need a high school diploma or GED, plus nursing assistant training. You can find these programs at community colleges, trade schools and medical facilities. Before enrolling, be sure the program is approved by your state’s nursing board.” allalliedhealthschools.com

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