When working at home or in your office, having the RIGHT furniture CAN add to your productivity. For example, imagine working at your desk with BACK and SHOULDER pain and not completing the tasks required to excel at your job. In the end, you work to earn a living, and nothing should get in the way of earning that PAYCHECK, NOT even physical pain. We also MUST keep in mind that physical pain is usually accompanied by mental pain, so it’s IMPORTANT you find a solution RIGHT away. The good news is that making a SIMPLE change in your office CAN solve both problems. So, what is the solution? The answer is choosing an office chair that’s comfortable to SIT on, WITH all the ESSENTIAL features you need to support your back, neck, head, and legs.

However, with so many different types of CHAIRS, it’s DIFFICULT to determine the MOST comfortable reclining office chairs and what features are MOST necessary to you. So, to help you select the RIGHT features, we have shortlisted the best reclining office chairs trending in the market today. With that said,

Our list includes OFFICE CHAIRS that are ergonomically designed for efficiency and OPTIMAL performance. These chairs have a steel frame for durability and utilize HIGH-DENSITY foam for comfort. In addition, these office chairs are adjustable to RECLINE anywhere from 90°-180° degrees, and some with adjustable headrests, arms, and backrests. The 360°-degree swivel function allows you to multitask, and the smooth caster wheels glide effortlessly across your floor. Finally, you will also find reclining office chairs with a handful of other impressive features like removable cushions, a mesh fabric layer for breathability, padded armrests, and anti-scratch PU leather.

Overall Best Reclining Office Chairs

In the table below, we have listed the best reclining office chairs trending in the market today!

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1) SYMINO Reclining Ergonomic Office Chair


The SYMINO ERGONOMIC reclining office chair is constructed from PREMIUM PU leather and has an integrated all-steel frame. This is one of the BEST reclining office chairs for home and office and is extremely LIGHTWEIGHT to move around. You can also adjust and LOCK this chair in several DIFFERENT angles ranging from 90°-150°. Not to mention, the headrest and lumbar pillow will ensure the BEST posture while working. In addition, if you are in the market for a reclining office chair with adjustable arms, the SYMINO is PERFECT since you can adjust the armrests UP/DOWN by 2 inches and LEFT/RIGHT by 30°-degrees. With that said,

The SYMINO office chairs has other impressive features like a high-density SOFT cushion foam seat, smooth gliding wheels, and a weight capacity of 330lbs.

View the entire SYMINO collection now.

Quick Features:

HIGH-DENSITY soft cushion foam

PU Leather

Integrated all-steel frame


RECLINING from 90°-150°

Class 3 GAS lift cylinder

Adjustable armrest (UP/DOWN 2 inches) (LEFT/RIGHT 30°)

Headrest and lumbar pillow

20-minutes to complete the assembly

Weight capacity 330lbs

2) ANDAseaT Ergonomic PVC Leather Reclining Office Chair


The ANDAseaT is one of the best ergonomic reclining office chairs available in the market today. It is manufactured with HIGH-quality 22mm diameter steel and PVC leather. In addition, the chair uses CLASS 4 hydraulic nitrogen pistons to control the SEAT height, allowing for smooth UP/DOWN transitions. Not only that, but the ANDAseaT reclining office chair TILTS 90~160 degrees with five (5) angle LOCK position. An aluminum 5-point base provides extra stability and strength. The base is also supported by 60mm silent/smooth movement wheels suitable for all surfaces. With that said,

Other impressive features include a removable large-sized H-shaped’ headrest pillow and LUMBAR cushion that provides OPTIMAL spine and neck support. The PVC premium leather is easy to wipe clean, and the FRAMEWORK comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

View the entire ANDseat collection now.

Quick Features:

Ergonomic design

Reclining tilts 90~160 degrees (angle lock 5-positions)

Adjustable height (Class 4 Hydraulic Nitrogen Pistons)

Removable large-sized H-shaped’ headrest pillow

Lumbar cushion (spine/neck support)

Manufactured high-quality 22mm diameter steel frame

2mm thick seamless steel

Aluminum 5-point base

60mm silent/smooth wheels

Bonded PVC leather

Easy to clean

Lifetime Framework Warranty

3) Bonzy Ergonomic PU Leather Office Chair (Adjustable Swivel)


The Bonzy Ergonomic is one of the MOST comfortable reclining desk chairs available in the market today. This office chair has impressive features, including a TILT angle from 90°~165° and padded armrests for ULTRA comfort. The anti-scratch PU leather ensures longevity in the material allowing it to keep its shine. Not to mention, the PU leather covers the HIGH-density elastic foam constructed to support your back and neck. The CASTER wheels are sturdy, allowing you to glide on various surfaces effortlessly. The Bonzy Ergonomic reclining office chair also comes with a removable headrest and LUMBAR pillows that CAN be adjusted to your preference.

With a LOAD capacity of 300 lbs and availability in seven (7) colors, this OFFICE chair is perfect for people of all sizes and color preferences. The BOX comes with all the parts and tools to assemble the CHAIR within15-30 minutes.

Quick Features:

Orthopedically/ergonomically designed


Padded armrests

High-density elastic foam

Anti-scratch PU leather

Height-adjustable gas spring cylinder

Sturdy base

Easy to move (CASTER wheels)

Headrest/lumbar pillow cushions included (REMOVABLE)

Weight capacity 300lbs

Available in seven (7) colors

4) OLINE ErgoPro Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair (4D Adjustable Armrest)


The OLINE ergonomic office recliner chair comes equipped with adjustable 3D armrests allowing you to SET them to your preferred height and direction. The PREMIUM GAS can adjust to provide support for people just eight (8) ft tall. The ONLINE ErgoPro is also one of the best reclining office chairs for those people looking for ENHANCED breathability when sitting. For example, the mesh layer keeps you at a comfortable temperature, so you CAN continue to do your work WITHOUT any interruptions. Other impressive features include blade wheels for smooth silent gliding and dynamic LUMBAR support that responds by PIVOTING as you place pressure on it. With that said,

The ONLINE ErgoPro adjustable headrest moves UP/DOWN to provide NECK support, and the STRONG wheelbase is ideal for people weighing up to 275 lbs.

Quick Features:

Recline up to 135 degrees



3D adjustable armrests

Adjustable headrests

Premium GAS lift

Sturdy wheelbase

Blade wheels (smooth/silent)

Dynamic lumbar support

Weight capacity 275lbs

Available in three (3) colors

5) FunSHION Ergonomic Office Chair, 155° Reclining High


With an ERGONOMIC design and 3.15-inch high-density foam, FunSHION is one of the best reclining desk chairs available in the market today. In addition, this chair has six (6) points of adjustable support and can TILT in a range from 90°-155° to provide you with the COMFORT you need to get your work done. Not only that, this FunSHION ergonomic office chair comes with an adjustable footrest and sturdy steel construction, so it can continue to provide you with incredible comfort for a long time. What also makes this one of the most comfortable reclining office chairs is the PADDED armrest (four (4) joints), and BREATHABLE mesh allowing the heat to pass through, keeping you cool while working.

The FunSHION reclining office chair has other features like PU silenced double-piece rolling casters wheels and a weight capacity of 300lbs.

Quick Features:


3.15-inch high-density foam

Six (6) points adjustable support

Pull out TILT handle and lock

Reclining 90°-155°

Adjustable footrest

BREATHABLE mesh (heat to pass through)

Sturdy steel construction

PADDED armrest (four (4) joints)

Assembly in 15-25 minutes

PU silenced double-piece rolling casters wheels

Weight capacity 300lbs

6) XUER Ergonomics/Reclining Office Mesh Chair


The XUER reclining office chair is new to enter the market but has become extremely popular quickly. It has a TILT/RECLINE range up to 126 °. Not only that, the 360° rotation allows you to shift angles when required quickly. This chair also has adjustable ( 2.7-inch) armrests covered in HIGH-QUALITY nylon and sliding wheels that CAN glide quietly over any surface like tile, carpet, and wood. For added COMFORT, the XUER ERGONOMIC office chair comes with a seat cushion made from “60”-density elastic cotton that’s W-shaped to reduce pressure on your hips. With that said,

The adjustable LUMBAR support has a 1.97-inch lifting range to bring relief to your waist area, and this chair has an incredible weight capacity of 330 lbs.

Quick Features:


Multi-dimensional free rotating headrest

Adjustable arms in PU covered

360° rotation

TILT function with position lock


Load-bearing armrest

60-density seat cushion (MESH covered)

Lumbar support

GAS lift

Flexible wheels

Weight capacity 330lbs

7) Homall Reclining Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel Office Chair  (Headrest and Lumbar Support)


If you are in the market for a comfortable office chair recliner, the Homall ERGONOMIC chair does not disappoint. It has a TILT locking mechanism from 90 ° to 180 ° degrees and a 360° swivel design. Furthermore, to ensure MAXIMUM durability, the Homall office recliner has been constructed utilizing a 1.8mm thick steel frame and premium PU leather that is soft/comfortable to SIT on. Not only that, the HEIGHT can be adjusted from 17.3 to 21.5-inches, and this chair can also rock back and forth when you adjust the knob under the seat.

With removable headrest and lumbar pillow cushions and availability in ten (10) colors, this is truly one of the best office recliners available on Amazon.

Quick Features:

Orthopedically/ERGONOMICALLY designed

Tilt locking mechanism (90 to 180 degrees angle adjuster)

Height adjustable

1.8mm thick steel frame

360-degree swivel

GAS spring cylinder

Sturdy base

Easy to move (CASTER wheels)

Premium PU leather

Headrest/lumbar pillow cushions (REMOVABLE)

Weight capacity 300lbs

Available in ten (10) colors

8) Gabrylly Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair (Adjustable, Headrest, Flip-Up Arms)


The Gabrylly ergonomic reclining office chair has four (4) support points (head/ back/ hips/ hands) for those with different needs and having to sit for long hours throughout the day. The Gabrylly is one of the best office chairs for reclining because it CAN TILT from 90°~120°-degrees. Not only that, but the 360°-degrees of swivel allows you to MOVE in different angles seamlessly. To meet your requirements, you have the OPTION to adjust the seat, headrest, and backrest. The mesh SEAT/BACK helps increase the air circulation for additional comfort when sitting, and this mesh fabric is also abrasion-resistant. With that said,

Some other impressive features include FLIP-UP arms so you CAN push this chair directly under the desk when NOT in use and PU mute wheels that roll smooth and don’t harm your floor. Additionally, this chair has a weight CAPACITY of 280lbs and is available in two (2) colors.

Quick Features:


Four (4) support points (head/ back/ hips/ hands)

Lumbar support

Adjustable seat, headrest, backrest

FLIP-UP arms

RECLINE (90~120°)

Swivel 360°

BREATHABLE mesh (air circulation)

Assembly 15~20 minutes

PU mute wheels

Weight capacity 280lbs

Available in two (2) colors

9) Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair – Adjustable


The Duramont reclining office chair with lumbar support has an ergonomic design that’s efficient and comfortable when working at home or in the office. In addition, this chair has an adjustable headrest and CAN RECLINE 90°- 120° to your preference. The high-density molded foam cushion is ULTRA comfortable and has a mesh covering to increase the air circulation, keeping you cool during those long hours. Not to mention, the easy GLIDE smooth wheels WON’T harm your flooring. The armrests and headrest can also be adjusted to meet your requirements.

The Duramont reclining office chair has a weight capacity of 330lbs and comes with a 5-YEAR WARRANTY.

View the entire Duramont collection now.

Quick Features:


Adjustable headrest height/angle

RECLINING 90°- 120°

High-density molded foam cushion (W-type cushion)

Easy GLIDE smooth wheels

LUMBAR support

BREATHABLE mesh (air circulation)


Weight capacity 330lbs

10) BestOffice Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair


Last on our list is the BestOffice ergonomic reclining office. With an ergonomic design, commercial-grade components and breathable PU leather, this chair is SUPER comfortable, DURABLE, and offers incredible features. BestOffice has incorporated a 90°-155° degree TILT mechanism, armrest, and FOOTREST, so you relax and lie when in the office. For faster up/down, this chair has a CLASS-3 gas lift and swivels 360°- degrees for multitasking. The DURABLE caster wheels allow for smooth-rolling mobility from one area to another area. With that said,

The BestOffice ergonomic reclining office has a weight CAPACITY of 250 lbs and is available in six (6) different colors.

Quick Features:



RECLINING 90°-155° degrees

CLASS-3 Gas Lift

Lumbar support

Swivels 360° degrees


Assembly in 15-25 minutes

Commercial-grade components

Weight capacity 250lbs

Available in six (6) colors

Benefits of an Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair

It’s all about comfort! When are you comfortable, you work your best and CAN achieve great things. This is why it is ESSENTIAL to choose an office chair that is ERGONOMICALLY designed, keeping your OPTIMAL performance in mind. With that said,

Let’s explore some of the benefits of an ERGONOMIC office recliner.

Having the best reclining desk chair in your home or office will help reduce stiffness in your muscle and joints. RECLINING office chairs CAN TILT several degrees adjusting to your preference, allowing you to spread your legs, back, and arms. The ABILITY to spread your legs and other parts of your body also leads to improved blood circulation, which is ESSENTIAL to maintain healthy blood and oxygen throughout the body. With a healthy OXYGEN flow in your lungs, heart, and muscles, you will function efficiently, leading to GREATER productivity when working.

Our list above also includes reclining office chairs with adjustable arms, lumbar support, and SEAT height to help IMPROVE your OVERALL posture when working. Improved posture helps your muscles and other structures function efficiently. Not only that, but it CAN help improve your mood by eliminating PAIN in your joints/muscles leading to increased focus and productivity. With that said,

Ergonomic office recliner chairs have other benefits linked directly to the ones listed above. For example, good posture and increased posture WILL help you relax better throughout the day, allowing you to do other things you love to do. In addition, less muscle and joint PAIN helps you sleep better, so you CAN refresh your mind when you need to.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide will help you make an informed decision when choosing a reclining office chair for your professional needs. Before finalizing your choice, it is IMPORTANT to take some time to go over your EXACT requirements, so you find a CHAIR that aligns perfectly with your needs. In the end, purchasing an OFFICE CHAIR is an investment in your career, so choose one you are happy with and which satisfies your requirements.

If you have found our guide helpful, please don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedback below in the comment box. In addition, we would love to hear what you and others say about our list of BEST reclining office chairs for professionals.

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