Congrats on becoming a mother! Comfort is going to be more critical now than ever, so it’s time to transform your wardrobe, fitting it with clothing suited for months ahead as you progress through your pregnancy. Our guide today explores the best maternity work pants trending in the market today.

We have added those maternity work pants that are stylish, comfortable, lightweight, and provide you with other impressive features to give you the RIGHT amount of balance as your MOST favorite pair of pants. So with that said,

Here are the best maternity work pants we believe you WILL want to wear for nine (9) months and even longer.

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Overall Best Maternity Work Pants

In the table below, we have listed the best maternity work pants trending in the market today!

You can click “FEATURES” on any of the items in the table to jump to the appropriate section in this article, where you will find a detailed overview and product features. Or, you can click the “Shop Now On Amazon” button to head directly to the products page.

1) Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women’s Maternity Baby Bump Skinny Jeans


The Signature by Levi Strauss’s are considered one of the best maternity work pants trending in the market today. These pants are made from 80% cotton, 18% polyester, and 2% elastane, so they are incredibly durable, flexible, and comfortable. The super stretch characteristics of these maternity work pants make it easier for you to bend so you can perform optimally at work. These Levi’s utilize cooling technology around the waistband to wick moisture away throughout your shift. Other impressive features include a pull-on closure design, a snug FIT that does not lose shape over time, and a skinny leg opening that allows air to flow and keeps you cool at work. With that said,

The Levi Gold Label comfy maternity pants for work are available in three (3) colors on Amazon, including black, grey, and blue. Oh, by the way, these pants are also machine washable.

80% Cotton, 18% Polyester, 2% Elastane

Pull-on closure

Machine Washable

Super stretch lasts from day to night

Snug FIT (doesn’t lose shape)

Baby bump panel for expectant moms in the first trimester

Cooling technology in waistband

Tight through hip and thigh with a skinny leg opening

Available in 3 colors

2) Maternity Pants Comfortable Stretch Over-Bump Women Pregnancy Casual Capris for Work


The Alina Mae Stretch Over Capris are also among the best pregnancy work pants trending in the market today. These pants are constructed from 60% rayon, 34% nylon, and 6% elastane for ultimate comfort and durability. The large front pockets are big enough for your wallet and keys, while the adjustable elastic waistband can extend as you progress through your pregnancy. These pants are super soft and lightweight but are built with a durable high elastic material to allow for greater flexibility. With that said,

What’s also impressive about these maternity work pants is that they are available in 13 popular colors on Amazon like black, grey, navy, khaki, and more.

60% Rayon, 34% Nylon, 6% Elastane

Extra-large front pockets

Super soft and lightweight material

High elastic material

Adjustable elastic waistband extenders

Available in 13 colors

3) Jinson Women’s Maternity Wide/Straight Versatile Comfy Palazzo Lounge Pants Stretch Pregnancy Trousers


If you are looking for one of the BEST work maternity pants, then the Jinson Palazzo pregnancy trousers DO NOT disappoint. These pants are constructed from 95% rayon and 5% spandex, so they are incredibly soft and flexible, making bending at work more accessible. The ultimate comfort stretch material is perfect throughout every trimester of your pregnancy. In terms of style, these Jinson maternity work pants have a wide-leg classic design and have a snug waistband that can be folded to lower the fit around your waistline. With that said,

The Jinson maternity work pants are available in four (4) colors on Amazon, so you will find a color and style that aligns with your personality.

95% Rayon 5% Spandex

Ultimate comfort (stretch pants)

Wide-leg classic black pants

The snug waistband (can be folded)

Available in 4 colors

4) Foucome Women’s Maternity Pants Stretch Career Dress Pants Work Office Over-Bump Trousers


The Foucome work maternity pants are made from 62% rayon, 33% nylon, and 5% spandex for ultimate durability and stretch. The pull-on closure makes these pants quick and easy to put on, and the super stretch material is impressive, giving you extra room as you grow during your pregnancy. What also makes these Foucome trousers one of the best work maternity pants is that they have two(2) slash pockets for your most valuable items and a full panel high waistband that expands for added comfort. With that said,

Some other impressive features include fabric with anti-wrinkle characteristics and with a non-see-through guarantee. These pants are also available in 10 colors on Amazon.

62% Rayon, 33% Nylon, 5% Spandex

Pull-on closure

Super stretchy

Anti-wrinkle characteristics and non-see-through guaranteed

Full panel high waist waistband

Two (2) front slash pockets

Available in 10 colors

5) Bhome Maternity Jeans Stretch High Waisted Dress Pants


With high-quality material construction and breathable fabric, the Bhome brand of pants has landed on our list of best maternity work pants trending in the market today. These pants have a back pocket for storage and an over-the-bump waistband that can be adjusted as you move through your pregnancy stages. For added decoration, these pants have artificial front pockets for a more professional look. With that said,

Currently, these Bhome pregnancy pants are available on Amazon in eight (8) fantastic colors.

Hand Wash Only

HIGH-quality material

Back pocket for storage


Over adjustable bump band

Available in 8 colors

6) Motherhood Maternity Women’s Super Stretch Secret Fit Belly Ankle Skinny Work Pants


The Motherhood Stretch FIT pants are one of the best work maternity pants for professionals. These pants are constructed from 77% rayon, 20% nylon, and 3% spandex for maximum durability and comfort. In addition, the pull-on closure design has no zippers or buttons so that these maternity pants can be put on by easy pulling. The high-quality fabric retains its shape throughout your pregnancy, and the stretch twill pattern is also versatile and stylish. With that said,

These Motherhood pants come with non-functioning front pockets and faux welt back pockets for a professional design and are available on Amazon in 5 fantastic colors.

77% Rayon, 20% Nylon, 3% Spandex

Pull-on closure

Fabric retains its shape

Machine wash

Stretch twill pant is versatile and stylish

NON-functioning front pockets

Available in 5 colors

7) Foucome Womens Maternity Bootcut Stretch Career Dress Pants Work Office Over-Bump Trousers


The Foucome brand of maternity work pants is back on our list. These pants have a button closure and big side pockets for securely storing your keys and wallet. The fabric blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex provides MAXIMUM comfort and the right amount of stretch to make bending easier in the office. The fabric these pants are constructed from also gives you a full range of motion which is essential as you progress through your pregnancy. With that said,

These Foucome Maternity Bootcut work pants have a high Waist with a FIT belly panel around the waist, adjustable elastic waistband, and availability in 5 colors on Amazon.

Button closure

Big side pockets

Nylon, Polyester, and Spandex (perfect stretch)

Full-freedom of movement

Resist wrinkles

High Waist with FIT belly panel around the waist

Adjustable elastic band

Available in 5 colors

8) Foucome Women’s Maternity Pants Stretch Career Dress Pants Work Office Over-Bump Trousers


Constructed from 62% rayon, 33% nylon, and 5% spandex, these Foucome maternity work pants are durable, lightweight, and offer excellent flexibility to make bending at work more manageable. These are one of the best black maternity pants for work if you are looking for a pull-on closure with a super stretch material that is also wrinkle-resistant. These Foucome pregnancy pants have two (2) front slash pockets for your keys and wallet. With that said,

Foucome guarantees these pants to be NON-pilling and non-see-through with a FULL panel high waistband. These pants are available in 10 fantastic colors like black, grey, khaki, navy blue, and more.

62% Rayon, 33% Nylon, 5% Spandex

Pull-on closure

Two (2) front slash pockets

Super stretch for free motion

Anti-wrinkle characteristics

NON-pilling and non-see-through guaranteed

FULL panel high waist waistband

Available in 10 colors

9) Premium Women’s Stretch Ponte Pants – Dressy Leggings with Butt Lift – Madison


Last on our list of best maternity work pants are the Premium Stretch Ponte pants from Conceited. These pants are constructed from 95% polyester for durability and 5% spandex, providing you with maximum stretch throughout the day. In addition, the pull-on closure design means there are no zippers and buttons to close, so you can easily pull these pants on/off quickly. Finally, the fabric is breathable and quick to dry while the banded elastic waistband expands as you progress through your pregnancy. The design is fitted through the waist and hips, with the perfect amount of butt lifting shape control. With that said,

The Conceited premium stretch Ponte maternity pants are available in 16 colors on Amazon, so you will find a color that’s right for you.

95% Polyester, 5% Spandex

Pull-on closure

4-way stretch (full range of motion)

Quick dry


Machine washable

Banded elastic waistband

Available in 16 colors

FAQS About Maternity Pants

Here are some of the MOST common customer questions regarding pregnancy work pants. If you can’t find your answer here, please post it in the comment box below, and we will add it to our FAQ section.

1) What Are Some Things To Consider When Buying a Pair of Pregnancy Work Pants?

When purchasing a pair of maternity work pants, always consider your style, fit, color, and design preference. For example, do you like pants that are tighter around your legs? Are you looking for a specific fabric and color? Also, how many pockets do you like to have for your most valuable items like keys/wallet? So, ask yourself these questions, then finalize your purchase. However, here are some things we believe you should consider as you progress through your pregnancy.

First, you want to choose a pair of maternity work pants that allow you to bend and be flexible. As you grow, it will be harder to bend if your pants are constructed from rigid, thick materials. For this reason, we recommend maternity pants constructed from a lightweight fabric and one that has a composition with spandex (stretch). Secondly, when choosing a pair of pregnancy pants, think about pockets and how many are just enough to keep your most valuable items close. However, keeping your keys and wallet in your purse may be a good idea to eliminate any extra weight from items in your pockets. Third, we recommend breathable pants and those that are easy to pull on/off. Breathable fabric is vital to allow your skin to breathe and wick moisture away. We also recommend eliminating zippers and buttons while opting for an adjustable elastic waistband, so you are not restricted as you progress through your pregnancy.

2) When Should I Start Wearing Maternity Work Pants?

The choice is up to you! Some women start wearing them right away, and some wait until they begin to show a baby bump. In the end, start wearing maternity work pants once you feel that your movement is becoming more constrained. Maternity pants are supposed to make you feel more comfortable than regular pants, so when your everyday pants are beginning to limit your movement, it’s time to switch to maternity pants.

3) What Is The Right Size For Me?

Your height and weight determine your size. However, during pregnancy, you have a bit more flexibility in size because it will change every few months as you progress through each trimester. With that said, when shopping for the best maternity work pants, it is vital to view the size chart on the product page. Pay close attention to the waist, hip, and inseam size.

4) Should I Consider Pockets When Purchasing My Maternity Work Pants?

Pockets when wearing pants is crucial because you can quickly dig into your pockets and pull out your items. For example, most people keep their keys and wallets in their pockets; however, during your pregnancy having items in your pockets can be a liability instead of an asset. We believe this is why many of the pants on our list of best pregnancy work pants have non-functional pockets to eliminate the extra weight from items in them. So, should you consider pockets when shopping for maternity work pants? No, we suggest you focus more on comfort than how accessible your items are to you. Also, remember that some items can always be stored in a small purse or bag.

5) Are Pregnancy Work Pants Machine Washable?

Yes! Pregnancy work pants are machine washable and require very little maintenance. The pants listed today are also quick-dry, so you can pop them into the washing machine, let them dry, and be ready for work in NO time.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide will help you make an informed decision when choosing your next pair of maternity work pants. The purchase you make is an investment to help you perform your duties with optimal performance. Therefore, we recommend investing in a pair of work pants that provide the benefits you need as you progress through your pregnancy. The more comfortable you feel, the better you perform at work.

If you have found our guide helpful, please don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedback below in the comment box. In addition, we would love to hear what you and others say about our list of BEST maternity pants for work.

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