So you are wondering, “What are the BEST commercial ICE makers trending in the market today”. It CAN be confusing to narrow down the RIGHT choice, especially when there are SO MANY HIGH-quality ICE makers available. Ultimately, the MACHINE you select should always MATCH your requirements at the time. For example, some COMMERCIAL ICE machines are BEST suited for restaurants and bars while some for personal home use. However, some machines CAN be used in BOTH settings.

When choosing a COMMERCIAL ICE maker for your location, you should consider several IMPORTANT factors like how FAST ICE is produced, storage capacity, ease of installation, and maintenance. Let’s NOT forget, OVERALL durability and functionality too. As you WILL learn when going through our LIST, each ICE machine has its unique features, and we have provided ONLY those machines we FEEL have all the features you NEED no matter if you are purchasing for your home or business. With that said,

Our list includes COMMERCIAL ICE machines that are durable, reliable, and affordable. These machines CAN produce ICE within a few minutes and have a storage capacity anywhere from 25lbs to 350lbs. With HIGHLY efficient compressors, these machines are extremely quiet, creating a comfortable environment for you and your guests.The simple LCD control panel on each MACHINE allows you to control the thickness and temperature of the ICE. The LCD will also ALERT you if there are any issues during the ICE-making process. A majority of these ICE machines are equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism to eliminate bacterial growth.

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Overall BEST Commercial Ice Makers

In the table below, we have listed the BEST commercial ice makers trending in the market today!

You can click “FEATURES” on any of the items in the table to jump to the appropriate section in this article, where you will find a detailed overview and features of the product. Or, you can click the “Click Here For Price” button to head directly to the products page.

1) Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine, 100lbs/24H Stainless

Euhomy is number 1 on our list of best commercial ice makers in the market today! This commercial ice maker has a FREE standing design and CAN produce up to 100lbs of ICE per day. Not only that, but the Euhomy professional ice shaver machine has a storage BIN with a capacity of 33lbs, ensuring you never run out of ICE when you need it MOST. Another impressive feature is the automatic overflow control, which prevents ICE CUBES from overflowing, so you DON’T get water damage from melting ICE. You can use this machine at home or in your restaurant as the Euhomy maker is ETL certified (approved for commercial use). The Euhomy commercial ice maker comes with a multi-function LED control panel to ensure complete ease of use. This panel shows the environment’s temperature with buttons to adjust the size of ice cubes and control timing too. In addition, this machine will clean automatically when you press the clean button. With that said,

Another reason this is considered one of the best commercial ICE makers is because of the powerful compressor, which makes ICE with little noise. By limiting noise, you have the option to place this machine under the counter or corner without any distractions.

Quick Features:

Energy certificate (SAVE on bills)

Freestanding design

Produce 100 lbs of ice per day


Automatic overflow prevention

Commercial Use/ETL certification

MULTI-function control panel (temperature, size of cubes,


“Timer Clean” button (enter cleaning mode)

2) hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine


The hOmeLabs Freestanding machine is number 2 on our LIST of best commercial ice makers. This machine produces 99lbs of ICE in 24 hours and 45 pieces within a single cycle (11-20 minutes). hOmeLabs created a commercial ice maker with a FREESTANDING design so you CAN easily install this machine anywhere inside your home, pantry, or restaurant. Not only that, but this is considered one of the best commercial ice machines because of how easy it is to use through the Intuitive control panel. For example, the LCD indicator allows you to control the timing and thickness of the ice cubes, and you CAN press a button to enable the automatic cleaning function. With that said,

For easy installation, the hOmeLabs commercial ICE maker machine comes with all the ESSENTIAL accessories like water supply hose, water supply connector, draining hose, and more. To get started, connect the water supply, attach the drain hose, and plug in the power cord to get started.

Quick Features:

Produces 99lbs of ice in 24 hours (45 pieces of clear ice in one cycle within 11-20 mins)

29lbs of storage capacity

Freestanding design

Rust-resistant stainless steel interior

FULL set of accessories (ice scoop, water supply hose, water supply connector, water draining hose)

1.2L water tank (hooks directly to a water supply)

Intuitive control panel  (LCD indicator)

Control time and thickness of the ice cubes

Automatic cleaning function

3) Manitowoc UDF-0190A NEO 26″ Air Cooled Undercounter Full Size Cube Ice Machine


The Manitowoc Ice UDF0190A is a commercial ICE machine that uses an air-cooled condenser for production. This machine has a refrigeration system with a reusable air filter that can be removed without tools making this one of the best commercial ice makers in the market today. Not only that, this large commercial ice maker can produce 198lbs of ICE daily, making this an ideal choice for restaurants, homes, etc. For ease of use (operation), the Manitowoc ICE making machine has front indicator LIGHTS alerting you when the BIN is full or when service is required of the unit. In addition, the Manitowoc UDF-0190A LARGE capacity commercial ice maker has removable components for easy cleaning. For example, quick removal of the water trough, damper door, and distribution tube in minutes. With that said,

This machine utilizes something called AlphaSan® antimicrobial agents molded into several parts to help reduce the speed of bacteria growth between cleanings. The front-breathing design allows for installation against your preferred wall and CAN be leveled through the adjustable legs.

Quick Features:

Air-cooled condenser (natural R404A hydrocarbon refrigerant)

Removable bin

Reuseable air filter


198-lb. maximum daily ice production

140-lb. AHRI-certified daily ice production

90lbs ice storage capacity

Indicator lights

Delay button (PAUSE)

Interior has AlphaSan agents (slow slime/bacteria growth)

Front-breathing design for placement against walls

Adjustable legs with flanged gray feet

Scoop included

4) VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker 400LBS/24H, 350LBS Large Storage Bin


VEVOR is considered another POPULAR brand amongst consumers and provides one of the BEST commercial ICE maker machines in the market today. It is a fast and efficient machine making approx. 156 pieces of ICE within 12-18 minutes. Not only that, but the storage capacity of the machine is 350lbs. Customers especially love this commercial ice machine because of its energy protection and monthly savings on their bills. The VEVOR commercial ICE machine is equipped with an 850w powerful “SECOP” compressor to help cool and also has an operation panel with all the functions you need to use this machine with ease. The panel allows you to auto clean, adjust thickness and temperature. In addition, the buttons give you complete control over the ICE-making process. With that said,

The VEVOR commercial ICE maker comes with a Nano blue light/dry filter to keep the ICE clean and fresh!

Quick Features:

Fast and high efficient

Making 156pcs (12 to 18 minutes)

Up to 400lbs of ice in 24 hours

350 pounds of ice storage capacity

Powerful compressor W/ high temp

Protection and energy saving

Powerful 850W secop compressor

Operation panel with AUTO CLEAN



Nano blue light/dry filter (CLEAN/FRESH ICE)

5) VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker 110LBS/24H with 39LBS Bin


Again we have the VEVOR commercial ICE maker machine on our list at number 5. This model is the 110lbs model. It is also considered one of the BEST commercial ice maker machines in the market today. The power compressor can make ICE in just 8-15 minutes and up to 110lbs of ice in 24 hours. The storage capacity of this machine is 39lbs! Not only that, but this VEVOR ice machine has a six-sided cyclopentane foam layer to effectively isolate external heat, which helps provide better insulation (preventing ICE from melting). For added durability and sturdiness, this VEVOR machine is built from heavy-duty stainless steel and comes with ice scoops, a water supply hose, and a water supply connector.

The VEVOR 100lbs commercial ICE maker has a FULL LED display to control CUBE thickness, temperature, and more. You also have a button to auto clean all pipes and trays. This commercial ICE maker comes with a 12-month warranty from the original purchase date and lifetime technical service support.

Quick Features:

One cycle in just 8-15 minutes

110lbs of ice in 24 hours

39lbs storage BIN

Equipped with a PREMIUM water filter

(6) six-sided cyclopentane foam layer (isolates external heat)

Built with fully heavy-duty brushed stainless steel (DURABILITY)

Internal food-grade PP injection liner

High-end water pump

Built-in blue light

Ice scoops, water supply hose, water supply connector

LED control panel

Auto clean function

Reservation & ice thickness adjustment

FULL monitoring of operation

12-month warranty from the original purchase date

Lifetime technical service support

6) ADT Ice Machine Stainless Steel Under Counter Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine


The ADT commercial ICE maker machine is equipped with a powerful compressor and stainless steel construction for added durability. As a result, ADT is one of the BEST commercial ICE maker machines in the market today, producing 120 ICE cubes in 12-20 minutes, and has a 55lbs storage capacity too. What is also impressive about this UNIT is that it utilizes Microcrystalline foaming technology to keep ice cubes at low temperatures for more extended periods. The Intuitive Control Panel LCD smart panel has several functions as well as a self-cleaning function and buttons to control time and the thickness of the ice cubes. With that said,

The ADT commercial ICE maker machine is a perfect choice for bars, cafes, restaurants, and home use. Oh, we forgot to mention, this ICE maker has adjustable feet and leveling legs to make it easy to use on any ground

Quick Features:

Microcrystalline foam technology

Stainless steel construction

Efficient, powerful compressor

120 ICE cubes in 12 to 20 minutes

Up to 270 lbs of ICE in 24 hours

55lbs capacity storage

Intuitive Control Panel LCD Smart panel

Self-cleaning function

Adjustable feet

Accessories ice shovel, water supply pipe, and drain pipe

7) NewAir Portable Ice Maker 50 lb. Daily – Countertop Design

NewAir is one of the BEST small commercial ice makers tending in the market today. The design is ULTRA compact so that it CAN fit on any countertop conveniently. In addition, this commercial ICE maker comes complete with a LED display with push buttons to control water levels and ICE alerts. What’s also impressive is that you have quick 7 minutes freezing times per cycle and CAN make up to 50lbs of bullet-shaped ice per day. Furthermore, the compact design allows for NO permanent installation making it perfect for kitchens, patios, bars, and more! With that said,

Some other impressive features include a removable BIN, a handy scoop, and a self-cleaning function requiring LOW maintenance over time.

Quick Features:

Produces 50 lbs of ice per day

Three (3) ICE size options

Removable BIN

LED display (for adjustments and water level)

Self-cleaning function

Removable ice bin and scoop

Portable and compact

8) Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO 26″ Air Cooled Undercounter Dice Cube Ice Machine


Manitowoc is back on our list of BEST commercial ICE maker machines. Unlike the other model, this is the UDF0140A model, which produces 135 pounds of dice ice in approx. 24-hours. This ICE maker has a touchpad on the front to control the ICE production and temperature. The front indicator will also ALERT you if any problems are encountered during the ICE-making process. What is also impressive is that the damper door, distribution tube, and water trough can all be removed for easy cleaning. Not to mention, the food zone is sealed to prevent leaking, and this commercial ICE maker uses AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection to reduce the growth of bacteria. With that said,

The Manitowoc UDF0140A commercial ICE maker has 6″ adjustable legs, so it CAN be leveled against the wall to give you a preferred placement where required.

Quick Features:

AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection (REDUCE bacteria)

Part of the NEO icemaker series

Removable air filter

135lbs daily ice production

Storage BIN 90lbs capacity

Touchpad on front

FULL bin/service indicators

Delay function (PAUSE production)

Condenser air-cooled

Removable damper door, distribution tube, and water trough

Includes ergonomically designed ice scoop

9) USzon Built-in Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker Portable Ice Machine


The Uszon commercial ICE maker has a FREE standing design with adjustable legs so the machine can be leveled on any ground. In addition, the stainless steel construction provides enhanced durability, and the rust-proof finish prolongs its service time. This is one of the best commercial ICE makers trending in the market today because it CAN produce 110lbs of ICE within 24 hours, making it perfect for homes, restaurants, grocery stores, and more. Not to mention, the storage BIN can hold up to 33lbs of ICE. Other impressive features include a FULL operational control panel with buttons to control water levels, temperature, ICE thickness, and auto-clean function. With that said,

The Uszon portable commercial ICE maker comes with all the required accessories like ICE shovel, storage BIN,120″ water line (quick-connect filter), and 80″ pipe for water drainage for easy installation.

Quick Features:

Stainless steel (DURABILITY)


110lbs per 24 hours

Around 15 min ice making cycle (48 ice cubes per cycle)

Bin Capacity of 33 lbs

Operation panel buttons (ADD WATER, TIMER, ICE, CLEAN, TIMER CLEAN)

FREE-standing design

Adjustable feet

ICE shovel

120″ water line (quick-connect filter)

One 80″ pipe for water drainage

10) Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker, 84lbs/24H, Commercial ice Maker Machine 


This is considered one of the BEST small commercial ice makers in the market today! This machine is manufactured by Euhomy and has all the great features you are looking for in a commercial ICE machine. For example, it has a FREE standing design with adjustable FEET so you can level it on any ground. Not to mention, the Euhomy commercial ICE maker can produce 84lbs ICE per day and has a storage capacity of 33lbs. In addition, the two-way water supply allows you to switch to the internal water reservoir or utilize the external water pipe water supply. The Euhomy multi-function control panel allows you to adjust the thickness of the ICE and set the temperature as required. You also have the option to set auto-cleaning with the push of a button. With that said,

The Euhomy small commercial ice maker has a powerful, high-efficiency compressor that’s also super quiet for a more comfortable operating environment.

Quick Features:

COMPACT FREE-standing design

Produces 84lbs ICE per day

Storage 33lbs ICE.

Two-way water supply

MULTI-function control panel

Adjust thickness, time,

Internal ambient light

FLIP cover design

Adjustable FEET

AUTO clean functions

POWERFUL compressor

High efficiency/low noise provide

Energy certificate to help you save on electricity bills

11) COSTWAY Commercial Ice Machine, 88LBS/24H Automatic Portable Freestanding Ice Cube Maker


The COSTWAY Commercial ICE maker is equipped with a high-powered compressor and CAN produce up to 88lbs of ICE per day. In addition, this machine produces around 8.8lbs of ICE every 12-18 minutes, ensuring you have enough in storage when you need it MOST. The LCD operation control panel is a convenient feature as it allows you to adjust the ICE-making time and the thickness. Not only that, but the control panel allows you to automate the cleaning process with the click of a button to reduce the bacterial growth within the machine. Another impressive feature is the In-box lighting to allow for easier viewing inside the machine. With that said,

The COSTWAY Commercial ICE maker is constructed from heavy-duty metal for durability and even has thick thermal insulation. The accessories included are an ICE scoop, a water supply hose, and a water draining hose.

Quick Features:

Equipped with a high-power compressor

R600a refrigerant

8.8 lbs sufficient ice storage,

Produce 32 ICE cubes within 12-18 minutes

88 lbs of ice per day

LCD operation control panel

ADJUST time, thickness

Automatic cleaning function

AUTO control

Ice-full and add-water indicators

In-box lighting and viewing window also offer more convenience.

Heavy-duty metal construction

Durable/thick thermal insulation

ICE scoop, water supply hose, a water draining hose are included

12) Deco Chef Commercial Ice Maker 99lb Capacity Stainless Steel


The DECO CHEF commercial ICE maker is constructed from stainless steel for increased durability and longevity. This machine can produce 45 LARGE ice cubes every 11-20 minutes and approx 99 pounds of ICE daily. Not to mention, the 33lbs storage capacity is impressive, always ensuring you have ICE waiting for you when you need it MOST. In addition, this commercial ICE maker has an LCD display,  alerting you to the external/internal temperatures and machine operational STATUS. The display also has a BUTTON that enables self-cleaning mode, which completes in 20 minutes. With that said,

The installation process is quick and easy since you have all the accessories included with this device. For example, you get an ICE scoop, tube connectors, drainage tubes, and installation hosing so you can hook up your ice maker to a constant water source in minutes.

Quick Features:

Stainless steel

45 large ice cubes every 11-20 minutes

Produces 99 pounds of ice per day

33lbs of storage

LCD display (temperature, thickness, and more)

SELF-cleaning feature

ICE scoop, installation hosing

Water and drainage tubes, tube connectors, product manual

Handy drink guide included

How to Choose a Commercial ICE Maker Machine

When finalizing your choice of a COMMERCIAL ice maker, we believe there are a few ESSENTIAL factors to look for before making your purchase. Therefore, we recommend CREATING a list of FACTORS that are MOST IMPORTANT to you, so you purchase a machine that is the RIGHT FIT for your needs. For example, ask yourself the following questions – What capacity ICE maker are you looking for? Are you purchasing for your home or business (MAYBE BOTH)? Are you looking for something COMPACT or large-scale? What is the price range, or how much are you willing to spend on a machine?

Now, let’s explore how to choose the RIGHT machine for your needs!

ICE Cycle

ICE CYCLE refers to how long a machine takes before producing its first round of ICE cubes after turning it ON. Some people DO NOT mind waiting 30 minutes, but if you are a business owner, you REQUIRE ICE immediately. Therefore, it comes down to your requirements and preference, so think about both before finalizing your purchase. The ICE machines in our list all perform within a CYCLE of 8min -20min cranking out anywhere from 20-45 large ICE CUBES during this time.

Storage Capacity

Commercial ICE makers come in various sizes, and they all have different storage capacities. Therefore, the machine you SELECT will depend on your storage needs; for example, if you purchase a machine for your restaurant, it is ESSENTIAL you have ICE available immediately. However, if you purchase a machine for PRIVATE use (HOME), your storage requirements MAY BE much less. Keep in mind, the longer ICE sits around in the storage BIN, the more chance it CAN get contaminated, so choose a MACHINE that meets your requirements at the time of purchase.

LCD Display

For ease of use, we recommend SELECTING a machine with an LCD control panel for functionality. As you go through our list, a majority of COMMERCIAL Ice machines utilize a control panel to help you SELECT each operational function. For example, you CAN adjust thickness, temperature, read ERROR codes, and even ENABLE auto-cleaning mode through the panel.


Depending on the type of COMMERCIAL ICE maker you choose, you CAN expect to spend a few hundred dollars on your purchase. The difference in pricing will depend on the brand, size, and OVERALL features of the ICE machine. We recommend thinking about your budget and the features you are looking for in a MACHINE. As you are aware, the more sophisticated the machine, the GREATER the investment. Consider storage requirements, production RATE, OVERALL construction, and placement (restaurant or home) before your purchase. Think about the features that matter to you MOST and which ones DO NOT matter as much.

Energy Saving

Will your machine be running all the time? If you purchase an ICE machine for a business, consider purchasing a MODEL with an Energy Certificate to help you save on your BILLS. Remember that COMMERCIAL ICE machines with an Energy Certificate will initially COST you more than those WITHOUT one. With that said, if you are purchasing a machine for your home and it WILL NOT be operational 24 hours a day, then saving on your energy bills MAY NOT be as IMPORTANT to you as it would be if you were a business owner. As mentioned, machines WITHOUT an ENERGY certificate cost less than those with one so consider this option if you purchase for your home.


MOST machines on our list of BEST commercial ICE makers are made with heavy-duty metal. However, some are constructed with stainless steel and rust-proof finish. If you are placing your ICE machine on a countertop, we recommend purchasing a MACHINE with a shinier finish that looks attractive in front of guests and/or customers. There is a SLIGHT difference in pricing between both types of ICE makers, so think about your requirements before FINALIZING your purchase.

Warranty Policy

Ensure with your purchase; you GET a substantial warranty! Equally as IMPORTANT is to UNDERSTAND the details of what parts and repairs are covered. Keep in mind that each manufacturer is DIFFERENT and how they handle warranty requests MAY differ too. For example, some manufacturers WILL ship parts directly to you for replacement, while others will work with VENDORS for WARRANTY claims. With that said, It is ESSENTIAL to check the VENDOR website about their warranty policy, and we RECOMMEND calling the manufacturer to learn more about what parts and services are covered under their warranty.

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Final Thoughts

We hope this guide will help you make an informed decision when choosing a COMMERCIAL ice maker for your home or business. Before finalizing your choice, it is IMPORTANT to take some time to go over your EXACT requirements, so you find a MACHINE that aligns perfectly with your needs. In the end, purchasing a COMMERCIAL ICE MAKER is an investment, so choose the one you are happy with and which satisfies all your requirements.

If you have found our guide helpful, please don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedback below in the comment box. In addition, we would love to hear what you and others say about our list of BEST commercial ICE makers trending in the market today.

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